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  • 5 things to make your job board sell-able (premium)
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  • Social media and your job board (premium)
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  • The ultimate job board?
    By on March 19, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    For job seekers, the job search engines like Indeed, SimplyHired and the rest have become a major way to job hunt online. They make their hunt for jobs more efficient by bringing together a wide variety of sources.

    But I’ve always wondered what if we could combine the aggregators into a super site….a meta-job search engine. Imagine a site that works like kayak.com for air travel. It would take every job source on the web and index it. It would be the ultimate job board.

    Despite all the advances of the JSE’s, they still dont index all the job content. Lately they seem to only index those sources that pay them. This means job seekers are missing out on potential opportunities. That sucks for them.

    You can compare and contrast these sites to get an idea of what I mean. Do some keyword searches on Indeed/SimplyHired which are the top 2 sites in terms of traffic. Then compare the results.

    I did a search for all jobs within 5 miles of zip 10012. Here’s what Indeed shows. Here’s what SimplyHired shows.

    So if I’m a job seeker using one site over the other I might be shortchanging myself.

    I thought the JSE’s would be happy to index (for free) any and all jobs as long as they were worthy listings. After all, Google indexes everything on the web, shouldnt the JSE’s do the same for jobs?

    To be sure, the JSE’s are businesses that need to make money and they are handily doing that from what I hear. But there must be some way they can include more sources without sacrificing revenue. And wouldn’t that attract more job seekers? The JSE with the most jobs would win.

    Unfortunately a super site will probably NEVER exist. At least not as long as the TOS (terms of service) from the JSE’s stay the same. You see, they do not permit their listings to appear on the same webpage as their competitors.

    So I say to the JSE’s: lift the restrictions. You are big and powerful companies and I dont think you need to be afraid anymore. Imagine the mashups that could be created if your API was free of the chains your TOS dictates.

    Jobseekers will love you for it.

    So give me a call. I’d love to be the first to try.

  • Starting a job board? Target these industries (premium)
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  • An overcrowded niche (free)
    By on March 12, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    The other day on ERE they had an announcement of another job site for veterans. Recently a site here in Connecticut got funding called Combat2Careers. These join a long line of military/veteran job boards already out there.

    Though their goal is a noble one, I think there may be too many of these sites to make them all viable business opportunities. I’m sure some of these are non-profit type entities and some may even be more localized programs. But if you are planning to go up against the bigger sites like VetJobs or Military.com you will face a long uphill battle.

    It’s a crowded niche to get into. Having said that, there may be “sub-niches” you can target such as ones with a local focus (ex. “Hire Florida Vets”) or specialty (ex. “Ex-military pilots”).

  • SimplyHired partner badge
    By on March 9, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    If your job board’s feed goes into SimplyHired, they have a cool badge to promote that fact. As I have mentioned several times in the past, you need to leverage the aggregators to your advantage, even if you consider them as a competitor.

    Badges like this help establish trust among employers. Use it or lose it.


    Jobs syndicated to the Simply Hired Network
    Jobs syndicated to the Simply Hired Network

  • How to use snail mail to get clients (premium)
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  • Before you buy hosting (free)
    By on March 5, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    Before you purchase a web host for your job board use this quick tip to save money.

    Go to Retailmenot.com and type in the name of the web host you want to use.

    Press the search box and see what discount codes are available.

    Recently I put a new job board on MyHosting.com. As I began to signup for a simple VPS hosting package I saw the discount box so I quickly searched Retailmenot and found several usable codes to save as much as 20% off!

    TIP: just type in ‘web hosting‘ to see what other providers they have coupons for.

  • Various job blogs, job boards and domains for sale
    By on February 28, 2012 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    I havent sold AllCountyJobs yet. Still working with a couple of firms on a possible deal but its a slow process as you can imagine.

    In the meantime I’m looking to see what interest there is in some extra sites and boards I own that have gathered dust in the recent years. I’m willing to listen to any and all offers on the sites & domains below. No reasonable offer will be refused.


    Secretsofthejobhunt.com: my job hunter social network built off the Ning platform. Has over 2400 registered users gets 3,000 monthly uniques.

    Blogforjobs.com: not sure how much trafic it has since I took stats off it a while back. If I had to guess 500 monthly visitors. I’ve just been using it for search engine optimization, etc.

    Hiddenjobreport.com: gets around 600 monthly visitors but i dont really use it much.


    I’d like to sell these as a package since they all link to each other. In total they get around 15k monthly uniques and generate around 40,000 monthly page views. They all make money (contact me for details). The solar site has attracted 3 postings in February for example. And of course backfill revenue. Each of them rank well for their industry terms. Most them have twitter accounts with 500+ followers.

    All Powered by Jobamatic

    Jobs in Wind Power
    Jobs in Green Building
    Jobs in Solar Power
    Jobs in Biofuels
    Jobs in Geothermal
    Jobs in Recycling
    Jobs in Sustainability
    Jobs in LEED


    I bought many of these sites recently and all have made money. The guy I bought it from had made $5k with it in less than a year and after I took them over I was able to market the sites to recruiters and have been successfully getting new postings.




    For the tech and niche blogs I’m looking for $250 each.

    JOB DOMAINS (make an offer)