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Some advice if you hire a sales person (free)

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    October 16, 2009

    I don’t hire sales reps to sell my boards. Instead I rely on SEO and Google Adwords to generate leads and sales as well as doing some lead gen on my own a few hours each week. But if you want to hire a sales person to really grow your site, here is some advice from Joe Stubblebine, CEO of Jobcircle.

    -How much face to face contact do your sales people have with clients?
    [Joe Stubblebine] Virtually none. We had outside reps in the past, but the market/price doesn’t support this model for us.

    -What is their main lead gen tool? cold calling?
    [Joe Stubblebine] competitive sites, marketing lists, etc. We rely very heavily on outbound cold calls to unique prospects – we have a database of over 45,000 recruiters that we’re working on at any given time, and we have about 6-7 reps making a minimum of 75 outbound calls a day. We monitor calls every hour to ensure productivity with our team.

    -Do you put more money into sales people vs online marketing?
    [Joe Stubblebine] Both. Most of the online marketing we do is in the form of PPC, and we invest heavily in commissions and contest money to motivate our reps (salary notwithstanding)

    -How do you structure commissions?
    [Joe Stubblebine] Target salary for reps for us has been in the $50-$80K range, and typically 35-50% of that would be base, the rest would be commissions.


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