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Recruiters Are Starting Their Own Job Boards

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    November 28, 2017

    Over the past few years, I have been getting more and more calls from staffing agencies and independent recruiters wanting to start their own job boards. This year I helped launch sites like LoGoJo.ca for Canadian municipal jobs and SilverStateJobs.com, a local site for jobs in Nevada. Both were started by recruiting firms who wanted a new line of business.

    For me, I think the reason has to do with these firms (and third party recruiters) wanting not just a new stream of revenue but a passive one too. Job boards are essentially the ecommerce businesses of the recruiting world. They can make money 24/7.

    I have long espoused that having an online component to any recruiter or agency is a good compliment to their traditional recruiting business.

    • A job board can help them attract candidate resumes more effectively through whatever niche they play in.
    • A job board can offer more revenue streams through paid postings, advertising and backfill and other affiliate products.
    • A job board can get you into the new Google jobs for free (if you choose the right software)

    As long as you are willing to spend some dollars marketing your site, a job board makes sense for a recruiter to have as part of their toolbox. You can build your own candidate database publicly and passively to supplement your referrals. You’ll need to educate yourself about internet marketing, content and email campaigns to make it work, but as long as you are willing to learn and spend the first few years building an audience,  a job board might be right for you.

    I can help get your job board launched in about one week for less than $2k. As 2018 approaches it may be time to start yours. Contact me to get started.


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