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  • Interview with a job board owner – Jennifer Schultz
    By on October 30, 2016 | Comments Off on Interview with a job board owner – Jennifer Schultz  Comments

    Last week I spoke at the HR Summit in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It’s an annual event for employers put on by Jennifer Schultz who runs the local job board RecruitmentQueen.com. I got a chance to interview her for my RecTech podcast and got her take on her business strategy, her background and how events help grow her business.

    One of the things she does well is provide a full suite of services that go way beyond job postings. If you run a job board and need more revenue take a page out of her playbook and expand. Holding offline events like she does can prove just as valuable as job postings.


  • Dozens of recruiting related domains available
    By on October 29, 2016 | Comments Off on Dozens of recruiting related domains available  Comments

    I’ve just been alerted to 70+ recruiting and HR tech related domains names that are for sale. See them all here.

    There are some interesting domains here that can relate to a variety of businesses from job boards to recruiting services to HR technology products. Might be worth a look if you are looking for some keyword rich domains.

    recruiting domains

  • AllStarJobs (.com/.ca) is For Sale
    By on October 25, 2016 | Comments Off on AllStarJobs (.com/.ca) is For Sale  Comments

    A longstanding national job board, AllStarJobs.com and it’s Canadian sister site, AllStarJobs.ca is up for sale. They were founded in 1999. This is a package deal for both website properties in the North American job market.

    AllStarJobs job board for sale

    Why Buy? (Chris Russell says) These sites offer a solid level of passive income for the right owner.  You can certainly make more money on job distribution if you add that as a new revenue stream. In addition, these sites have tremendous SEO ranking so if you are good at content you should be able to increase traffic. I would put these on the Smart Job Board platform which would allow you to recreate the content to maintain search rankings. By adding an email marketing component you can also turn up the traffic and boost ad revenues very quickly. The sites give you a foothold in both the Canadian and U.S. markets. The .CA site has the most traffic and offers a great opportunity for anyone who wants access to a large number of employers and candidates in Canada.

    Asking Price – $200K but willing to consider all reasonable offers. Lowball offers will not be considered.

    Who to contact?

    1. matt@tidemoon.com
    2. Cell 303-525-3956 (text or email before calling and will return call or schedule one, on-site full time with client now)


      • What is revenue from past 12 months? (break out .com vs .ca)
        1. The combined totals for allstarjobs.com and allstarjobs.ca combined for the past 12 months = $36K
        2. Revenue for the year 2015 is very close to the revenue from the past 12 months, and we can provide full details if required for serious inquires
        3. We are willing to provide full details and login information for verification, as well as check stubs, etc
        4. We have breakouts for AdSense and some information on backfill but there is some inconsistent reporting on the other platform tracking. AdSense has cleanest reporting and the two websites are split out with Custom Channels to show page views and revenue
      • Detail revenue streams
        1. AdSense
        2. Indeed Backfill
        3. Zip Recruiter new employer signups – $100 per new monthly user
        4. Zip Recruiter – Backfill (was implemented in January 2016, but we switched back to Indeed because Zip Recruiter was having issues with their technology tracking)
        5. Zip Recruiter – Email Alerts – We have never done this but this should be started in order to take full advantage of candidate traffic
        6. We have a high level contact at Zip Recruiter who can be contacted to continue the relationship. He helped us start the employer affiliate program
        7. Monthly Revenue Average = $3,030 TTM
      • What are expenses per month?
        1. Hosting – $99 Host gator for .CA dedicated host
        2. Hosting & Licensing Fee – Job Board Mount $296 per month for .COM (this is paid quarterly at $888)
        3. Hosting for .COM CMS (Blue Host ~$10/month)
        4. Reviewing Job Posts – We pay approximately $785 per month to an independent contractor who manually review all job posts, answer emails, deal with misc. issues that arise is based on 9 hours a week and rate of $25/hour.
      • What platforms are the sites hosted on?
        1. CA – Jammit old CGI version, site needs migration to new platform
        2. COM – Job Board Mount
        3. .COM also has content pages on separate CMS
      • How much time per week to run the site?
        1. 9 hours to review job posts, emails, maintain sites
      • Number of registered employer and job seeker accounts in total, and number of new employer accounts and job postings created each day
        1. .CA
          1. 52,320 employer accounts
          2. 68,688 candidate accounts
          3. **A platform update would make it possible to take full advantage of the employer and candidate accounts, and begin to use alerts, lots of repeat large employer accounts and brand built up in Canada
          4. Averages 40-50 new employer signups each day
          5. Averages 400-500 new job posts per day
        1. .COM
          1. 3,828 employer accounts
          2. 44,374 candidate accounts
      1. Traffic stats…monthly unique/sessions, breakdown of organic vs any paid traffic
        1. There is currently no paid traffic for either site
        2. Both sites are decent authorities in their space with quality backlinks
        3. .COM has large section of unique content written for the site years ago good foundation to build from and add to
        4. .COM has large number of .edu links
        5. .CA
          1. 68,760 Sessions per month average during trailing 12 months in GA
          2. 43,376 Users per month average during trailing 12 months in GA
          3. Never had any link building, but lots of opportunity to get those
          4. Over 3-minute time on site average
          5. 61% returning visitors 38% new
          6. Can provide full access to Google Analytics account or export specific reports on request for serious inquires.
      1. Original Purchase Price
        1. .CA -$58K 5 years ago via Flippa from original owner
        2. .COM- $35K 7 years ago via Flippa
  • Monster paid how much to buy the Jobr app?
    By on October 24, 2016 | Comments Off on Monster paid how much to buy the Jobr app?  Comments

    Back in June Monster.com bought a job search app called Jobr. At the time the purchase price was not released.

    I have recently learned that they paid $12.5 million dollars.


    The info comes from this press release put out by their largest shareholder. (I’ll be writing more about that later)… In any case, thats a lot of scratch for such a young app with a small user base. Jobr’s founders must have been dancing in the streets after negotiating that deal. Kudos to them. They built an app, got a little traction and then hit the jackpot. That’s hard to do in today’s overcrowded app world.

    Monster grossly overpaid for this app if you ask their largest shareholder. In fact they called it “wasted” money. Harsh words, but on the face of it they may be right. Monster could have hired their own firm to build something similar for mere thousands. So I guess they value they saw was also the talent being acquired. But that still seems like a lot of money from a purely accounting perspective. Especially from a company (MWW) that is losing money every year. The app itself apparently did not have much revenue.

    Here’s the actual quote…

    Wasted $12.5 million to acquire Jobr, a start-up mobile app with little revenue or specialized technology — MNG priced out what it would cost to develop virtually the same app as Jobr and believes it would cost less than $250k to develop, or 2% of the price paid to acquire it (quote from Media News Group)

  • Breaking News: Another job board acquired
    By on October 18, 2016 | Comments Off on Breaking News: Another job board acquired  Comments

    Another staffing firm buys a job board. RecruitMilitary.com a longtime job board and job fair company started in 1998 has been purchased. Details here.


  • Create a job board pricing guide
    By on October 18, 2016 | Comments Off on Create a job board pricing guide  Comments

    I cam across a new local job site for Franklin County PA the other day called FranklinCountyWorks. They created a PDF version of their prices that I thought is a good idea. By creating a PDF version you can easily share your sites pricing information and other pertinent details in a way that makes it easy for employer inquiries. [Link to PDF].

    This kind of media kit is something every job board should have on hand. Here’s one I created for AviaNation.com the airline job board. There is a PDF version of this same page so it makes it easy to email to anyone requesting more info.

    franklin county works

  • ZipRecruiter CEO explains how their site is evolving
    By on October 17, 2016 | Comments Off on ZipRecruiter CEO explains how their site is evolving  Comments

    Check out this interview (via the Hiring on All Cylinders podcast) with ZipRecruiter‘s CEO Ian Siegel recorded at the recent HR Tech conference. In it he chats about how their job board is evolving and starting to focus more on quality matching. I think its a good example of how job boards can get better at their job of attracting the right applicant to their clients jobs. For my review of the conference, click here.

  • New research says most people start search on job boards
    By on October 11, 2016 | Comments Off on New research says most people start search on job boards  Comments


    There is some new research out of the UK that indicates job boards as the main starting point for job seekers when beginning a job search.

    A clear message from the research is the online job site is still the number one preferred starting point for candidates, with 68% of respondents saying that they found it the most helpful in comparison to just 38% who found recruitment agencies of most help. In fact, given past experience, if searching for a job today 94% stated that they would be likely to use an online job site. This identifies a misconception by the candidate in terms of recruitment agency vs job board, since the majority of roles on job boards actually come from recruitment agencies directly. This demonstrates a clear need for recruiters to be actively following up on candidates when they receive an application directly via a job board.

    This is not news to me but further proves the value of job boards overall. They are starting points because they make finding jobs efficient and easy so it’s nice to see some research that backs them up.

    Job seekers need to maximize their search if they want to be successful so its in their best interest to utilize all available sites – local, niche and national ones that apply to them. By “maxxing out” job board usage they’ll have a better chance of finding the right job.

  • Off to HR Tech
    By on October 4, 2016 | Comments Off on Off to HR Tech  Comments

    I leave for Chicago today to attend the annual HR technology conference.

    HR tech is always my favorite show of the year. There will be 400 different vendors in the expo hall (several job boards among them). It’s an “HRtechie’s” dream.

    Hopefully I’ll come back with a few new clients, lots of business cards and perhaps a hangover. The parties are legendary.



  • New Job Boards
    By on October 3, 2016 | Comments Off on New Job Boards  Comments

    Each month I find and add new job boards to a directory over on CareerCloud. Here’s a few of the newer sites I have found recently.

    OLD GEEK JOBS – tech jobs for those over 40. Love the focus since ageism is so prominent these days. Started by a 37 yr old techie who felt he was being discriminated ageist by younger startup people.


    FETCH FIND – jobs from the pet industry. Here job, here boy…


    MS TECH – IT jobs for women. Female targeted job boards are becoming a thing.