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  • How to use snail mail to get clients (premium)
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  • Before you buy hosting (free)
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    Before you purchase a web host for your job board use this quick tip to save money.

    Go to Retailmenot.com and type in the name of the web host you want to use.

    Press the search box and see what discount codes are available.

    Recently I put a new job board on MyHosting.com. As I began to signup for a simple VPS hosting package I saw the discount box so I quickly searched Retailmenot and found several usable codes to save as much as 20% off!

    TIP: just type in ‘web hosting‘ to see what other providers they have coupons for.

  • Various job blogs, job boards and domains for sale
    By on February 28, 2012 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    I havent sold AllCountyJobs yet. Still working with a couple of firms on a possible deal but its a slow process as you can imagine.

    In the meantime I’m looking to see what interest there is in some extra sites and boards I own that have gathered dust in the recent years. I’m willing to listen to any and all offers on the sites & domains below. No reasonable offer will be refused.


    Secretsofthejobhunt.com: my job hunter social network built off the Ning platform. Has over 2400 registered users gets 3,000 monthly uniques.

    Blogforjobs.com: not sure how much trafic it has since I took stats off it a while back. If I had to guess 500 monthly visitors. I’ve just been using it for search engine optimization, etc.

    Hiddenjobreport.com: gets around 600 monthly visitors but i dont really use it much.


    I’d like to sell these as a package since they all link to each other. In total they get around 15k monthly uniques and generate around 40,000 monthly page views. They all make money (contact me for details). The solar site has attracted 3 postings in February for example. And of course backfill revenue. Each of them rank well for their industry terms. Most them have twitter accounts with 500+ followers.

    All Powered by Jobamatic

    Jobs in Wind Power
    Jobs in Green Building
    Jobs in Solar Power
    Jobs in Biofuels
    Jobs in Geothermal
    Jobs in Recycling
    Jobs in Sustainability
    Jobs in LEED


    I bought many of these sites recently and all have made money. The guy I bought it from had made $5k with it in less than a year and after I took them over I was able to market the sites to recruiters and have been successfully getting new postings.




    For the tech and niche blogs I’m looking for $250 each.

    JOB DOMAINS (make an offer)


  • Questions employers ask & how to answer them (premium)
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  • Get a good logo
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    If you are starting a new job board (or any website) you absolutely NEED a professional logo.

    There’s just no excuse for NOT having one. Services like 99designs.com are an awesome way to get one for around $500 bucks.

    Last week I posted a project to get a new logo for what will hopefully be my next startup, CareerCloud.

    Within 24 hours of submitting my specs I had dozens of top quality logos to choose from by designers all over the world. And I was able to make my decision quickly. I chose the design below. It met all my aesthetic requirements. Clean, simple modern looking with a great color scheme.

    Your logo sets the tone for how visitors to your web site will view you. A great logo like the one above goes a long way in determining the trust a website earns. It says to visitors that hey, this is a professional website that is worth MY TIME in checking out.

    Those of you that fail to invest in a logo and good web design will regret it in the longrun.

  • Two quick tips for design and sales (premium)
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  • Sources of Hires study: Job Boards at 20%
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    CareerXroads is out with their annual sources of hire study. Job boards represent 20% of all hires last year.

    Once again we see the value job boards provide. Hoo-waa!

    Check out their slideshare about the study.

  • Jobcircle is not square
    By on February 20, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    Last week I got an invite from Joe Stubblebine, co-founder and CEO of Jobcircle to come down for a visit and check out their operations. Jobcircle started back in 1998 just a year before I launched my first job board so we have a lot of common history. Their major market is the mid-atlantic region around Philly, MD, NJ, Del while my AllCountyJobs sweet spot is the Northeast/New England areas. So although we do overlap in certain territories like NY we are friendly competitors.

    I’ve known Joe for many years having first met him at one of the recruiting conferences. He is the one who gave me the nickname “mad scientist of online recruiting“. But it turns out he is a bit of a mad scientist also. Like me he has created new stuff like Jobnet (which he raised VC money for) and he even codes. While I was there he dove into his homepage code to make a few changes. Like any good job board CEO he wears multiple hats.

    Chris Russell with JobCircle's CEO, Joe Stubblebine

    Jobcircle’s offices sit just inside an alley in the main part of West Chester, PA. Its a college town with a cool vibe and lots of old buildings from the 1800s. In addition to Joe, there’s a small team of sales, customer service, and tech staff that backs him up.

    Jobcircle has a pricing model that few in the industry can match. The majority of their sales come from subscriptions both quarterly and yearly. They get to do that because they are such an established player in the market with a large candidate database at their disposal. I think Joe said something around 1.4 million candidates if I remember correctly.

    They have a lot of cool products too. A few years ago they launched “audio resumes” which to my knowledge no job board has ever done. And they have some cool add on services like RezRocket, their own resume blast service. They also offer employers something called VoiceBlast, a service I was highly jealous of. Voiceblast sends out 30 second audio messages to pre-selected candidates in an area code. For instance if you were looking to promote a career fair for nurses in the Philly region you can use voiceblast to automatically call candidates within a certain mileage limit of your target location. Its pretty cool.

    So for those of you looking for additional ways to monetize your job seekers and employer clients, take a page from the folks at JobCircle.com.

  • Quick tips for creating job board content (premium)
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  • If i were starting a job board today (premium)
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