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New Free job board platform has launched

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    November 27, 2018

    We have a new entrant in the job board software market.

    It’s called Job Board Fire. It is completely free to use and makes money through a 10% rev share component. Below is a quick screencast from my Youtube channel.

    If they keep iterating they have a chance to succeed, but may need to charge for the product eventually. Giving it away for free is good for getting new customers but the majority of their customers probably aren’t making any money yet. As of now it is a very basic product and will need many more updates to ensure they stick around.

    Nevertheless,┬áIt’s good to see a new player in our space.


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  1. #1 Suren
    November 27, 2018 pm30 4:45 pm

    Hey Chris!

    Thanks for the mention! We have a lot of features in the making, in fact if anyone wants to take a look at the next few things Job Board Fire is going to get you can check out: http://roadmap.jobboardfire.com/roadmaps

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