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Are Niche job apps the new thing?

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    July 16, 2018

    Came across a new niche job board…sort of…last week. Capango is a new retail job mobile app only. It’s kind of like tinder for retail jobs. Swipe right and the employer gets notified of your interest.

    It was made by a company called Natural Insight that already produces cloud software for retailers so a job app like this makes sense from a value ad standpoint. By helping their current customers staff up, they add value to their brand name. I think its a smart move. But they will need to market the app for the long haul if they expect it to gain traction. It’s really no different than launching a niche job site from scratch.

    The app business is an expensive one which is mainly what I shut down my apps that I had built for CareerCloud when I ran that company. But if you can afford to build and maintain an app, it can be a great lead gen tool and/or revenue generator.

    There are already apps for freelance jobs and some other industries. The ‘nichification‘ of industry related job apps is one trend I think we will be seeing more of in the future.


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