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  • Seeking investors
    By on August 9, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    I am working with an investor who is in process of buying an established online job site company based in the U.S. He is looking for another investor to come in on the deal (must have $1 million to invest). It’s a rare opportunity to get into the online recruiting space with a growing company. Ping me if interested.

  • My thoughts on Monster being acquired
    By on August 9, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    In case you haven’t heard Randstad just bought Monster. Click to read my take.


  • Hear how these guys built a job search app
    By on August 8, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    On my RecTech Podcast I talk to innovative companies doing interesting things in the job search space.  In this 20 minute interview with Mike Seidle from WorkHere, a new location based job search app you can hear how they built it and get some advice about how to build yours.

  • Coding your own job board? Use these design guidelines
    By on August 2, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    If you are about to code your own job board board rather than using an existing solution here are my basic guidelines to ensure you do it right. You need to think about serving 2 audiences—job seeker and employer. I hope you find these tips/examples useful.

    a) Make it mobile friendly. Your site should render properly on any screen size.

    b) Logo. Use simple clean logos that can be clearly ready on a mobile device.

    c) Pricing. Make your prices publicly viewable. Do not require registration to see them. Display your pricing in a simple horizontal layout like this;


    d) Home page guidelines. First be sure the button/links to post a job are clearly marked and STAND OUT. Dedicate a minimum of 20% homepage real estate to employers. Here are 3 examples.


    Love this post it note call out


    Governmentjobs.com has a simple button in the upper left.


    CareerCloud has several links, images and buttons that call out employers on its homepage. Note the use of logos for the job distribution service.

    Also on your homepage display the latest 10 or 20 jobs from your site. And have a section where companies can be featured so you can upsell them this exposure.


    e) Job search box. This is the best way to let job seekers search.


    f) Job Listing results. Let employers display logos on their listings so they can stand out more. If they don’t have a logo use a default icon in its place.


    g) Job descriptions. The top section of your JD page should give a quick summary of the job basics for quick glance. This section should also lead with an <H1> header for SEO purposes. Put your location and company name in an <H2> just below it.


    Also call out the company profile (with logo). The apply button should be clearly marked and their should be social media share buttons. See example below;

    h) Social media. List your social media channel icons in your top header and in your footer.


    i) Phone. If you have a phone number for sales, display it in your header and footer throughout the site.

    j) Miscellaneous. Keep your design, simple and clean. If you belog to any associations like TA Tech, the Better Business Bureau, etc use those trusted logos in your footer which helps with credibility. Also on your checkout pages display all relevant credit card logos. Also if you have been in business for more than 5 years show that because it helps with your credibility.


    Vetjobs.com footer with badges adds credibility

  • Talenetics Job Board Marketing Webinar
    By on August 1, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    Keith Potts and others from Talenetic, Social-Hire and Digi-Me hosted a webinar recently about job baord marketing. Its got some good tips for any job baord own so I wanted to share.

  • For Sale: Local Midwestern Job Board Business Nearing 1 Million in Sales
    By on July 26, 2016 | No Comments  Comments


    A local job board based in a U.S. midwestern state is looking to sell their online recruitment business so the owner can retire. They have retained me to help them find a buyer. This is your chance to own a profitable, well established local job board in a state with low unemployment and added over 7,000 jobs in June. This site is located in a strong job market, in fact its a top 10 job market according to Indeed.com when it comes to jobs per capita.

    Interested buyers should contact me for further details. Serious bidders will need to sign an NDA to see financials. Email me with your name, company, phone number, email and why you are interested. I’ll then contact you to schedule a call.

    Interested buyers must speak with me first before NDA can be sent. You can also call me directly at 203-572-2053.

    job board for sale

    Also included in the sale are several diversity job boards and dozens of other local job related domains. I’ll give more details over the phone to qualified buyers.

  • JobMount releases new template
    By on July 25, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    Updates are coming fast and furious from the job board platform industry. After recent updates by both Jobboard.io and Smart Job Board, Job Mount has just released a new version. According to their email…

    Aspen Technology Labs’ JobMount team announces the release of a new-age job board design platform. This fresh, responsive and fully featured job board solution provides an enhanced user experience for job seekers and employers, more customization options and better accessibility, especially mobile. As global employers continue to seek to attract top talent, JobMount offers a platform for niche job boards, associations, and entrepreneurs to upgrade or launch a job board business.

    They have also released a new whitepaper on Job Wrapping which you can download for free as a PDF.


    You can view their demo site here. Platform providers are finally getting much more visual with their templates reflecting a more design centric approach when it comes to job hunting.

    Other notable features of the new Job Mount include;

    Full accessibility from any device: All front end users can easily access job board features, no matter what device is being used to interact with your job board. Job seekers can search jobs, and easily apply and upload resumes, from any device. Employers can buy and post jobs, manage job postings, view applications and search for resumes.

    One click job alert subscription: Job seekers can take advantage of easy job alerts set up with just one click and start receiving various job offers from your job board.

    Eye-catching email notifications: We have also refreshed the available styles of email notifications to improve click-through and application rates for job alerts.

    JobMount’s hosted version costs $295 per month plus setup fee. You can also buy the sourcecode if you want to host yourself.

  • Different types of Upsells
    By on July 19, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    I wanted to do a post around upselling products on your job board. Upsells are ways to increase your revenue by adding on features to a typical job listing or other product on your site. Here are 5 ways to increase your revenue.


    1. Featured the job on your home page. Charge extra to do that. For example if a regular posting costs $99 charge $129 for a featured job.
    2. Social media. Offer to advertise the job on social media like Facebook. Charge and extra 30 bucks to post the job on Facebook and advertise it to their target audience. Set a budget of $10-$15 and pocket the rest.
    3. Feature the job in your newsletter. You can offer a dedicated email blast or simply put a featured job in your job seeker newsletetr. This gives the employer more exposure across your audience.
    4. Include resume access. Charge the employer more for each job if they also want access to your resume database. Bundle it to incentivize them.
    5. Feature a job seeker. Let them purchase the ability to feature their resume. You wont be able to charge that much maybe 10-20 bucks but if it allows them to highlight their resume or place them on top of others you will get a few people doing that. (Linkedin does this)
  • ZipRecruiter now powering Patch job listings
    By on July 18, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    After SimplyHired was shutdown that left a gaping hole in their partner program that powered jobs on many other sites like those of Patch.com the local news service. Their sites had no jobs for a few days but I just checked and ZipRecruiter is now their backfill of choice.


  • For Sale: UAV Job Bank – Niche Job Board
    By on July 13, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    UAV Job Bank, a niche job board that I started over 3 years ago is now for sale. Asking price is $4,500. Contact me for details.

    Originally hosted on the old SimplyHired platform the site currently holds a #2 ranking on Google for “UAV jobs“. Its now on the JobBoardHQ platform.

    It would be a great pickup for someone looking for a business in a box or side project. If you can dedicate 10-15 hours per week to it you can definitely make some extra cashflow on a monthly basis.