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Stop Making Video Resume Apps

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    October 2, 2018

    I Just read about ‘PYNOT’ which uses video for job seekers so they can “stand out”. Its yet another video resume app.

    PYNOT stands for (Put Your Name Out There), out of Utah, the startup has an iphone app and website. Job seekers can browse the website or app for relevant job positions and apply with a 60-second video, produced on their own phones.

    We made improvements to our website so we can compete with the big job boards.” Thats a quote from their founder. He also said: “Video is a big part of our culture today, and we wanted to find a way to weave it into the job search experience for free.”

    I hate to break it to them but competing with the ‘big job boards’ is a pipe dream. A feature does not make you better than ZipRecruiter, Indeed, even Monster. I applaud him for building something but wish he had talked to me first. An app is a limited channel. Any kind of service like this needs a web version as well.

    There is a role for video in recruiting. But it generally works best as a built in feature of an applicant tracking system. Also it should just be an option for the job seeker. Most people are unwilling to video themselves. Given the choice, recruiters would rather spend 5 minutes reviewing 10 resumes vs 5 minutes viewing 3 videos. Traditional resumes are more efficient.

    Just because video is cool doesn’t mean its a good use case for job search.



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