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  • Do’s and dont’s for job board owners (free)
    By on June 18, 2012 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    If you run a job board or plan on starting one here some things you should or shouldn’t be doing.

    • Dont get caught up in video resumes…up to now they have been just a fad. Recruiters are skittish about them for fear of discrimination and they dont really have the time to watch them. Its much easier to flip through a resume.
    • Create products and services that save EMPLOYERS time in recruiting. Time is most valuable to them.
    • Start blogging. Get some career coaches to write career advice articles in exchange for letting them promote themselves. Its an easy way to get free content. Content equals free search engine traffic.
    • Help employers write better job ads. Get in the habit of checking what people are posting on your site and offer them suggestions to improve. Better job ads equal better candidates.
    • Want more sales? increase your lead generation efforts…email/fax/direct mail…leave no stone unturned.
  • Jobamatic: no more do follows
    By on June 11, 2012 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments
    The following is a guest post by Jody Fitzgerald.
    It came to my attention that Jobamatic has changed how they display links on Jobamatic websites.

    What they are doing

    They are changing custom urls that have been placed in the headers and footers to redirects.
     – so instead of  linking to the link that we set, they are going through their API. They have 
    also turned a majority of the links into nofollow links – which makes  links lose all the
    SEO power that they have.

    This effects deep linking.

    Your pagination buttons will no longer be followed by search engines. Eliminating hundreds if not
    thousands of potential pages within search engines. – Effects SEO Badly!

    More Things that are bad.
    • You lose links to other properties that you have linked to. This is blogs, main sites, etc. 
    • You lose a lot of deep linking. This is what hurts SEO – if a page can’t be found by a
      search engine spider to be indexed it can’t be found by customers when they search
      for what you have.
    Things that are still good.

    Jobamatic is free! It supports over 25,000 publisher websites. It’s a great way to get your feet
    wet in the job board industry. If you customize it right – and link from external sources you
    may have a fighting chance.

    What can I do to improve my job board?
    If you need job board advice talk to the job board rock star Chris Russell 
    - he can provide some great advice on what to do and what not to do.

    If you want to start or improve your Jobamatic site, I can help.

    If you are interested in a custom Jobamatic solution please reach out.
    I can help create a solution that is going to fit your needs – and most
    importantly your budget. 
  • Things you need to do in order to sell your job board (video)
    By on June 11, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    I sold my local job board network last week. Thus ends my involvement in the local space. In this video I explain some ways to ensure your job board(s) are attractive to another buyer. (my new project)

    YouTube Preview Image
  • Content for your job board (premium)
    By on June 5, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

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  • Should your job board have a forum? (premium)
    By on June 4, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

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  • Why I started a part time job board (free)
    By on May 29, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    The answer is pretty simple, people are aggressively looking for a part time job.

    According to Google they search for that term more than 2 million times each month.

    And there really isnt a good site to search for just part-time gigs. Yes there is Snagajob, but they really only cater to big brands. I think there is room for a second player in this space.

    Thus far I am seeing some decent “long tail” traffic to my site so I am optimistic it can gain traction. I built it off Jobamatic so it costs me nothing to run it. That means I can keep it going for a long time which will pay off in the long run.


  • Whats on your mind?
    By on May 29, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    Ok so I had a long weekend away where I wasnt thinking much about job boards. Sitting here this morning I am wondering whats on your mind that I can answer about starting/building a job board.

    Contact me with a query and I’ll answer with a blog post.

  • RealMatch wants to power your job site
    By on May 24, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    I was recently contacted by RealMatch a provider of job board software with matching capabilities. They are looking for niche sites to power with their technology. I asked them to explain what they offer:

    What is the setup process like? There is minimal work needed on the end of our partners. In the example I gave you for each section you see i.e. search, Featured Jobs etc. we provide a few lines of code that they insert on to their pages. We also have the ability to host sites when needed.

    As for the technology, yes that is all ours. They chose to keep their site very clean and simple. We do our best to work within the look and feel of each partners site and/or vision. The taxonomy you see, matching etc. is all part of our platform. Some partners put 100% of their ads onto the network to ensure a great response and to drive as much traffic as possible back to their site. Because remember we invest in SEO/SEM campaigns for each individual posting. This is a key ingredient in our Network Distribution and the reason we are able to drive so much traffic to our partners sites.

    How can job boards make money? Job Boards have multiple ways to make additional revenue. We have a Pay For Performance Model or a more traditional Pay For Posting Model. Some sites may choose to offer the Total Talent Reach (TTR) posting as an upgrade. Others build the cost into their price and include it on every posting. We require that partners charge a minimum of $99 for each TTR posting. This revenue is shared by the network and allows our affiliates to see significant revenue through candidate monetization. We also receive a small portion of that $99 in which we fund the SEO/SEM campaigns. Clients can charge whatever they’d like for the postings. Everything above the $99 is theirs to keep.

    Lastly we have an Affiliate Development team which works closely with the partners though our onboarding process and beyond. We provide marketing material and leads for our partners. We check in frequently to ensure the sales staff is comfortable with the features and benefits of TTR. Remember our goal is to build the brand and market share for each of our partners. Because we don’t charge licensing fees or set up fees our success lies in their hands. There is no risk to the sites that join the network.

    You can also visit our site: http://www.realmatch.com/en/solutions_job_boards

    Is their a setup fee? No

    Is there a site live now where I can see the tech in action? Owhjobs.com is a recent relaunch utilizing all “widgets”…

  • Get a great backlink from this career site (premium)
    By on May 23, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

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