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Try These Domain Name Generators

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    April 2, 2018

    Picking your domain is tough for some people. I tend to steer towards exact match domains that describe the niche in the url. Stuff like CTJobs.com or MarketingJobs.com.

    But the best 2 word domains are mostly taken these days. So alternatives would be to try a 3 word combination or adding words such as hire, hiring, talent, work, employ, career at the end or beginning of your name. That’s what I did with HRtechTalent.com.

    Anyway there are several domain name generators out there you can check out to help you come up with something that is as short as possible and still gets you a decent .com domain. my other tip is to register your domain once you find with a top registrar such as Google or GoDaddy. Its just easier if you ever need to transfer or sell your board to have it registered with a known brand. Check these out;

    DOMAINHOLE (click pic to go to site)




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