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The Video-only Job Board

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    October 16, 2018

    Last week I discovered a new startup called Goldi.com, the first ever video only job board. It was created by an executive recruiter out of New York City. Companies post job videos and candidates apply via video only. It has an app AND website version which is key.

    I’ve been waiting for someone to create such a site. Video usage among employers is proliferating and sites that allow them to advertise/promote their video creations make sense as a business model.

    Right now Goldi seems to be limited to companies in the NYC area. It would be more interesting if they also aggregated job videos from companies like SkillScout, The Muse and VideoMyJob that are already creating this type of content. Over time, you could build quite a library of video job listings that would be useful to candidates, especially millennials and Gen Z who would prefer to watch a job rather than read it.

    There are barriers however. The fact that you can only apply to jobs via video will be a turn off to certain companies. Recruiters can’t scan a video applicant as easily as they can a resume. But I could see a site like Goldi being used as an additional channel for employer branding and recruiting younger candidates. Not as a replacement for a traditional recruiting site.

    They do have a great domain (also important for success) so if they can find the right business model and market themselves effectively, Goldi may be able to find their own pot of gold.


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