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New Update to Google Jobs

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    July 2, 2018

    Last week Google introduced a new way for job publishers to submit their job feed. Currently you just have to submit a sitemap file to tell them what to crawl. But this new update includes an API that allows for “realtime” submissions so that they can better track when jobs come on your site or expire.

    If you are already indexed by GFJ you don’t really need to do anything. I asked Christian Malpeli from Jobboard.io what he thought of this new way to be indexed;

    The end result is not different. However this is an API which allows jobs to be submitted and removed in realtime. We’re already speaking to our G’ contacts on Jobs to see if there is a way for us to submit via API on behalf of our customers. As of now it appears that each site needs to manually verify which isn’t very efficient. I will say we are seeing many cases where customer jobs are ending up on Google Jobs within minutes of being posted already (via the Sitemap.xml method), so not clear if this will be a big win or not.

    So not really big news if the sitemap method is working just fine for you. Here are the instructions for the new method which again involves the search console and verification. If any boards actually try this method I’d be curious to hear from you how it works out.



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