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  • Dice.com acquires onTargetjobs which owns Healthecareers, Hcareers and Biospace
    By on November 11, 2013 | Comments Off on Dice.com acquires onTargetjobs which owns Healthecareers, Hcareers and Biospace  Comments

    Well guess who is $50 million dollars richer? The owners of onTargetjobs which run some of the biggest niche sites around. I first heard about this via Jonathan Duarte on Facebook. Here’s his post, here the press release link.

    They bought Rigzone a few years back so they are continuing their trend of buying up niche industry sites that have significant revenue.

    Congrats to the onTargetjobs team.

  • Add value by educating your clients (member only)
    By on November 6, 2013 | Comments Off on Add value by educating your clients (member only)  Comments

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  • RanchWork launches on WordPress
    By on November 4, 2013 | Comments Off on RanchWork launches on WordPress  Comments

    RanchWork.com, a niche job board for working on ranches out west has recently launched. The owner Peter Askew recently emailed me to say that it took him about 3 weeks to configure the backend using a wordpress job board theme called Templatic. Its a simple site that has a post a job or post a job wanted posting system. With a niche job site like this thats all you really need to get going. There’s no real need for a private resume database on a site like. Its simple and easy to use from a job seeker or canddiate perspective.

    Good luck Peter!


    Notice also how tightly he integrated Adsense into the design by using similar link colors.

  • Critique of a job board (member only
    By on October 30, 2013 | Comments Off on Critique of a job board (member only  Comments

    Recently I was aked by a client to critique his nursing job board. Instead of a call he asked me to write it as a report. I wanted to share those details with you. I cant tell the name of the website due to confidentiality but I think you’ll find some useful nuggets here for your own site. Want a review of your own? Contact me.

    DESIGN: The site has a professional, well-designed logo with an effective color scheme that should be attractive to female nurses. Search results look fresh and easy to read. Logo’s for employers in search results is an added plus that your clients will appreciate. Job description pages are fairly sparse with a little too much white space. Perhaps you could increase the font size, bold certain sections to make it easier to read.

    Another idea would be to take the header section of the job description page and box it in with a color background with white text. That would make the page more interesting and pleasing to the eye.

    MOBILE: Your site is not mobile friendly. This should be your top priority! Most job sites now get 20-30% of their traffic from mobile devices. You need to create a responsive design that makes your site usable on all screens. Visits indeed.com or simplyhired.com on an iphone/android device to see how they do it. Mimic their functionality. By having a mobile friendly site you will increase your user base. In fact mobile users are like to stay on your site longer than desktop users.

    SOCIAL: Recommend starting accounts on facebook and twitter. Set up autopost of all job postings to these platforms using twitterfeed.com.

    SEO: Being a fairly heavy text based design your site is somewhat seo friendly. But there are some things you aren’t doing yet to improve that factor.

    • Home page browser title should read: “web site name | Nursing Jobs country name | Nursing job site”
    • Each country you target should have its own sub domain or folder: i.e. ypurdomain/country or country.yourdomain.com – you shouldn’t mix all countries on the same site, seperate their job postings.
    • All links should have ALT tags with keyword rich text.
    • Job description pages browser title should reflect Job title, location, company. For example “Job title | City/State | Company Name”

    CONTENT: your homepage needs to call out to employers in a much stronger way. 20% of the homepage real estate should be dedicated to employers and how they can post a job/signup. For an example of what I mean look at jobsinsocialmedia.com and see how big the job posting button is.

    You have no blog yet but you should be using it everyday to highlight new clients, jobs and content about being a nurse. Content is the new marketing and is an excellent and cheap way to get traffic and build trust.

    Job alerts. I noticed the job alerts button in red on the lower right of homepage. I think you could move it up underneath the search jobs button where there is extra white space.

    The signup page: under Not a Member’ you need to add 4 or 5 bullets that describe the features/benefits. Tell people why they should join. Sell your site!

    Other countries: I suggest adding a dropdown list of countries to choose from so job seekers in specific locations can easily find their country of choice. In addidition I would add country flags to each of those pages to visually indicate what part of the site user is on.

    Other sites: if you intend on building out other niche sites link to all of them in your footer to encourage cross-over traffic.

  • Get ready for .career domains
    By on October 28, 2013 | Comments Off on Get ready for .career domains  Comments

    Dot career is coming to a website near you in 2014. The same company (Employ Media) that runs .jobs will be selling them. In addition to job board uses they say it will be good for business, staffing firms, even personal use;

    Businesses and staffing agencies around the world will find .CAREER a natural extension for outward communications and marketing of their products and services, such as www.salary.career and www.NewYorkjobs.career. Individuals will be able to register their own name in .CAREER such as www.bobsmith.career for self-promotion to recruiters.

    Read more about it on TLNT. I may pick up a domain or two, particularly the short ones.

  • Make yourself the face of your job site or recruiting technology (member only)
    By on October 23, 2013 | Comments Off on Make yourself the face of your job site or recruiting technology (member only)  Comments

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  • eQuests new job board study has good news
    By on October 21, 2013 | Comments Off on eQuests new job board study has good news  Comments

    Got an email from an eQuest rep last week with info on their recent job board study. It contains good news for job board owners. In case you dont know who they are: eQuest operates one of the world’s most-utilized job posting distribution platforms. AKA they promote job board to employers.

    Below is the press release for our new white paper regarding recruitment marketing technology. It’s not about a specific technology or company, but it’s rather a “state of the industry” piece that’s focused on the evolution of recruiting technology. It includes a bit about Big Data, as well.

    Experts and Big Data Agree that Job Board Advertising Continues to be Relevant for Finding Talent
    eQuest’s new white paper sets the record straight about the importance of job boards

    SAN RAMON, Calif. (PRWEB) October 16, 2013 – eQuest’s Data Analytics Division has released a new white paper that underscores the critical necessity of advertising to attract and find quality candidates and provides a new understanding of what the term “job board” means in a time when definitions are constantly changing. This is the third white paper in a series that establishes the necessity of data-driven sourcing and marketing in order to have the talent in place to achieve business goals and take advantage of business opportunities.

    In the process of writing this white paper, eQuest spoke to a wide variety of HR industry experts and saw that their insights into the recruitment marketing landscape corroborated eQuest’s. The white paper contains quotes from CareerXroads, Monster Worldwide, The Job Board Doctor, The Sourcing Institute, Xceptional HR, Yoh, the International Association of Employment Web Sites, icrunchdata.com, Job Search Television Network, and Aspen Advisors.

    The white paper, “Setting the Record Straight: Why You Can’t Ignore Job Boards in Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy,” asserts that any time job openings are advertised, wherever that place is, employers are engaging in job board-like activity. Technology has blurred lines to the point that what the advertising venue is called is irrelevant to its effectiveness. Advertising is one of the tactics recruitment teams will always need to engage in, and talent is too critical a component of business success to recruit without a strategic understanding of the most effective advertising channels.

    “What we’ve seen, and what the research that we gathered confirms, is an evolution of the recruitment marketing ecosystem,” said David Bernstein, vice president of eQuest’s Big Data for HR – Data Analytics Division. “While the marketplace has always evolved to serve the needs of employers and candidates alike, the need for advertising jobs has not diminished. This evolution will continue as innovations arise to create value for all concerned based on their needs. What’s critical to remember is not what the name of the place you advertise is called, but rather what the need of the hour is, which will always be attracting the talent you need.”

    “Setting the Record Straight” is available for complimentary download at http://bit.ly/H4ZCut.

  • On charging job seekers (member only)
    By on October 15, 2013 | Comments Off on On charging job seekers (member only)  Comments

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  • The popup job board
    By on October 10, 2013 | Comments Off on The popup job board  Comments

    The other day I discovered a “popup” job board that sprang from the government shutdown here in the U.S.

    Unfurlough.us is a spreadsheet based job board that lists available gigs and the ability to promote yourself for work if you work for Uncle Sam.

    This a bit of PR stunt to get some attention (it doesnt make money) but it does have some lessons here to learn from.

    1. Timing: the creators took note of a trend in the workforce and created something quick to take advantage. This led to some good pr in the press and blogs.

    2. Design: its a simple but well designed site. Job boards dont have to be complicated or cost a lot to build. I love the simplicity of their user interface.

  • How I set up my tumblr blog to rank on Google alerts (member only)
    By on October 7, 2013 | Comments Off on How I set up my tumblr blog to rank on Google alerts (member only)  Comments

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