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Jobtarget can help you make more sales

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    August 13, 2019

    Looking for more revenue? Jobtarget may be able to help. They used to power  my job boards back in the day but these days are focused on helping employers to target their postings to niche markets. They work with a network of job boards that they promote to employers looking for niche talent in places like tech, healthcare, diversity and more. I emailed their rep Tammy Shieh who told me how it works.

    We typically work with job boards on a revenue-share of the retail cost of the job for any new listing we are able to generate for your site.  For example if the price to post on your site is $60 for a 30-day posting so at a 30/70 rev-share, JobTarget would keep $18 and pay Your Site $42 for that posting. Job boards would then setup a copupon code to be used by Jobtarget when posting.

    Job board partners can fill out the form here: https://www.jobtarget.com/contact-us/#contactUs  if they are interested in learning more about partnership opportunities.  Anything submitted there goes directly to Tammy.

    There is no cost to join their networks so this is pretty much a no brainer for most niche job boards.


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