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Job Board Company Rebrands – Slightly

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    June 24, 2019

    Track5Media, LLC dropped the word “media” from its name and is giving the company brand a complete makeover. Track5Media is officially doing business as TrackFive. The rebrand not only includes a name change but an updated logo and a brand-new website.

    What exactly does Track5Media do? This question has haunted the tech company, which builds online job boards and recruitment software for niche industries, for its entire existence. Having the word “media” in the company name confused people. Is the company a marketing agency; a media company; a publisher? This confusion is what inspired TrackFive to change its name and rebrand, which included making huge strides in redefining its values and cultural goals.

    “The rebrand forced us to take a deeper look into how we communicate our culture,” said Oliver Feakins, president of TrackFive. “It also helped us refresh and take our hiring to the next level by clearly defining our purpose.”

    TrackFive turned to Lancaster-based design agency Infantree as its guide in finding a new identity

    “Infantree is the best in the business at what they do. The entire team is awesome, and we had a great experience with them,” Feakins said.

    The rebrand to TrackFive is complete just in time to push the company to the next level. The job board builder continues to see outstanding growth, with new products in the works. Its revenue increased by an estimated 70% in the past three years, and last summer, TrackFive opened a second location in St. Petersburg, Fla. To date there are 25 employees. More than 50% of those employees are women, which is unique in the tech industry.

    TrackFive is a privately-held technology company that was founded in 2007 in Lancaster, Pa. As a corporate holding company, TrackFive owns a network of industry-specific websites, from trucking to healthcare, that present unique marketing and promotional opportunities for clients. The websites include TravelNurseSource.comAlliedTravelCareers.comLocumJobsOnline.comAllPhysicianJobs.com, and AllTruckJobs.com. The brands are designed to help clients find a steady stream of highly qualified referrals. With a strong concentration in healthcare recruitment advertising, TrackFive is expanding into other verticals and seeking new partnerships. From referral generation to job boards to online advertising, TrackFive websites feature outstanding resources designed to complement and enhance existing marketing initiatives for its clients across the nation. Learn more at http://www.trackfive.com.


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