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Madgex introduces new revenue stream for job publishers

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    September 28, 2015

    This is interesting. Madgex, the UK based profiver of job board software is launching a new Course Board platform. They are pushing it as a new revenue stream for job boards. Essentially its a directory specifically built to list educational courses.

    According to the article on OnRec, “This exciting new addition to their product portfolio allows newspapers, publishers, associations and any job board to create a new revenue stream by marketing and advertising courses and course providers to their online audiences in a very targeted way.”

    First of all I’m a fan of new revenue streams. Job boards these days need to have more than one.

    A medical site called BMJ has it live right now. They list a variety of medical courses for their job seekers.


    A directory of anything related to your niche is a good idea. You could charge for posting to the directory just as you do for jobs. It could be a list of consultants in your industry, courses, events, …whatever. -CR

    Madgex is an expensive job board software which I dont recommend for newbies or startups. They are high end. But if you want to build a directory of your own there are wordpress templates like Listify which can do the job too for a lot less.

    Always be thinking about diversifying your revenue stream. The more you do, the more your site will be worth in the long term.



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