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The Ladders Launches Public Profiles

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    May 13, 2019

    Last week job site The Ladders was in in the news for the wrong reason. A security breach exposed 13 million members data.

    On the heels of that news however, they have just announced Public Profiles for its user base.

    The new feature is for those looking to market themselves commercially and showcase capabilities and desires, whether they are searching for a new job or comfortable in their current position.

    In addition to areas of expertise, work history and media clips, members are able to add whether they are open to speaking engagements and mentoring within their industry or alma mater. Ladders has also created a feature that allows members to provide and request professional references, and to select top references to display.

    The rollout of Public Profile also includes a “pay to contact” option…priced at $25 for a phone call and $15 for email. As far as I know this is the first time a job board has ever allowed its members to earn money by having a profile. If nothing, the feature gives Ladders members the opportunity to earn cash simply for connecting with people like recruiters and those seeking subject or domain expertise.

    “Unwanted approaches are a major pain point for high-performing professionals,” said CEO Marc Cenedella. “By introducing a financial incentive for an initial contact, we’re helping to ensure that our audience of $100K+ professionals only receives serious, relevant approaches that will help them to showcase their expertise and advance their careers.”

    I don’t know how many “high performer” candidates actually have an account on The Ladders so I cant imagine this is going to take off. But I give them credit for at least trying something new. For a job board that is considered passe they have no choice but to try and remain relevant. -CR

    Ladders’ members can set up their Public Profile page immediately, through their Account settings.


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