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  • Day In the Life of a Job Board Marketer
    By on August 20, 2019 | No Comments  Comments

    Recently a site I was mentoring asked me to piece together what a typical marketing person should be doing throughout the day. I thought it was a good suggestion and decided to put it into a blog post. For the purposes of this post we’ll start the day at 8am and end at 5pm.

    These are not hard guidelines but serve to give you a sense of what needs to be done daily as a marketer.

    8am – 9am: Check emails from night before to see if any leads came in. Also check to see if any employer registrations were created but didn’t purchase. Plan a drip campaign for set of new employer leads (min of 200 per day should be put into Drip)…Review web stats from day before to look for any dips or spike in traffic.

    9am – 10am: Social media posting. Post at least 5 of your jobs into local Facebook groups for extra free traffic. Find more groups to join. Welcome any new clients by tagging them across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to the site.

    10am – 11am: Plan/write weekly newsletter for seekers with latest jobs, articles and industry news they need to know about.

    11am – 12pm: Check competitor job boards and social media for new leads in your niche. Gather email address and name if possible so you can keep putting new leads into the Drip campaign.

    12pm – 1pm: Lunch,  take a break. Listen to a marketing podcast.

    1pm – 2pm: Respond to new leads. Send out a push notification to site opt-ins with a job of the day or other piece of content that drives traffic back.

    2pm – 3pm: Check advertising campaigns via channels like Jobg8, Google, Facebook, Clickcast..etc. Look for underperforming jobs and try to give them more exposure through social or email to see if you can pick up activity.

    3pm – 4pm: Go on Linkedin and look for leads via their content search. Use the Email Extractor chrome extension to capture hiring emails by scrolling through results. Comment on potential leads you find with a free offer or discount code. Go to 3-5 Facebook job search groups and do the same. Use these for tomorrows drip campaign entries.

    4pm – 5pm: Content Marketing – Post a good blog article to Linkedin and Facebook. Late afternoons are the best times to post. Check the press release wires for any industry news you can potentially use

  • AI powered job site expanding in California
    By on August 19, 2019 | No Comments  Comments

    Jobot announced today that they are opening three new offices this week. At both their headquarters in Irvine and branch office in Los Angeles, they are doubling in size. They are also launching their first office in Northern California.

    Jobot’s founder, Heidi Golledge, says: “Since Jobot’s launch last year, we have had clients flooding in from the Bay Area. Technology, construction and finance companies and job seekers alike have reached out to Jobot needing our services. It made sense for us to open our newest Jobot location in the epicenter of tech and now construction and finance. Our new office at Two Embarcadero allows us to service companies from start-ups to billion-dollar businesses.”

    In addition to opening its third office and helping their clients grow, Jobot has also seen extensive growth due to strong demand, growing from 19 to 65 Jobot Pros in the last three months.

    The new Jobot San Francisco, LA and OC offices are open for business as of August 5, 2019.

    In addition to Jobot, Golledge’s other successful ventures include being the CEO + Co-Founder of CyberCoders, which she sold to ASGN for $100+ million in 2013. She currently remains the CEO + Co-Founder of CareerBliss. CareerBliss is an online career community and review forum for job seekers and employers, with over 8 million open jobs.

    About Jobot

    The Jobot platform blends proprietary AI technology and experienced recruiting pros to create the first of its kind job matching engine. This unique blend of technology and recruiting skill makes recruiting top talent and building a positive work culture possible for every company.

    For more about Jobot visit www.Jobot.com.

  • Jobtarget can help you make more sales
    By on August 13, 2019 | No Comments  Comments

    Looking for more revenue? Jobtarget may be able to help. They used to power  my job boards back in the day but these days are focused on helping employers to target their postings to niche markets. They work with a network of job boards that they promote to employers looking for niche talent in places like tech, healthcare, diversity and more. I emailed their rep Tammy Shieh who told me how it works.

    We typically work with job boards on a revenue-share of the retail cost of the job for any new listing we are able to generate for your site.  For example if the price to post on your site is $60 for a 30-day posting so at a 30/70 rev-share, JobTarget would keep $18 and pay Your Site $42 for that posting. Job boards would then setup a copupon code to be used by Jobtarget when posting.

    Job board partners can fill out the form here: https://www.jobtarget.com/contact-us/#contactUs  if they are interested in learning more about partnership opportunities.  Anything submitted there goes directly to Tammy.

    There is no cost to join their networks so this is pretty much a no brainer for most niche job boards.

  • Job Boards in the News
    By on August 12, 2019 | No Comments  Comments

    Pane View Job Sites Are Good for Job Sites But Not Employers

    Over the last few years, the recruiting funnel has changed based on the economic environment we’re in, as well as the technically competitive environment. From a technical perspective, “pane view” job sites are worth paying attention to. Our annual benchmark report study uncovered some information about those job sites…With the old click model, 6.5 percent of the clicks advertisers paid for resulted in a completed application. Now, only 3.5 percent of pane view clicks paid for result in an application. When viewing jobs is this easy, advertisers may get more views from window shoppers and fewer people actually applying to those jobs.

    Monster.com Plots a Comeback

    Disrupted by LinkedIn and aggregators like Indeed.com, the online job board is fighting back by investing in tech like artificial intelligence and video ads to enhance and personalize the job hunt.

    Monster.com was once the nation’s leading job-search site, until it wasn’t.

    The company, which fetes its 25thanniversary this year, ceded market share to rivals from LinkedIn to job-board aggregators like Indeed.com — but not because competitors were out-innovating the site, among the first dot-coms to place print classified ads online, said Scott Gutz, chief executive officer of Monster.com.

    Quite the contrary, he said. In the talent acquisition space, “there’s not been a lot of disruption and dramatic change over a 25-year period.” Employers still place job ads online, and candidates answer them, with little change to the process, he said.


    New Site for Software QA Jobs

    In an attempt to provide unparalleled services for Software Testing and Quality Assurance professionals who are looking for their next career opportunity and for employers in discovering the best talent within the software testing community, https://www.Qualitician.com, a job portal, has been launched in India.

    Mr. Ram Uppalapati, Founder of Qualitician, commented that, “There’s never been a dedicated career portal for job seekers looking for Software Testing and QA opportunities in India, instead job seekers had to visit several job platforms. Our website changes all that. We’re a one-stop job portal where job seekers can find opportunities in the software testing industry and employers can find the right people.”

    Qualitician’s mission is to help all Software Testing professionals find the right job opportunity by providing the information they need to make informed choices.

    While employers are posting software testing jobs, job seekers will be going through a similar process to post their resumes. The system automatically matches job listings with qualified applicants, or employers can manually search the database for suitable candidates. The site appears to be using the Smart Job Board platform.

    New Site for Wine Jobs

    I Like This Grape (ILTG) is proud to announce the launch of an exclusive wine-industry job board. For 50 percent less than competing sites, it offers a job posting service that’s comprehensive and easy-to-use for both job seekers and employers looking to attract today’s talent.

    “As the wine industry grows, so will the demand for talent, from traditional roles at a winery to marketers, wine educators, technologists, temporary harvest employees and specialized jobs in events and marketing,” said Naushad Huda, founder of ILTG. “We service the entire industry while recognizing the need to have a modern job board with the latest technology tools that appeal to today’s employers and talent.”

    Job seekers will find smart filtering options, simple search features and elegant, easy-to-use design, completely accessible without opening an account. Job postings are amplified across social media and added to ILTG’s weekly content email newsletter.

    Employers can edit their job posts, add videos and receive customer service via chat, email or phone without additional fees. Potential job seekers apply directly with the employer, removing any clumsy third-party barriers between job seekers and employers.

    During the month of August a single 30-day posting is free per new account. After that, a single posting is just $100 for 30-days and pricing is discounted for multiple job postings.

    “Having wine industry press releases, wine industry news, together with our rich, wine focused educational and entertaining content and now our beautiful job board are all defining I like this grape as a destination site for everyone in the industry, and for consumers,” said Huda.

    The ILTG Job Board can be found at https://ilikethisgrape.com/wine-jobs/

    job board news

  • New Updates from Smart Job Board
    By on August 6, 2019 | Comments Off on New Updates from Smart Job Board  Comments

    Love the new filters just released by Smart Job Board. Check out the screencast to learn more.

  • Updates from DHI (Dice)
    By on August 5, 2019 | Comments Off on Updates from DHI (Dice)  Comments

    DHI Group, Inc. the owners of Dice.com and other job boards reported earnings recently. In summary, their revenue was pretty flat except for ClearanceJobs.com which is now up to $6 million in revenue. They also published what they are up to with each site which I thought you would find interesting.

    Second Quarter 2019 Financial Highlights

    • Revenues were $37.4 million. Ongoing tech-focused1 revenues were up 1% year over year and 2% excluding the effect of foreign exchange
    • Dice revenues were $23.2 million, down 1%, compared to the prior year period and up slightly on a sequential basis
    • eFinancialCareers revenues were $8.1 million, in line with the prior year period, excluding foreign exchange
    • ClearanceJobs revenues were $6.0 million, up 17% year over year
    • Net income was $3.1 million, or $0.06 per diluted share, compared to a net loss of $(0.2) million, or $0.00 per diluted share in the year ago quarter
    • Cash flow from operations was $11.1 million
    • Cash was $7.6 million; total debt reduced to $10 million
    • Adjusted EBITDA2 was $9.1 million and Adjusted EBITDA margin2 was 24%

    Commenting on the quarter, Art Zeile, President and CEO of DHI Group, Inc., said:

    “We are pleased to report our second consecutive quarter of year-over-year growth in our ongoing tech-focused1revenues, reflecting the solid progress we continue to make on our product, sales and marketing efforts. We further strengthened our product offering, adopting several industry leading product features from ClearanceJobs into our Dice and eFinancialCareers brands, and continued to build out our commercial sales team, which was launched late last year. While we still have lots of work ahead, we expect these efforts will further position DHI to become the industry leader for matching tech professionals with employers.”

    1 Excludes Dice Europe, which ceased operations August 31, 2018.  
    See “Notes Regarding the Use of Non-GAAP Financial Measures” later in this press release.

    Second Quarter 2019 Product Highlights


    • Released Candidate Match, which uses DHI’s AI-based technology skills data model to grade each candidate’s skills, experience and relevance against the requirements of a job posting.
    • Launched improved employer Jobs Management in beta, with new features including improved search, metrics-at-a-glance and usage status, that enable a better workflow for our clients when it comes to managing their job postings.
    • Launched new personalized Dice.com home page for candidates that curates job recommendations, suggests profile updates and highlights salary predictions and career paths based on their profile.
    • Launched Job Search and Job Alerts in beta, which deliver improved search relevance and user experience to candidates by applying our tech skills data model.


    • Launched Recruiter Profile, which is the first step in creating a trusted network between recruiters and candidates. Recruiters can now create a profile with personalized photos, contact information and job postings that can be shared with candidates.
    • Launched Messaging platform in beta, which is an in-app messaging service that allows recruiters and candidates to chat in real time. In ClearanceJobs, Messaging and Recruiter Profile were successful in more than doubling recruiter connections with candidates.


    • Launched BrandAmp, which gives employers effective new ways to bring their job postings to life. With large format photos, videos, social links and featured company recruiters, BrandAmp creates a compelling first impression to security-cleared professionals.

    Business Outlook

    The Company expects its ongoing tech-focused1 business will continue to achieve modest year over year revenue growth in the second half of the year. The Company further anticipates that Dice will turn to positive year over year revenue growth in the fourth quarter of 2019. The Company expects its Adjusted EBITDA marginfor the full year to be approximately 23%, as the Company continues to increase its product and engineering capacity, as well as invest in more sales and marketing resources to accelerate growth. The Company is unable to provide guidance for net income because it cannot reasonably assess the impact of stock-based compensation and income tax expense.

  • An employer vetted job board?
    By on July 29, 2019 | Comments Off on An employer vetted job board?  Comments

    On Twitter last week I noticed a new account called DayJoys. It’s a new job board with a twist: they vet all employers that can post with them. Their motto says it all:

    Because life’s too short for sucky jobs.

    I agree. Life is too short to work for companies who don’t care about their workers. But does this make a good business model?

    Maybe, maybe not.

    According to their FAQ page employers can be invited by them or apply to be included after undergoing a vetting process. Its a little unclear how they plan to do that. They do publish the following though;

    So they may be using reviews on Glassdoor and Indeed to vet the companies. If so, why not just use those sites? You can filter by scores and see just about every company.

    To me, DayJoys should be a site that focuses on the employer life/culture not just the jobs. If they really want to showcase great employers then build out a company directory that does that. Help them explain to seekers why they are great. Give them ways to upload photos, videos, stories and more to highlight themselves.

    The current DayJoys site looks and functions like a typical job board but it doesn’t have many jobs right now. That may change over time but they will face a traffic problem if they cant attract seekers in a hurry.

    I do give them credit for trying this approach. There are lots of those ‘best company to work for‘ lists out there I always felt a site for just those firms could gain some traction.

  • Job Board News Roundup
    By on July 23, 2019 | Comments Off on Job Board News Roundup  Comments

    job board news

    FieldEngineer.com – A Field Services Job Marketplace

    Field Engineer’s global network of engineers and technicians embraces the gig economy marketplace to remove the obstacles currently facing recruiters and businesses in their quests to build the strongest possible teams.

    New York City, USA. Tuesday 16th July: While businesses across the globe are struggling to replace retiring workforces, Field Engineer offers a modern-day approach to recruitment and staff assembly, breaking down a number of barriers to help companies of all sizes through the phase of transition.

    Aging Workforces A Growing Concern In Tech-Related Industries

    Right now, there is a palpable generation shift across a range of industries, particularly for those dealing with field services and telecoms sectors. As the older generation of engineers and contractors age and retire, replacing the lost personnel and overcoming the high staff turnover levels have become the biggest challenges currently facing SMBs across the globe. While business owners and HR departments look for a solution, Field Engineer’s gig economy marketplace offers a fresh approach to filling those vacancies.

    The big problem facing businesses revolves around the changing mindset of the millennial workforce. While the baby boomers were very much guilty of following the money, the younger generation are the first to place a huge emphasis on the work-life balance. Earning money is one thing, but employee happiness is another. For the majority of workers in tech-related roles, a sense of flexibility is deemed a priority.

    CollegeRecruiter Creates Iframe to Allow Embedding of its Site

    Do you have students who search your site but don’t find a lot of jobs which match their interests, perhaps because they grew up in another state and want to find a job back there? Just have your web developer drop this code onto your resource page or wherever your students would go to search for a job.

    Read details

    Australia’s Top Job Board Sees Dip in Postings

    Australian job board SEEK’s latest employment report showed a decrease of 7.7% in jobs advertised in June 2019 compared to June 2018. At the same time, the average advertised salary across Australia increased by 2.7% year-on-year.

    The science & technology sector reported the highest job ad growth rate with a rise of 19.2%, year-on-year. Within this sector, roles for quality assurance & control saw the greatest growth (70.6%), followed by environmental, earth & geosciences (54.1%) and food technology & safety (28.8%).

    Read details

    MyJobMag Launches Ghana Job Portal

    MyJobMag, a leading job site in Africa with a mission to solve unemployment issues around Africa announced today the launch of its new website in Ghana. With this launch, MyJobMag is positioned to play in the employment sector of Ghana and help reduce the unemployment rate by offering a website that is quick and easy to access while offering diverse recruitment solutions to both employers and job seekers.

    “We are excited about our Ghana website launch and the opportunity to serve the community including job seekers and employers,” said Ogugua Belonwu” MyJobMag founder and CEO. “We strongly believe in a strong and united Africa and we believe that Ghana has a huge role to play as a strategic partner in Sub Sahara Africa. The website will allow job seekers to find the best jobs and enjoy a customized experience as they will get job alerts that are peculiar to them. This new innovation is driven by our use of AI.”

    Beyond that, visitors to the website will also find a dedicated career advice section accessible by following this link https://www.myjobmagghana.com/blog where they will find tons of educational content from guides, blog posts and tools geared at educating interested parties regarding the latest news and update job and HR industry.

  • Always Be Marketing (member only)
    By on July 22, 2019 | Comments Off on Always Be Marketing (member only)  Comments

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  • Interview with Hire Our Heroes
    By on July 15, 2019 | Comments Off on Interview with Hire Our Heroes  Comments

    On my latest RecTech podcast I had on the founder of HireOurHeores.com, a job board for veterans started several years ago.  Dan did something interesting from a marketing standpoint. He created his own “national day” for hiring vets. Its a great PR move that has helped grow the business. You can actually apply to create your own industry day at https://nationaldaycalendar.com/