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  • New RSS Tool
    By on March 26, 2018 | Comments Off on New RSS Tool  Comments

    I came across http://fetchrss.com/ the other day while searching for RSS tools. Could be useful at some point.

    It’s an online RSS feed generator. Allows you to create RSS feed out of almost any web page. You just have to provide them with a target URL and point on desired blocks in their visual RSS builder. I tried using it on my employer profile page but couldn’t seem to figure it out. Looks interesting though. You can create feeds out of things like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube accounts.

  • Niche Job Board Update
    By on March 26, 2018 | Comments Off on Niche Job Board Update  Comments

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  • Interview with Peter White from Jobboard.io at #TAtechEurope
    By on March 20, 2018 | Comments Off on Interview with Peter White from Jobboard.io at #TAtechEurope  Comments

    At TA Tech Europe last week I got to meet Peter White (Jobboard.io) and we had a quick chat about how he got the job, their latest feature release and more. Enjoy the audio.

    Here’s my video picture montage from the event.

  • Tap into these Job APIs
    By on March 19, 2018 | Comments Off on Tap into these Job APIs  Comments

    Rapid API is a new API marketplace that just picked up $9 million in funding. The site is a conduit which connects developers to public APIs and allows them to manage API connections from a single interface, as well as accessing metrics.

    I did a quick search for jobs to see what came up and discovered the API’S from sites like Indeed, Adzuna and more.

    Click here to see them. I also see APIS from sourcing tools like FullContact and Workable the ATS. The page for the LinkedIn API looks liek it details everything you need to know about connecting to it.

  • News from the Job Board World
    By on March 19, 2018 | Comments Off on News from the Job Board World  Comments

    job board news

    Startup Job Search Engine Adzuna Wins Contract for Universal Jobmatch service

    Adzuna, the UK-based job search engine, has today announced it has been awarded the contract to replace the UK government’s job search platform, Universal Jobmatch. Following a competitive procurement process, the company will be providing the new service from Q2 2018.  As one of the largest online government services, Universal Jobmatch connects millions of jobseekers with thousands of employers online and through job centres around the UK.

    The service will offer a fast, simple experience and powerful search using Adzuna’s technology, matching jobseekers to employers’ available roles quickly and effectively. The new service will be rolled out across the country this summer.

    The tool will continue to provide jobseekers with the ability to search for work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Jobseekers will be able to create an account to which they can upload CVs, create relevant email alerts and view their previous account activity. Changes to the user registration process will see a simpler, more modern way of accessing and managing job seeker accounts. The free job posting process for employers will also be streamlined.

    UK Acquisition Alert

    The UK’s leading independent job board, CV-Library, has today announced that it has acquired the Education-Jobs.co.uk website, as it continues to increase its network of 800+ recruitment partners.

    Education-Jobs.co.uk has been trading for 20 years and is a leading job board in the education sector, ranking in the top five on Google for ‘education jobs’. The acquisition of the site will ensure that CV-Library continues to drive applications to its clients’ vacancies across the sector.

    Israeli Court orders Jews-only job site to be taken down

    A Jerusalem appeals court upheld a ruling against a Jews-only online job board this week, ordering the website to be closed within seven days. “Avodah Ivrit,” or Hebrew Labor, allowed employers and job-seekers to advertise and apply for positions — but only if they were Jewish. Full story.

    eJobXchange has launched a new interactive crowd-sourced recruiting network on their Xchange platform.

    The company has developed a crowd-sourced virtual social recruiting platform that compliments the current recruiting model rather than competing with it. Their goal is to only find great candidates that companies may otherwise never find by leveraging a network of thousands of virtual social recruiting professionals willing to share job postings on their social media accounts. This enables eJobXchange to bring in qualified candidates, particularly candidates who may not be actively looking for a new job, cost effectively for their partners.

  • Choosing Your Job Board Domain Name
    By on March 13, 2018 | Comments Off on Choosing Your Job Board Domain Name  Comments
    A reader writes in;
    So, I want to have a local job board. I live San Diego, CA and I want to focus on a specific City within the county which is Chula Vista, it’s a growing city. It’s about 15 minutes away from Mexico border, Chula Vista was one of the cities that pitched a proposal for Amazon’s new HQ, there’s been also talk about FB and Google establishing satellites offices here as well. So as you can see there are some great things happening here. So I own two domain names the first one is ChulaVistahires.com and careersforlocals.com and I don’t know which one two use? As I mentioned I want to focus on Chula Vista the city first but my end goal would be to focus on all of San Diego w/careerforlocals.com? So should I do two job boards? Start with ChulaVista gain experience and then establish big one? but then I would lose all that traffic from chulavistahires or my last thought was to use careersforlocals and add a sub name like ChulaVista edition…something like that???

    And I answer;

    If your end goal is the entire san diego area than I would suggest the careersforlocals.com which would allow you to expand anywhere over time without limiting your location reach. Another option may be to buy something like sandiegocountyjobs.com sandiegocountyhires.com which has a more regional focus. A bigger regional site also has bigger upside since you have more employers to tap into. If it were me I’d probably go with the San Diego county name. But if you choose to start small you can always start with Chula Vista and redirect the domain to another when the time comes.

    For inspiration I suggest checking out a site like Fort Bend Jobs out of Texas and RecruitmentQueen out of the Philadelphia area. Both are small local sites but have two different types of domains. Whatever you do just make sure its a dot com.

  • Resume-Library seeks partners for its ‘resume backfill program’
    By on March 12, 2018 | Comments Off on Resume-Library seeks partners for its ‘resume backfill program’  Comments

    Resume-Library is on the lookout for partners to supply and consume U.S. resumes, as it continues to build out its resume backfill program.

    “Acting as a real time broker, Resume-Library helps organizations registering U.S. candidates to further monetize their inventory by matching it to demand in the market, coming from job boards and ATS systems as it happens.

    Dan Cohen, Director Partner & Alliances explains, “Our demand side partners love the model since it helps keep their users engaged when their own stock runs short. At the same time, our supply side partners love the model since it generates new revenue streams for them. Finally, and most importantly, recruiters and employers love the model because they gain access to a huge resource of fresh talent, without needing to sign up for long term license commitments.”

    Current partners include: Broadbean, Nexxt, Daxtra, Logic Melon, Crelate and OnBlick.”

    Interested parties should contact Dan Cohen directly at d.cohen@resume-library.com – I am not sure exactly how it works or what you can earn but thought readers might be interested.

  • Job Board Summit Coming to Nashville and London in 2018
    By on March 7, 2018 | Comments Off on Job Board Summit Coming to Nashville and London in 2018  Comments

    I’m planning on going to the Jobg8 Job Board Summit for the first time ever in Nashville this summer. Hope to see you there.


    The Job Board Summit is a two-day event that is designed for the job board industry. It takes place twice a year and brings together a community of industry leaders and the best speakers in the world of job boards.

    The next events will be held on July 26-27 in Nashville and on November 8-9 in London.

    The Job Board Summit started out as an idea from Louise Grant:

    “Why don’t we create an event for job boards to meet-up and really talk openly about shared challenges in the industry?”

    Since 2012, the Job Board Summit has evolved to become the world’s largest series of Job Board events outgrowing three venues and is also established in North America. Weeks before our last event it sold out with space for 200 people.

    The heart of the summits remain focused for job boards and now includes speakers sharing new insights, plus dedicated networking to ensure attendees make those important connections.

    We can reveal some of the speakers confirmed for Nashville:

    Matt Charney – Allegis Group

    Fundamental Changes in the Recruiting World

    Chris Adams – Madgex

    Net Neutrality: What Could Happen?

    Melissa Miller – Uber

    Recruiting the Gig Economy

    Jackye Clayton – HiringSolved

    Extreme Candidate Personalization: What Makes a Difference? 

    Dan Roddy – Deloitte

    Blockchain Recruiting

    Lee Biggins – CV Library

    Realizing the Value and Potential of Your Database 

    If you want to join hundreds of job board professionals from around the world for two days of exceptional speakers, actionable insights and connecting with industry leaders, then our summits are the must attend events of 2018.

    More details to come soon! Watch what some of our attendees have to say.

    For information on tickets, sponsorship and what to expect visit:

    North American Job Board Summit 2018

    WHERE:         Hilton Nashville Downtown

    121 4th Avenue South

    Nashville, TN, 37201

    WHEN:           July 26 – 27, 2018

    WEBSITE:       https://www.jobg8.com/JobBoardSummitUSA.aspx

    European Job Board Summit 2018

    WHERE:         etc. venues St Paul’s

    200 Aldersgate

    London, EC1A 4HD

    WHEN:           November 8 – 9, 2018

    WEBSITE:       https://jobg8.com/JobBoardSummitEuropean.aspx

  • JobAdX Seeks Job Board Publishers
    By on March 5, 2018 | Comments Off on JobAdX Seeks Job Board Publishers  Comments

    If you run a job board, JobAdX wants to chat with you about becoming part of their job ad marketplace. I call their new platform the ‘Adsense for jobs‘.

    It’s basically another way to backfill your site but it sits in your job results on the first page as kind of a premium in feed ad that looks exactly like your normal job listings. Sites like Nexxt, TrendingJobs and Nerdyhire are already using it. Here’s what it looks like after I did a search on Nerdyhire.com;

    The job for DISH looks just like organic listings except for the sponsored by text in the upper right. If clicked, Nerdyhire earns revenue on a CPC level which is averaging 20-25 cents per click. That type of return is two to four times what other backfill provers will typically give you.

    As one of my newest consulting clients I am posting this to help spread the word. After signing up as a partner you get a dashboard to track your earnings. Setup is easy, there are just a few lines of javascript code you need to insert in your header and on the job search results page of your site. You can add up to 5 JobAdx blocks among your results and place them anywhere from top to bottom. For best results I recommend inserting them around the 3rd or 4th spot in results. The jobs that appear are based off whatever the job seeker typed into your search box.

    If you currently mix in Adsense blocks in your results try replacing one or two as a test. The JobAdX block should offer a higher return for each click. After all, its better to have a job in your results than an advertisement for something else, right?

    Right now this service doesn’t work with existing hosted software ( like Smart or Jobboard.io) because those sites don’t let you touch the underlying code. But if you use a WordPress based job board theme or have coded your own site this would be a great add-on to your monetization strategy. It doesn’t replace your existing backfill but it is another way to make money off job seeker clicks.

    Signup here to get a demo scheduled or learn more.

  • Job Fair Search Engine For Sale
    By on March 3, 2018 | Comments Off on Job Fair Search Engine For Sale  Comments

    I am selling the site JobFairing.com which I started nearly 3 years ago. It is listed on Flippa at auction which ends in a few weeks. There is a minimum reserve on it set at $7,500 The site earned about $2k in the past 12 months. Other than occasional blogging I spend zero time running it. If anyone is looking for an easy to run internet business this would be the perfect ‘business in a box’ to bid on. It is hosted on SmartJobBoard which is the only expense.

    The site has been free to use by employers and event organizers since its inception which as allowed it to grow. It’s time I let it go to concentrate on my consulting activities and other media properties. There on more detail on the auction page so feel free to check it out or ping with with any questions.