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New Niche Board: Jobs With Relo

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    October 24, 2017

    Jobs with Relo is a new site that launched a few months ago. Built with the Jobboard.io platform, it is my most recent site launch. i saw a niche that has yet to be touched and thought it was worth a try to get it online.

    It targets only jobs that come with relocation assistance as part of the job offer. In such a tight market I think employers will start to offer more jobs that come with relocation attached. So a site that lists only these types of jobs (from any industry) might be one that resonates with seeker and employer alike. A site called Relocate.me also launched this year (they target developers around the world) so I figured a site focused on other jobs like this might be useful.

    I don’t have huge aspirations for it at this point. Nor am I spending much time on it. My goal in the first year is just to let it grow organically, and pick up whatever traffic I can from Google jobs. Since launching in August it is attracting around 1,000 monthly visitors. I had to backfill through Indeed as they seem to have the most jobs that offer relocation assistance.

    Most of the traffic comes from Google and Facebook.


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