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RightHire Wants to Help Job Boards Evolve

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    September 9, 2019

    I have been saying this for years: Job boards need to evolve beyond simple job postings. RightHire, an assessment tool out of Northern Virginia wants to help you do just that. Read on…

    According to CareerBuilder, over the past ten years more than 70% of job searches started on Google. In the past, large job boards such as Indeed and Monster, have capitalized on SEO to generate traffic from job applicant Google searches. However, Google for Jobs now makes it easier for employers who conform to Google for Jobs schema in their job postings to have an equal opportunity to make their jobs visible to job applicants – without having the need to be SEO experts.  Therefore, with Google for Jobs, there may be less need for employers to post to 3rd party job boards to generate job applicant traffic. Instead, they can just post to their own career page and index their jobs with Google for Jobs.

    Larger Job boards obviously recognize this threat. In fact, 23 Job Search Websites in Europe are currently asking regulators to conduct an antitrust investigation into Google for Jobs.

    How can job boards fight back? 

    Instead of trying to fight Google for Jobs, Job boards should go deeper into the hiring process and add more value to their customers. Google for Jobs will always send employers applicants – but instead, why not supply better applicants?

    While there are several ways that pre-screening can be done, studies show that cognitive ability and job fit are among the best predictors of employee performance and turnover. Assessments for (low-skilled) high-volume or entry-level positions can be of great benefit to employers who are seeking out ways to save time filtering candidates and reduce employee turnover – In industries where the average employee churn rate is 60%, including assessments within a selection system can significantly reduce overall HR expenditure. 

    The proof is out there…

    Indeed.com recently purchased an assessment company and started offering pre-hire assessments to employers for free as a part of their ongoing expansion of product offerings included in the job posting workflow.

    How is RightHire Helping Job Boards stay relevant? 

    RightHire provides assessments that measure job-specific cognitive abilities and work personality characteristics based on U.S Department of Labor O*NET taxonomy.  These two types of tests together are one of the best predictors of job performance and turnover. RightHire’s assessments can be used for any type of job. Out-of-the-box, RightHire provides assessments for 950+ types of jobs in the economy, each having a duration of 15-minutes or less, and capable of being used on any desktop or handheld device.

    RightHire has recently announced a new rev share program where they provide job boards access to their assessment platform. Job boards can either provide the platform for free to their customers (similar to Indeed.com) or charge employers for assessments. If Job boards charge employers, they need to share revenue with RightHire. Similar to Indeed, Job boards should integrate assessments as a part of job postings to make it optional and simple for employers to add an assessment to their job postings. RightHire will provide the technology for easy integration. Job boards are also requested to co-brand with RightHire using a “Powered by RightHire” logo. RightHire will provide the technical support for employers and candidates and will also provide the marketing materials to increase employer adoption of assessments.

    Interested job boards should email dave@righthire.com – NOTE: their solution is especially useful for job boards that receive high number of applicants for open positions.


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