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  • 2016 Job Board Software Directory
    By on March 28, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    I have a new list of job board software vendors and the top 1,000 national, niche and local job boards across the web.

    The file is a downloadable PDF file available for $19.95 on my Gumroad page.

    Buy the Directory Today

    The report contains six sections;

    1. Hosted software vendors. Only contains viable vendors that have active clients. I also show basic pricing and other details.

    2. WordPress plugins. Complete list of job board themes you can buy.

    3. Aggregators. List of the web’s biggest job aggregators.

    4. Country by county job boards. Huge directory of national sites by country.

    5. Niche boards. Huge list of sites for almost every possible niche.

    6. Local job boards. State by state (not including Craigslist)

    The file is a downloadable PDF file available for $19.95 on my Gumroad page.

    Buy the Directory Today

  • Job Boards and their Emails
    By on March 21, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    I have talked to 20+ job boards in the past few months about helping them with their marketing efforts. One thing I have learned in those discussions is that many of them are woefully behind the curve when it comes to email marketing.

    email cleaning services

    Sites that have been around years and that have accumulated thousands of email via signups have not been marketing to those people. That means their email lists have lots of dead, cold emails that are no longer valid. One board I talked to had 100,000 emails from 10+ years ago and had never sent any kind of newsletter or other campaign. What a waste.

    I can tell you this job board owners, if you do not clean up your email lists and get started with a simple monthly newsletter your job board is going to struggle. At the very least it will be a huge headache if you ever want to sell down the road.

    But in order to get there you need to clean up your email lists first and get rid of the dead weight. How do you know if an email is bad? Well, if you upload your list as it exists now into a service like Mailchimp and try to send something you will get flagged and possibly suspended if a large portion of those bounce off mail servers.

    So you need to use an Email Cleaning Service. These services let you uplaod your email list and they will verify them with mail servers across the web if those accounts still exist. There is always fee for this service (usually $250 and above) depending on the number of emails you want to check. Some of the services I found online are below.

    • Neverbounce – claims they will be integrating with services like Mailchimp soon. Interesting stat: 30% of emails go bad in first year.
    • DataValidation – self-service platform provides free reports, multiple ESP integrations, and daily monitoring.
    • Mailbox Validator – They have free trial as do most of them.
    • Listwise – When you acquire new lists, you rarely have any clues what percentage of those email addresses will bounce or end up as invalid.
    • Verifalia – web-based email validation service that lets you upload and validate lists of email addresses simply and easily.

    Running a job board today means you have to keep pace with internet marketing tactics. Email is still king.

  • Who’s Going to TA Tech Orlando?
    By on March 16, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    Next month the job board association (formerly known as IAEWS) is holding its annual vendor conference in Orlando under its new name TA Tech. They have rebranded to be more inclusive of talent acquisition technologies not just job boards. For me, it will be my first visit to the event in several years. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my industry friends.


    I go mainly for the networking but if you are a newbie its a great place to make connections and learn. Consider going if you have the time. The event takes place on the weekend which makes it even easier.

  • Ripple Media Joins the Programmatic Ad Buying market
    By on March 15, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    Just noticed this press release the other day. A new company is set to challenge Recruitics in helping make your spend on the aggregators more efficient. If you already spend thousands with the aggregators buying traffic, these services make your spend more efficient.

    NEW YORK, March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Ripple Media Group, a New York-based recruitment media buying team, announced today its intent to partner with major and niche online job boards. Ripple works with the leading traffic providers, while leveraging big data and programmatic tools, to drive greater traffic buy performance.

    Kyle Leigh, Co-Founder and President, states that “job boards are under incredible pressure to deliver the optimal jobseeker experience and employer return, all while garnering acceptable profit margins. For job boards to thrive, they must be able to provide unique applicants to employers at costs low enough to beat the ever shrinking price of postings and slots. This is difficult to achieve as search algorithms change, traffic prices increase, and employers demand less applicant dilution. Job boards need a partner who knows how to navigate around these difficulties to maximize return. Ripple offers just this partnership, enabling job boards to truly focus on what matters most: their content.”

    Ripple’s team of media traders take the difficult and costly task of buying traffic off of job boards’ hands. The group employs economically-minded experts to programmatically manage these buys. It leverages the power of industry-leading platforms, including Clickcast, to trade traffic in real time. Because of Ripple’s immense buying power, it has created unique traffic source relationships that are otherwise unattainable by single job boards. “No single platform, nor set of data, nor source of traffic is the end solution. It takes incredibly smart people to manage these tools and sources to produce optimal results,” notes Leigh.

    Job boards looking to engage with Ripple can get up and running within hours. Interested parties can request a meeting with kyle@ripplemedia.io or visit in-person April 16th – 17th at 2016’s TAtech Industry Conference in Orlando, Florida: http://tatech.org/event/tatech-industry-congress/.

    About Ripple
    Ripple is a recruitment media buying group. Its team plans, buys, and manages programmatic media for job boards of all shapes and sizes. Ripple’s 1,000s of media partners are supported by its expert traffic traders. Ripple is headquartered in the trading capital of New York City. For more information, visit http://www.ripplemedia.io/job-boards.

    About Kyle
    Kyle built Bayard Advertising’s programmatic offering from a $1,000 trial to an 8-figure staple of business. He quickly saw the potential to take a similar model to the rest of the industry with Ripple. He currently lives in New York City with his Border Collie (and Ripple COO), Ziggy.

    CONTACT: Kyle Leigh, 720-427-3319, kyle@ripplemedia.io

  • Relaunching Job Boards for Aviation & Construction Industries
    By on March 14, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    For the past several weeks I have been helping some new clients to replatform onto new software. In both cases they were using rather old software and after some discussion they chose to move to Jobboard.io. I began by customizing each site with its own look and feel using things like background images and changing colors of the NavBar, buttons, etc.

    AviaNation.com is a long running aviation job board (launched in 2002) that used to charge job seekers for access to jobs. But that part of the business was dwindling so I convinced them to move to a paid job posting model. We were able to import their old jobs and most of their previous data except for resume data of candidates. We now need to re-educate job seekers via email to redo their profiles on the new site.

    airline jobs

    The new construction boards are a family of three sites that target general construction jobs, construction equipment jobs and fire & security jobs. The owner wanted to keep the same “theme” across all of their templates. So we simply changed icons in the logos to reflect each niche. I also created a badge that sits along the sidebar to denote their 10 years in business. The sites went live in 2006. Showing employers that you have been around for a while is helpful when trying to get them to post jobs. It makes your board more trustworthy.


    All the sites are now mobile friendly, collecting emails via Mailchimp, using Stripe for ecommerce payments and Jobs2Careers for backfill.

    If you want me to give your site a makeover just contact me to learn how.

  • 2 Sales Tactics for your Job Board (member only)
    By on March 7, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

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  • New Job Board Sightings
    By on March 1, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    Here’s a quick look at some new job boards that have launched or made other news recently.


    ITJobCafe is an eight year old job board that just launched a new mobile friendly design. They have collected 100,000 tech resumes since starting and use job distribution to give employers more value (more sites, 1 price). READ MORE

    CornerJob is a Blue-Collar Jobs Marketplace App With $10M Series A round of funding. This is a Euro based startup where recruiters and pre-selected job seekers chat via the CornerJob messaging interface to determine suitability for interview. Unsuccessful job seekers are at least told within 24 hours whether they have been pre-selected for a role for which they have applied. [via techCrunch]

    Poached Jobs, a Portland, Ore.-based job board and hiring platform for bars and restaurants, has raised $2.25 million in funding, roughly two-thirds of a planned offering amount of $3.3 million. [via Geekwire]

    DealerPeople is a new dedicated job board exclusively for automotive dealerships and candidates seeking a career within the automotive dealership industry. http://www.dealerpeople.com/

    Flexiworkforce is a new flex job board that recently launched in the UK. Here in the U.S. we have FlexJobs.com which has done very well over the years charging job seekers for access to hard to find jobs.

    Joblisting.com: Somebody made a new “Jobster” (remember them?). Have to register to gain access but i have not done so. Someone let me know whats on the inside.

  • Niche Job Board TreasuryJobs.com For Sale
    By on February 22, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    I’ve been hired to help broker the sale of TreasuryJobs.com, the only niche job board that serves that sector of the financial job market in the United States. The site launched in 2014 and has significant double digit sales with a strong history of growth since its inception. The site is hosted on the ForceFinder job board software platform.

    treasury jobs for sale

    This is a RARE opportunity to not only get into the online recruiting space, but to buy a business with few direct competitors. It offers excellent expansion possibilities and comes with everything you need to run the business. The founders have done the hard work of building the foundation, all you have to do is take the baton, and keep running.

    Some notable aspects of this sale include the following;

    • You get additional country domains such as treasuryjobs.ca, treasuryjobs.co.uk, .br, and .in to aid a global expansion.
    • You get a site that holds the #1 spot on all major search engines for the term treasury jobs.
    • You get to work with some of the largest and most prestigious companies in the world.

    So if this opportunity excites you please call 203-572-2053 or contact me to learn more. I can break down some additional details and get you started.

    Serious inquires only, please. 6 figure asking price.

  • WP SimplyHired
    By on February 16, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    Just heard about a new WordPress plugin that lets you add SimplyHired listings to your blog. If you just want to earn a little extra cash its a simple solution you may find useful. Expect to earn around 6 cents per click, at least thats been my experience with SH. You need to sign up at Simply-Partner to get your API key so you can become their affiliate.

    NOTE: you cannot post jobs with this plugin, it is only for displaying jobs.


  • Let me give your site a PR Boost
    By on February 1, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    Part of what I do as a consultant in the online recruiting industry is to raise awareness of my clients among recruiters and employers. Over the years I have amassed a strong network of followers who like what I share and write. I’ve also built several email lists and groups of recruiters that I can quickly get your name in front of. Think of me as your brand evangelist. I help both job boards and other types of recruiting tech companies who want to target recruiters and employers.

    So I’m now offering a simple, affordable public relations product to do just that.

    It’s called “PR Boost“.

    Using my various channels and lists I will personally introduce your site/service to a minimum of 10,000 recruiters and HR professionals.

    Your PR Boost starts with a custom written article which I’ll be publishing on my LinkedIn Pulse account. Like this this one I wrote for TaxJobs.


    From there I will share it across various groups on Facebook and LI that target recruiters. Then I’ll email it to a variety of opt-in email lists which I’ve been curating for many years online.

    All of this happens over the course of two weeks to maximize exposure and raise awareness of your brand.

    Benefits of a service like this include;

    • SEO boost: I will end up getting you several back links from related websites that will help increase your Google ranking.
    • Traffic: My PR efforts will result in more quality, employer traffic coming to your landing page or site.
    • Branding: Introducing your name to a large group of recruiters/employers will help establish you in the marketplace. This is particularly useful for new vendors who are not well known yet.

    So if your site or service could use a PR Boost then let me know.