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Q&A with MarketGrabber

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    December 18, 2018

    MarketGrabber is a longtime provider of job board software. I did a Q&A with Laura Barry, VP of Sales & Marketing over email recently.

    1. How long has MG been around? Who is company founder?

    Our company AlphaPlex, Inc. has been in business since 1997 and is located in Colorado Springs, CO.

    We began as a custom web development company specializing in database driven websites. We launched MarketGrabber in 2005 with our Classifieds and Directory software. We launched our Job Board Software not long after ane originally called our Employment Edition.

    The company was founded by Edward Barry (my husband), a software engineer who formerly worked for Digital and MCI. 

    1. How many sites do you power today?

    MarketGrabber powers over 1,000 websites with approx. 500 hosted with us at this time. Of those, we have sold several hundred job boards.

    1. Who are some of your flagship clients boards? (name a few)




    1. Is your software hosted or just sell licenses or both?

    Both. We provide our software with a full source code license. Our customers have the option to use our hosting/support service or use their own servers.

    1. What is your pricing?
    • Our Basic Job Board is $699 with add-on such as ZipRecruiter, Job Import, Applicant Tracking, SSL etc. which brings the average sale to approx. $1200.00
    • Hosting is separate from the cost of the software and runs $29.95 – $49.95 per month.
    • We also offer design and customization services.
    1. Is your platform Google Jobs ready?
    1. What are the 3 best features of your software?
    • Customizable white label solution,
    • Google jobs ready,
    • Job import and wrapping Capability with additional Backfill options.
    • In addition: As a company we offer design and customization services and are located in the US. 
    1. Whats your best tip for job board success?

    I believe the niche job boards are the most successful, specifically within a niche Industry rather than geographic location. It’s best for the site owner to know their market and use email and/ or social media campaigns to get their brand recognized. With our current tight labor market, job candidates don’t want to spend the time and energy sifting through generic job boards and aggregators, give them the jobs they are looking for and this is a win/win/win for job board owners, candidates and employers.

    Our Job Board Software is only one of the products we currently offer but we have seen an increase in sales and inquiries since our latest update in the summer.

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