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  • The Big Red Button (premium)
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  • Jobs and Steve Jobs
    By on October 31, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    I never used to be a Mac guy. My first experience with a Macintosh computer came while I worked a help desk as a tech support rep in the late 90′s. I found them to be strange machines and didn’t understand all the hoopla. Raised on PC’s, I never quite got the hang of troubleshooting them.

    Then it all changed when the iPhone came out. Since then I’ve bought every version of the phone, I’ve bought an iPad and the last computer I bought was a MacBook. I still use a PC for many daily activities but i don’t know if I will ever by another PC.

    I just love the simplicity of using these devices. To this day I dont understand why people buy anything other than an iPhone. In my mind its just so superior.

    The iPhone inspired me. It got me to think that apps are the new websites. Smartphone apps offer a brand new platform to make money and build a business. I built my first app a couple years ago and now I’m trying to make JobSpeek into the first mobile powered job board. If I had the funds, I’d be creating even more ways to connect job seekers and employers through apps.

    This new mobile web offers those with a vision to create interesting, fun and useful apps. I think any online job board or recruiting site can be replicated with an app. Apps are more attractive to mobile users than surfing the web so now is the time to strike.

    I’ll miss Steve Jobs.

    What he did for computing & the internet was profound. I’d like to thank him for inspiring me to focus on design, simplicity and usability. Because of him, the future of jobs is going mobile, and I hope to pioneer that trend.

  • A small facebook tip (free)
    By on October 26, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    I’m not a huge fan of facebook fan pages for job boards. I’ve used it for my flagship site for years but it never really gained many followers. But lately its picked up a few fans and I think I know why.

    I have it setup to re-post certain jobs but I recently began an effort to post more relevant content for fans as well. So I add an article or two a day about companies in the news in Connecticut that talk about growing or hiring. That seems to bring more relevance to the page itself. The other thing I noticed is that its better to add the content in the eveving which is when most people logon to facebook itself.

    Timing is everything.  The majority of facebook visitors come to the site during the day and evening between 5-8pm. So I think the more content you post later in the day is more likely to be seen.

  • My Sales Strategies (premium)
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  • New Job Boards (free)
    By on October 21, 2011 | No Comments  Comments

    Here are some new job related sites that are being launched…

    Headhunter.com - CareerBuilder has just launched a job search site that allows users to find out how their credentials stack up to other candidates for a job. The site will offer a “job competition report” as a means to differentiate itself and help lure quality candidates who may be used to seeing market research as part of their day-to-day jobs.  Fortune magazine has a writeup on it.

    PhiladelphiaJobs.net – this is my latest site for philadelphia jobs. I took it off Jobamatic and moved it to Jobtarget. Since Jobtarget sites collect job seekers and resumes I thought moving it was a better long term solution for my network. Other than phillyjobs.com there also aren’t many independent sites that target that area anyway.

    MassMediaJobs.com – not a new site but it is for sale on flippa. Might be worth a look at picking up if the price is right. Wouldnt pay more than $5k for it though in my opinion.

    VentuRocket - this is a marketplace where job seekers bid on their skills to compete for job opportunities and employers cherry-pick the very best talent. The price job seekers bid reflects their true proficiency for those skills. This eliminates résumé spam by filtering out unqualified candidates. VR thus enables specifically targeted search for talent and opportunity just like AdWords does for products and services.

    WhitetruffleWhitetruffle is a platform for matching and connecting curated companies with curated talent. Startups join our community, and get introduced to great engineers interested in them. “We’re the eHarmony for talent!” I hate the name of this thing and the list of eharmonies for talent is a long and undistinguished one.

  • JobRoller puts out new version of wordpress theme (free)
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    The latest version of JobRoller is now available. This release (1.5) includes several bug fixes, new features, and an important Indeed integration change. Please read this entire email before performing the upgrade as not everyone may wish to do so. I use this software on Audio Jobs if you want to see it in action. Below is an email update I recently received from them.

    What’s New?

    The most notable changes in 1.5 have to do with the Indeed integration and a new resume (CV) subscription monetization feature.

    Indeed Changes

    As you know, JobRoller pulls in job listings from Indeed.com. As powerful as the Indeed integration is, their API limits the job description to only 1-2 sentences. This means jobs pulled into JobRoller are pretty bare bones and don’t provide much value. Understandably, that doesn’t work well for most of our customers so we decided to make a change.

    We’ve been working directly with the Indeed team to figure out the best solution and unfortunately, they were not able to fulfill our request and increase the job description length. With that news, we felt it was best to rework how the integration was done.

    What Has Changed?

    Indeed jobs are no longer being pulled directly into the JobRoller database. Instead, they are dynamically displayed within your existing listings and within search results. This allows you to still monetize your site with Indeed listings and keep your JobRoller database filled with only user-submitted jobs. Existing Indeed jobs in your JobRoller database will not be affected.

    We felt it was important to make these changes in 1.5 without sacrificing Indeed functionality. This change was also required by the Indeed team to better align us with their API terms of use.

    What Are My Options?

    If you wish to continue pulling Indeed jobs into the JobRoller database, you should not upgrade to 1.5. Honestly, we feel there is no reason to hold back since the Indeed jobs are still being displayed — just not stored in the database.

    Resume Subscriptions & Radius Search

    With 1.5, we’ve introduced a new way to monetize your site. There’s now an option to charge a subscription fee for browsing your resume database. This was one of the most requested features so we felt it was important to add in this release.

    You can also now search the resume database with the same powerful radius search used on the job listings. The radius distance drop-down allows you to refine your search based on location. In order for this to work, a new location field has been added to the resume submission process. This captures the longitude and latitude coordinates so the radius search works correctly.

  • Freakin’ awesome tool to generate sales (premium)
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  • The future is in job distribution (premium)
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  • How to make you job board sell-able (premium)
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  • Job board news (free)
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    Some things from the job board industry in the news…

    The Newest 3.4 Version of SmartJobBoard Software is Released

    SmartJobBoard is a top software development company employing its vast potential, creative approach and strong resources in provision of up to date software for job boards. The team of its IT professionals has developed and issued the next 3.4 software version

    I like that these guys keep iterating their job board software

    Coming Soon in October: Rxjobscout.com

    Rx Job Scout is a newly devised job board providing the strongest tools for licensed Pharmacists and Potential Employers to connect. The company offers industry first technological advances like Facebook account authentication and LinkedIn profile 

    I love the homepage of this new job board. Note that it is powered by Jobboard Mount. The only things that are missing are a stronger call out to employers for posting a job. And the sign in box at top should be labeled for employers or seekers. Its unclear as to which group should sign in.

    WILEY Launches a new job network.

    I received this email from publisher about the launch of their new job board network that is powered by Madgex. They spent a lot of money on this new endeavour and went with the most expensive job board software provider. But as a publisher, adding a job board component will certainly help their bottom line.

    Now that a few weeks have passed since returning from the ERE Conference in Florida, I wanted to reach out and thank you for your interest in Wiley Job Network.

    We have launched our new website and invite you to have a look and explore our full service job board for leading global employers across the sciences, technology, business, finance, healthcare and the arts.

    EMPLOYERS who register on the site can:

    TARGET the loyal users of one of the world’s leading research platforms — Wiley Online Library. Every day our experts access a multidisciplinary collection of:

    - 4 million articles
    - 10,000 books
    - 1,500 acclaimed publications

    ENGAGE job candidates with the Wiley Online Library Job Widget™.
    Wiley Job Network automatically serves contextual and geo-targeted job ads to passive job seekers using the Wiley Online Library Job Widget™, placing them one click away from their desired job.

    DELIVER your message to a highly-specialized, well-educated, global community of researchers and professionals.

    - 13 million unique visitors every month
    - 80 million ad impressions
    - 40 million page views
    - Over 65% with advanced degrees
    - North America – 26% | Europe, Middle East and Africa – 39% | Asia – 36%

    For more information, check out our Press Releaserecently featured in EContent Magazine, KnowledgeSpeak.com and Publishing Perspectives, detailing some of the functionality of the new site.

    Job Lander is a new resume app. Its a little hard to understand how it works. But I think we’ll be seeing lots more of mobile tools like this for job seekers and employers.