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  • Cannabis Jobs Still Hot
    By on September 10, 2019 | No Comments  Comments

    Another company is entering the cannabis job market. This time an HR firm is launching an app for cannabis jobs featuring live video interviews.

    Progressive human resources firm, Faces Human Capital Management, fosters the unique legal cannabis industry’s community through new recruiting platform, which provides geo-located job listings, live video functionality and instant data sharing. Cannabis industry employers and job seekers can now instantaneously collaborate through the apps technology, making it easier for them to connect like never before.

    The new online mobile application, at cannabiscareers4u.com, was recently unveiled by Faces Human Capital Management (HCM). The app will be fully operational by September 1, although job-seekers and employers can currently access it through its landing page.

    Through the app, employers and job-seekers are able to upload job listings, locations, print and video resumes and other files. They also have the ability to share and access all that information in real time during live video interviews. Job-seekers can upload a print resume that can link-up with a company via text SMS, which eliminates the need, and possible delay, for email. They can also send information, including video, while talking live with a potential employer. Those looking for employment are even able to upload a 2.5 minute-long video resume to increase their recruitment chances. Employers can list and edit job listings in real time, all with geolocated maps, detailed job descriptions and “Apply Now” links. They also now have real-time access to a quality labor pool.

    Chris Cassese, the company’s co-founder and managing director, says “While there are online job boards, I believe we’ve set a precedent with our fully-optimized app for iOS and Android by establishing an instantly-connected job recruiting community for the cannabis industry. In cannabis we want your uniqueness to shine. We want employers to see who you are, to value the uniqueness that you bring, along with your skills and attributes, and to match you up the jobs that they have.”

    The online mobile platform is free for job-hunters, and the cost for employers is noticeably less than other available job recruitment services. All the while offering companies instant access to detailed information about tens of thousands of jobseekers.

    As a progressive human capital management company focusing on the cannabis space, Faces HCM is growing rapidly. It has offices in ColoradoOregonWashington StateCaliforniaMassachusettsNew YorkNew Jersey and Washington, D.C. – with plans to expand in the near future into Canada and other nations interested in the legal cannabis sector.

    “This app is a great entry point for people interested in cannabis, whether they’re dipping their toe in or jumping into the deep end. We’ve set up a community that provides job-seekers with access to some of the best-in-class employers around the county and, in the future, globally,” says Cassese.

    For more information: Visit http://www.faceshcm.com/

  • RightHire Wants to Help Job Boards Evolve
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    I have been saying this for years: Job boards need to evolve beyond simple job postings. RightHire, an assessment tool out of Northern Virginia wants to help you do just that. Read on…

    According to CareerBuilder, over the past ten years more than 70% of job searches started on Google. In the past, large job boards such as Indeed and Monster, have capitalized on SEO to generate traffic from job applicant Google searches. However, Google for Jobs now makes it easier for employers who conform to Google for Jobs schema in their job postings to have an equal opportunity to make their jobs visible to job applicants – without having the need to be SEO experts.  Therefore, with Google for Jobs, there may be less need for employers to post to 3rd party job boards to generate job applicant traffic. Instead, they can just post to their own career page and index their jobs with Google for Jobs.

    Larger Job boards obviously recognize this threat. In fact, 23 Job Search Websites in Europe are currently asking regulators to conduct an antitrust investigation into Google for Jobs.

    How can job boards fight back? 

    Instead of trying to fight Google for Jobs, Job boards should go deeper into the hiring process and add more value to their customers. Google for Jobs will always send employers applicants – but instead, why not supply better applicants?

    While there are several ways that pre-screening can be done, studies show that cognitive ability and job fit are among the best predictors of employee performance and turnover. Assessments for (low-skilled) high-volume or entry-level positions can be of great benefit to employers who are seeking out ways to save time filtering candidates and reduce employee turnover – In industries where the average employee churn rate is 60%, including assessments within a selection system can significantly reduce overall HR expenditure. 

    The proof is out there…

    Indeed.com recently purchased an assessment company and started offering pre-hire assessments to employers for free as a part of their ongoing expansion of product offerings included in the job posting workflow.

    How is RightHire Helping Job Boards stay relevant? 

    RightHire provides assessments that measure job-specific cognitive abilities and work personality characteristics based on U.S Department of Labor O*NET taxonomy.  These two types of tests together are one of the best predictors of job performance and turnover. RightHire’s assessments can be used for any type of job. Out-of-the-box, RightHire provides assessments for 950+ types of jobs in the economy, each having a duration of 15-minutes or less, and capable of being used on any desktop or handheld device.

    RightHire has recently announced a new rev share program where they provide job boards access to their assessment platform. Job boards can either provide the platform for free to their customers (similar to Indeed.com) or charge employers for assessments. If Job boards charge employers, they need to share revenue with RightHire. Similar to Indeed, Job boards should integrate assessments as a part of job postings to make it optional and simple for employers to add an assessment to their job postings. RightHire will provide the technology for easy integration. Job boards are also requested to co-brand with RightHire using a “Powered by RightHire” logo. RightHire will provide the technical support for employers and candidates and will also provide the marketing materials to increase employer adoption of assessments.

    Interested job boards should email dave@righthire.com – NOTE: their solution is especially useful for job boards that receive high number of applicants for open positions.

  • Things Every Job Board Home Page Needs (member only)
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  • Jobcase Adds Local Job Site for West Virginia
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    Jobcase and the Discover the Real West Virginia Foundation (DRWV) – an organization dedicated to diversifying and enabling West Virginia’s economic growth and success, and – have announced the soft launch of DiscoverWVJobs.com, a new public-private collaboration to support workers and job seekers in West Virginia. The platform will provide improved access to career info, and directly match people to local jobs. It can be found at www.DiscoverWVJobs.com

    Jobcase received $100 million in funding earlier this year to tackle its blue collar hiring efforts.

    “West Virginia is an amazing place to live and work,” said Senator Joe Manchin. “We have great employers here with thousands of good-paying jobs, and a low cost of living. The wonderful people of our state are skilled, well-educated, and hardworking. So, we just need to help everyone connect the dots, and DiscoverWVJobs.com helps us do that. This platform will match individuals with quality employers, strengthen our workforce, and foster greater economic opportunity for West Virginia. Collaborating with Jobcase is a great fit for us, because they provide powerful resources, help us reach more people, and support and believe in the residents of this state.”

    “DiscoverWVJobs.com enables West Virginians to easily find local job listings and information on new careers, empowering folks to find local jobs to help them live and grow in the Mountain State,” said Lloyd Jackson, President of DRWV. “This new resource helps recent graduates start their careers here, enables established workers to transition their skills to local industries, and assists out-of-state West Virginians with finding jobs that can bring them back home.”

    The new online jobs and careers portal, donated by Jobcase and developed jointly with the Discover the Real West Virginia Foundation, provides an integrated platform that brings together multiple types of support:

    • A comprehensive local job search – with instant-apply tools
    • A career browser – listing industries with local jobs, information on salary, skills, advancement, and requirements to apply
    • A brief, self-assessment quiz to custom-match jobseekers to new industries and careers
    • Free-to-post job listings for all employers in West Virginia, and
    • A dedicated online social media community, where jobseekers, employers, and supporters can all share questions, advice, and support to each other

    “Jobcase is thrilled to work with Senator Manchin and DRWV to help people and companies discover and achieve success in West Virginia!” said Fred Goff, Founder and CEO of Jobcase. “DiscoverWVJobs.com will not only help West Virginians discover and explore new paths to worklife success, but we also believe it will help highlight the strengths of West Virginia to people and employers across the nation – and deservedly so.  When we help people discover new pathways to opportunity, and make it even easier for neighbors to support neighbors, it benefits people, employers, and the local economy alike.  It’s all part of what the Senator, West Virginians, and Jobcasers already understand – we are stronger together.  And, we are just getting started!”

    The official launch for the site will occur in the fall, offering even more jobs and other content from additional partners from across the state.

  • Joblift is the newest aggregator on the scene
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    If you are looking for a new place to send your jobs and buy traffic, Germany based Joblift just picked up another big round of funding. They raised ($17 million U.S.) in a Series B funding round, according to German online magazine Gründerszene.

    Job boards should click here for their partnership page. You can buy traffic on a CPC basis. The company claims over 2 million monthly users and is live in Germany, the U.K., France, the Netherlands, and the U.S.

    Joblift claims to pull from more than 4,000 job boards. They compete with the likes of IndeedAdzuna and of course Google for Jobs. They seem to have built their site on “cutting-edge technology” which is great but what really counts is eyeballs on jobs.

    National aggregators trying to take on the like of Indeed, ZipRecruiter and others should beware its a very competitive industry. They are going to need all those million$ to buy traffic because they have no brand yet in the U.S. Technology is not enough to compete in the online recruiting space.

  • Huge List of Fitness Job Board Domains for Sale
    By on August 26, 2019 | Comments Off on Huge List of Fitness Job Board Domains for Sale  Comments

    Labor Day Sale: Bundle all these domains/websites together:

    FitnessJobs.com, Fitness-Jobs.com-includes a fully customized website that syncs with Google for Jobs!

    SpaandSalonJobs.com, SpaandSalonJob.com, SalonandSpaJobs.com, includes a fully customized website that syncs with Google for Jobs!

    · AquaticJobs.com, AquaticsJobs.com, AquticsCareers.com, ClubGiftCards.com, CrossFitJobs.com,

    · FitGiftCards.com, FitGiftCard.com, FitnessandWellnessCommunity.com, FitnessStudioJobs.com, FitnessStudioJob.com,

    · GroupFitnessjobs.com, HealthClubImpossible.com, HowtoIncreasePersonalTraining.com, and IncreasePersonalTraining.com,

    · MixedMartialArtsJobs.com, NutriJobs.com,RDCareers.com, ParkandRecreationJobs.com, RecreationandLeisureJobs.com,

    · RespiratoryTherapstCareers.com, SpaandSalonJobs.com, SpaandSalonJob.com, SalonandSpaJobs.com, includes a fully customized website that syncs with Google for Jobs!

    · TherapeuticRecreationJobs.com, TRXJobs.com, UniversityRecreationJobs.com, WaxingJobs.com, YogaJobs.com, and YogaJob.com.

    Contact me to be connected with owner

  • Day In the Life of a Job Board Marketer
    By on August 20, 2019 | Comments Off on Day In the Life of a Job Board Marketer  Comments

    Recently a site I was mentoring asked me to piece together what a typical marketing person should be doing throughout the day. I thought it was a good suggestion and decided to put it into a blog post. For the purposes of this post we’ll start the day at 8am and end at 5pm.

    These are not hard guidelines but serve to give you a sense of what needs to be done daily as a marketer.

    8am – 9am: Check emails from night before to see if any leads came in. Also check to see if any employer registrations were created but didn’t purchase. Plan a drip campaign for set of new employer leads (min of 200 per day should be put into Drip)…Review web stats from day before to look for any dips or spike in traffic.

    9am – 10am: Social media posting. Post at least 5 of your jobs into local Facebook groups for extra free traffic. Find more groups to join. Welcome any new clients by tagging them across Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to the site.

    10am – 11am: Plan/write weekly newsletter for seekers with latest jobs, articles and industry news they need to know about.

    11am – 12pm: Check competitor job boards and social media for new leads in your niche. Gather email address and name if possible so you can keep putting new leads into the Drip campaign.

    12pm – 1pm: Lunch,  take a break. Listen to a marketing podcast.

    1pm – 2pm: Respond to new leads. Send out a push notification to site opt-ins with a job of the day or other piece of content that drives traffic back.

    2pm – 3pm: Check advertising campaigns via channels like Jobg8, Google, Facebook, Clickcast..etc. Look for underperforming jobs and try to give them more exposure through social or email to see if you can pick up activity.

    3pm – 4pm: Go on Linkedin and look for leads via their content search. Use the Email Extractor chrome extension to capture hiring emails by scrolling through results. Comment on potential leads you find with a free offer or discount code. Go to 3-5 Facebook job search groups and do the same. Use these for tomorrows drip campaign entries.

    4pm – 5pm: Content Marketing – Post a good blog article to Linkedin and Facebook. Late afternoons are the best times to post. Check the press release wires for any industry news you can potentially use

  • AI powered job site expanding in California
    By on August 19, 2019 | Comments Off on AI powered job site expanding in California  Comments

    Jobot announced today that they are opening three new offices this week. At both their headquarters in Irvine and branch office in Los Angeles, they are doubling in size. They are also launching their first office in Northern California.

    Jobot’s founder, Heidi Golledge, says: “Since Jobot’s launch last year, we have had clients flooding in from the Bay Area. Technology, construction and finance companies and job seekers alike have reached out to Jobot needing our services. It made sense for us to open our newest Jobot location in the epicenter of tech and now construction and finance. Our new office at Two Embarcadero allows us to service companies from start-ups to billion-dollar businesses.”

    In addition to opening its third office and helping their clients grow, Jobot has also seen extensive growth due to strong demand, growing from 19 to 65 Jobot Pros in the last three months.

    The new Jobot San Francisco, LA and OC offices are open for business as of August 5, 2019.

    In addition to Jobot, Golledge’s other successful ventures include being the CEO + Co-Founder of CyberCoders, which she sold to ASGN for $100+ million in 2013. She currently remains the CEO + Co-Founder of CareerBliss. CareerBliss is an online career community and review forum for job seekers and employers, with over 8 million open jobs.

    About Jobot

    The Jobot platform blends proprietary AI technology and experienced recruiting pros to create the first of its kind job matching engine. This unique blend of technology and recruiting skill makes recruiting top talent and building a positive work culture possible for every company.

    For more about Jobot visit www.Jobot.com.

  • Jobtarget can help you make more sales
    By on August 13, 2019 | Comments Off on Jobtarget can help you make more sales  Comments

    Looking for more revenue? Jobtarget may be able to help. They used to power  my job boards back in the day but these days are focused on helping employers to target their postings to niche markets. They work with a network of job boards that they promote to employers looking for niche talent in places like tech, healthcare, diversity and more. I emailed their rep Tammy Shieh who told me how it works.

    We typically work with job boards on a revenue-share of the retail cost of the job for any new listing we are able to generate for your site.  For example if the price to post on your site is $60 for a 30-day posting so at a 30/70 rev-share, JobTarget would keep $18 and pay Your Site $42 for that posting. Job boards would then setup a copupon code to be used by Jobtarget when posting.

    Job board partners can fill out the form here: https://www.jobtarget.com/contact-us/#contactUs  if they are interested in learning more about partnership opportunities.  Anything submitted there goes directly to Tammy.

    There is no cost to join their networks so this is pretty much a no brainer for most niche job boards.

  • Job Boards in the News
    By on August 12, 2019 | Comments Off on Job Boards in the News  Comments

    Pane View Job Sites Are Good for Job Sites But Not Employers

    Over the last few years, the recruiting funnel has changed based on the economic environment we’re in, as well as the technically competitive environment. From a technical perspective, “pane view” job sites are worth paying attention to. Our annual benchmark report study uncovered some information about those job sites…With the old click model, 6.5 percent of the clicks advertisers paid for resulted in a completed application. Now, only 3.5 percent of pane view clicks paid for result in an application. When viewing jobs is this easy, advertisers may get more views from window shoppers and fewer people actually applying to those jobs.

    Monster.com Plots a Comeback

    Disrupted by LinkedIn and aggregators like Indeed.com, the online job board is fighting back by investing in tech like artificial intelligence and video ads to enhance and personalize the job hunt.

    Monster.com was once the nation’s leading job-search site, until it wasn’t.

    The company, which fetes its 25thanniversary this year, ceded market share to rivals from LinkedIn to job-board aggregators like Indeed.com — but not because competitors were out-innovating the site, among the first dot-coms to place print classified ads online, said Scott Gutz, chief executive officer of Monster.com.

    Quite the contrary, he said. In the talent acquisition space, “there’s not been a lot of disruption and dramatic change over a 25-year period.” Employers still place job ads online, and candidates answer them, with little change to the process, he said.


    New Site for Software QA Jobs

    In an attempt to provide unparalleled services for Software Testing and Quality Assurance professionals who are looking for their next career opportunity and for employers in discovering the best talent within the software testing community, https://www.Qualitician.com, a job portal, has been launched in India.

    Mr. Ram Uppalapati, Founder of Qualitician, commented that, “There’s never been a dedicated career portal for job seekers looking for Software Testing and QA opportunities in India, instead job seekers had to visit several job platforms. Our website changes all that. We’re a one-stop job portal where job seekers can find opportunities in the software testing industry and employers can find the right people.”

    Qualitician’s mission is to help all Software Testing professionals find the right job opportunity by providing the information they need to make informed choices.

    While employers are posting software testing jobs, job seekers will be going through a similar process to post their resumes. The system automatically matches job listings with qualified applicants, or employers can manually search the database for suitable candidates. The site appears to be using the Smart Job Board platform.

    New Site for Wine Jobs

    I Like This Grape (ILTG) is proud to announce the launch of an exclusive wine-industry job board. For 50 percent less than competing sites, it offers a job posting service that’s comprehensive and easy-to-use for both job seekers and employers looking to attract today’s talent.

    “As the wine industry grows, so will the demand for talent, from traditional roles at a winery to marketers, wine educators, technologists, temporary harvest employees and specialized jobs in events and marketing,” said Naushad Huda, founder of ILTG. “We service the entire industry while recognizing the need to have a modern job board with the latest technology tools that appeal to today’s employers and talent.”

    Job seekers will find smart filtering options, simple search features and elegant, easy-to-use design, completely accessible without opening an account. Job postings are amplified across social media and added to ILTG’s weekly content email newsletter.

    Employers can edit their job posts, add videos and receive customer service via chat, email or phone without additional fees. Potential job seekers apply directly with the employer, removing any clumsy third-party barriers between job seekers and employers.

    During the month of August a single 30-day posting is free per new account. After that, a single posting is just $100 for 30-days and pricing is discounted for multiple job postings.

    “Having wine industry press releases, wine industry news, together with our rich, wine focused educational and entertaining content and now our beautiful job board are all defining I like this grape as a destination site for everyone in the industry, and for consumers,” said Huda.

    The ILTG Job Board can be found at https://ilikethisgrape.com/wine-jobs/

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