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  • How I use Linkedin to get traffic (premium)
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  • Community + Job Board
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    If you want to start a job board today you seriously need to think about starting something with more than just job listings.

    This is particularly true if you are entering into a highly competitive niche. I recently consulted for the folks who are starting HRanswerexhange.com. Its aim is to be a community site WITH jobs for HR professionals. Since there are already a number of sites that target HR jobs, these guys are taking the right track by focusing on building a community first.

    A community site will always be more valuable than a traditional job board. A great example is RigZone which Dice bought last year for something like $9-10 million. MediaBistro is another great example.

    So if you are working in a certain industry that lacks sites with a community focus think about starting one. You can use off the shelf software such as Ning to run the community side and job board software like Jobamatic or Jobtarget to run the jobs side by using a sub-domain (jobs.yoursitename.com). Its cheap and easy to start. This will allow you to concentrate on building the community which in turn can support a job board once you get some traction/users.


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  • Other ways of adding value to the job search space (free)
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    There is more to the job search space than just job boards. Applicant tracking, sourcing tools and talent networks are some other businesses you can go into (to name a few). This post is about thinking outside the box a little and coming up with other ways to add value to job seekers and/or recruiters.

    I’ll give 2 of my own examples to show you what’s possible.

    EXAMPLE #1: Jobcasting

    Lets start with Jobs in Pods. Its a service I created back in 2007 that lets employers “podcast their jobs” through audio jobcasts about what its like to work there. Over the years its been used by many Fortune 500 companies such as GE, Intel, McDonalds, Walgreens, & Nestle Purina who wanted to share their own stories by letting us interview their star employees. To date, Intel’s jobcasts have been the most successful generating over 100,000 downloads since they started. They even created a page on their career site showcasing them.

    I turned the site over to Peter Clayton last year . He is a veteran podcaster and now produces all the shows. Employers are charged $300-$400 per jobcast so its a nice margin business but is rather labor intensive since the audio is produced by a human each time. Its not a large business but it offers tremendous value to employers by really showcasing their employment brand. I think its a great example of using new media in the recruitment marketplace.

    EXAMPLE #2: Hidden Jobs: 

    Back when i used to blog a lot more about job searching I would write some posts that highlighted articles which mentioned companies who are growing/expanding and have announced they are going to hire. Many times they put out a press release or got an article written in a business journal. I noticed these posts got a lot of traffic so I decided to create a service around it. Its called Hidden Jobs App.

    Its an app and website. I sell the app in iTunes for .99 cents. Its gotten some traction and I sell 15-20 per month, and I earn a few bucks from the adsense blocks on the site. I am expanding the app to include more features as I roll it into Career Cloud as one of our mobile products.

    So think about other ways to add value in the job search or recruitment process. Go beyond job listings and you just might uncover something that is worthwhile to pursue.

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  • How to get job seekers to come to your site (premium)
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  • How to build trust for your job board (free post)
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    For a job board to be successful it needs to have trust.

    • Employers must trust that it can deliver them candidates.
    • Job seekers must trust that you have the right job listings.

    A good design can help build that trust. Professional looking logos and images tell prospective visitors that this is a site worth using.

    So do images like the ones below from 3rd party verification platforms.

    The credit card image immediately tells recruiters that you accept payments online. Its a small thing but I have found it to be useful to them. These images tell people that your site is a trusted online source of jobs. Use them. They will bring your job site more credibility and build trust over time.

    By also putting a phone number front and center you will also gain trust.People like to know they can call if they have a question. If you dont want to take phone just get a Google Voice number instead.

  • 5 job boards at once (premium)
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  • My take on some next gen job sites (premium)
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  • Q&A with job board software provider ForceFinder
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    Recently I had an email exchange with Don Kerins from ForceFinder and asked him elaborate on their job board software.

    1. Do you only power niche sites? what about local job sites?  Most are industry/professional niches.  Some have geographic/regional scope.

    2. What is the cost? Price sheet attached.ForceFinder Pricing (pdf)

    3. What are the top five job boards that you power?  Not sure if you’re talking traffic, revenue, or what, but some notables include:




    www.associationcareernetwork.com (ForceFinder powers their network of boards for various association/non-profit niches)


    4. Why should a job board owner choose Forcefinder?  Service.

    5. What is your history…who founded? how long ago?  Software originally developed about 9 years ago when I worked for Seacrest Business Systems in San Diego.  Seacrest ran a successful regional board (JobSummit.com – southern California) and we were hoping to bring our expertise to a software offering that others could use to run their own niche/regional sites.  Seacrest ended up selling JobSummit.com to Jobing.com and I purchased ForceFinder and started Workforce Media Group, Inc.  We’ve been in business just over 7 years.  I have a couple of full timers and use some contractors on an as needed basis.

    6. Is any kind of support offered?  Yes, during normal business hours, pacific time.

    7. Do you host the board or just sell the software?  SAAS and self-hosting license available.

    Re pricing – the two options in our price sheet represent the two ends of the spectrum.  In the hosted/SAAS model everyone uses the same code base – the ‘standard’ package if you will. It’s kind of a one-size-fits all solution.  It’s configurable of course, but pretty much the same across the board.  In the self-hosted/licensed model the customer does their own hosting and typically we/they modify the code with the changes they need.  Having said that, we also have hybrids of the two options.  For example, we have customers who have a license but who have us do the hosting, or they have a modified version from the base, they might run a separate instance/website/IP, they might have additional pages (outside the core package) that we host.  The pricing for these variations is negotiated with the customer.

    8. Do you offer backfill via Indeed or Simplyhired?  We integrated with Indeed, SimplyHired, Juju, Smashfly, Ladders, JobG8, Arbita, DataFrenzy and eQuest.

  • Big list of WordPress job board plugins
    By on July 24, 2012 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    WordPress Job Board

    jobpress professional wordpress theme1 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Demo | Download


    preview   large preview1 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Demo | Download

    Nine to Five (best designed theme in my opinion)

    01 preview   large preview1 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Demo | Download

    Job Jockey

    jobjockey 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    JobJockey is a premium WordPress theme.

    Demo | Download

    Job Board

    bmain1 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Demo | Download


    jobpress 14 Superior Job Board WordPress Themes & Plugins

    Demo | Download


    Job Manager


    Zartis Job Plugin


    Job Manager by SmartRecruiters




    My Job Application


    Job Listing


    WordPress Jobbin




  • The local job board space (premium)
    By on July 23, 2012 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

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