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  • Sources of Hires study: Job Boards at 20%
    By on February 20, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    CareerXroads is out with their annual sources of hire study. Job boards represent 20% of all hires last year.

    Once again we see the value job boards provide. Hoo-waa!

    Check out their slideshare about the study.

  • Jobcircle is not square
    By on February 20, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    Last week I got an invite from Joe Stubblebine, co-founder and CEO of Jobcircle to come down for a visit and check out their operations. Jobcircle started back in 1998 just a year before I launched my first job board so we have a lot of common history. Their major market is the mid-atlantic region around Philly, MD, NJ, Del while my AllCountyJobs sweet spot is the Northeast/New England areas. So although we do overlap in certain territories like NY we are friendly competitors.

    I’ve known Joe for many years having first met him at one of the recruiting conferences. He is the one who gave me the nickname “mad scientist of online recruiting“. But it turns out he is a bit of a mad scientist also. Like me he has created new stuff like Jobnet (which he raised VC money for) and he even codes. While I was there he dove into his homepage code to make a few changes. Like any good job board CEO he wears multiple hats.

    Chris Russell with JobCircle's CEO, Joe Stubblebine

    Jobcircle’s offices sit just inside an alley in the main part of West Chester, PA. Its a college town with a cool vibe and lots of old buildings from the 1800s. In addition to Joe, there’s a small team of sales, customer service, and tech staff that backs him up.

    Jobcircle has a pricing model that few in the industry can match. The majority of their sales come from subscriptions both quarterly and yearly. They get to do that because they are such an established player in the market with a large candidate database at their disposal. I think Joe said something around 1.4 million candidates if I remember correctly.

    They have a lot of cool products too. A few years ago they launched “audio resumes” which to my knowledge no job board has ever done. And they have some cool add on services like RezRocket, their own resume blast service. They also offer employers something called VoiceBlast, a service I was highly jealous of. Voiceblast sends out 30 second audio messages to pre-selected candidates in an area code. For instance if you were looking to promote a career fair for nurses in the Philly region you can use voiceblast to automatically call candidates within a certain mileage limit of your target location. Its pretty cool.

    So for those of you looking for additional ways to monetize your job seekers and employer clients, take a page from the folks at JobCircle.com.

  • Quick tips for creating job board content (premium)
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  • If i were starting a job board today (premium)
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  • Thoughts on some new job startups (free)
    By on February 13, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    I ran into a couple of new job startups that caught my eye and wanted to provide some commentary on these ideas. First up is a site uniquely called JobsnoteSteve.com.

    Not your average job board name but I like the play on words. Its creative. The site itself is built on Indeed.com’s API but it’s aim is to make IT jobs easy to find. The site does this by breaking out a variety of job titles in an A to Z fashion which is a nice touch. The site probably wont be a traffic magnet but techies looking for work may make it a niche site worth using. This is a good example of what you can do with a jobs API that all the big aggregators provide.

    Next up is Job Poacher which got a nice writeup on TechCrunch last week. This is NOT a job board. Its a place where job seekers go to to anonymously state their “job wanted”. The site has literally no design which is strange but it does seem more like a feature than an actual business. First to be relevant they’ll need lots of candidates. And as we all know that can be expensive. I like the idea however even if its not much of a step up from the resume section on craigslist. If I were them I’d contact job board software providers about adding JobPoacher as a feature.

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  • Carfax for careers?
    By on February 8, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    Here’s another revenue opportunity for job board operators. This one is called CV Certify, a self-described ‘carfax for careers’ run by TJ Radtke. I asked TJ a few questions about this new service.

    1. What is cvcertify?
    CVCertify is like Carfax for Careers. We help companies find qualified candidates faster and cheaper. And we help jobseekers stand out from the crowd to get hired faster for free.

    2. why did you create it?
    Monster, Linkedin and the like mint money selling search into databases of resumes and its known that up to 70 percent of resumes contain mischaracterizations if not outright lies. It occurred to me that creating the world’s largest repository of validated career data might be extremely beneficial to both hiring firms and job seekers.

    3. why should job boards want to partner with you?
    The knock on the boards is that they produce lots of applicants in the form of resume submissions but that the quality is lacking. I think of this as the “janitor applying for the CEO position” problem. Job boards using CVCertify with their postings will yield qualified applicants for their posting customers.

    4. what can job boards expect when they partner?
    Board can ultimately expect more satisfied customers as using CVCertify will provide them with a competitive advantage versus other boards. CVCertify’s model is premised on “pay to post” which involves a flat fee associated with each posting. Boards can share in this revenue from CVCertify ($50 per posting) as they sell our services as an add-on for postings or they may choose to bake in the cost for their premium corporate accounts.

    5. whats the benefit for job seekers?
    Jobseekers will stand out from the crowd of resumes in the pile to get hired faster, for free. With CVCertify you will stand out to the hiring manager because you can provide evidence that your experience ties directly to the job requirements.

    6. where do you see cvcertify in 5 yrs?
    LinkedIn and some earlier career sites have paved the way for CVCertify with some outstanding features and accomplishments. These groundbreaking companies however suffer from a common tragic flaw in that they are all built upon databases of career information that is unsubstantiated and cannot be trusted. The opportunity for CVCertify is to do in the career social networking space what Facebook did to Myspace and similar early social networks. Within 5 years we will be an integral part of the career management and hiring ecosystem and it will no longer occur to people to create or accept a resume that is not validated.

  • Multiple revenue streams (premium)
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  • Social media and job boards (free)
    By on February 6, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    Glassdoor is now letting its users connect with social networks like facebook. ERE has a writeup on it. They join a growing number of businesses trying to open up your job search in order to uncover connections at companies you may want to work for such as Branchout, Beknown, Jibe, Gethired, etc.

    SimplyHired has been providing integration with Linkedin for many years so all these site have got me thinking about the future. It appears the trend is moving towards uncovering connections…whether most job seekers care about this is still up in the air.

    I think it is a good trend for the overall job market. But in my experience I have found most job seekers are embarrassed about telling the world they are looking for a new job. No doubt some of them are too shy about approaching strangers, even if they have some kind of connection. So I wonder what the true value is for seeing people on facebook who work at a certain company. If I dont know them, it wont help much.

    There will always be aggressive, more savvy seekers who will love these new features so it makes sense to add them to your job board. Even if the majority of them wont really use it.

    So its a good bet to add these features. At least you’ll be prepared for the future.

    PS….If I were a job board software company I’d also be thinking of ways to tap facebook/twitter/linkedin for those job seekers. Better get on it folks!

  • Jobtarget rolling out mobile sites
    By on January 31, 2012 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Our friends at Jobtarget have begun beta testing new mobile enabled sites. I got them to put my flagship site on it and so far I like the look and functionality of the new platform.

    Experts say that making your site optimized for iphone/android phones will make them stay longer on your job board. I for one am looking forward to that!

  • When employers call (premium)
    By on January 30, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

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