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  • AndroidJobs.com – What’s It Worth?
    By on June 25, 2019 | Comments Off on AndroidJobs.com – What’s It Worth?  Comments

    A reader and the owner of AndroidJobs.com has contacted me looking to possibly sell his domain.

    He asked what I thought the domain is worth. I told him beauty is in the eye if the beholder so thats a tough call. But my estimate is that it could fetch as much as $10k on the open market. It is a tech related domain which is good but its also very ‘niche-y’ which could possibly create a ceiling on its revenue potential over time.

    There are dozens of other programming focused job boards already online and this would be similar to those.

    It would be a good pickup for an IT consulting company that specializes in building android apps or a recruiter in that industry. You can make a bid for it on Flippa right now.

  • Job Board Company Rebrands – Slightly
    By on June 24, 2019 | Comments Off on Job Board Company Rebrands – Slightly  Comments

    Track5Media, LLC dropped the word “media” from its name and is giving the company brand a complete makeover. Track5Media is officially doing business as TrackFive. The rebrand not only includes a name change but an updated logo and a brand-new website.

    What exactly does Track5Media do? This question has haunted the tech company, which builds online job boards and recruitment software for niche industries, for its entire existence. Having the word “media” in the company name confused people. Is the company a marketing agency; a media company; a publisher? This confusion is what inspired TrackFive to change its name and rebrand, which included making huge strides in redefining its values and cultural goals.

    “The rebrand forced us to take a deeper look into how we communicate our culture,” said Oliver Feakins, president of TrackFive. “It also helped us refresh and take our hiring to the next level by clearly defining our purpose.”

    TrackFive turned to Lancaster-based design agency Infantree as its guide in finding a new identity

    “Infantree is the best in the business at what they do. The entire team is awesome, and we had a great experience with them,” Feakins said.

    The rebrand to TrackFive is complete just in time to push the company to the next level. The job board builder continues to see outstanding growth, with new products in the works. Its revenue increased by an estimated 70% in the past three years, and last summer, TrackFive opened a second location in St. Petersburg, Fla. To date there are 25 employees. More than 50% of those employees are women, which is unique in the tech industry.

    TrackFive is a privately-held technology company that was founded in 2007 in Lancaster, Pa. As a corporate holding company, TrackFive owns a network of industry-specific websites, from trucking to healthcare, that present unique marketing and promotional opportunities for clients. The websites include TravelNurseSource.comAlliedTravelCareers.comLocumJobsOnline.comAllPhysicianJobs.com, and AllTruckJobs.com. The brands are designed to help clients find a steady stream of highly qualified referrals. With a strong concentration in healthcare recruitment advertising, TrackFive is expanding into other verticals and seeking new partnerships. From referral generation to job boards to online advertising, TrackFive websites feature outstanding resources designed to complement and enhance existing marketing initiatives for its clients across the nation. Learn more at http://www.trackfive.com.

  • Job Impressions Added to Google for Jobs Stats
    By on June 18, 2019 | Comments Off on Job Impressions Added to Google for Jobs Stats  Comments

    If you track your site in the Google Search Console (and you should be) they have added a checkbox to see the number of impressions your jobs are getting. Just click the Job Postings link on the left nav to access, then check off the impressions box to see the data.

    I was speaking to a client the other day who tipped me off to the new filter. Whats interesting though is that around the end of April, my sites took a big hit in impressions. I confirmed with a few other job boards that they experienced this dip as well.

    So it seems the Google Jobs index had an update which knocked down total impressions. I can only guess why. Perhaps they are getting better at de-duplicating or some other factors are now involved. I have seen a small uptick in the past few weeks so my impressions seem to be trending back up but they are still down over 60% from April levels.

    Check your stats and let me know if you have experienced the same by leaving a comment.

  • How long should your email subject lines be? (member only)
    By on June 17, 2019 | Comments Off on How long should your email subject lines be? (member only)  Comments

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  • Use this free tool for better keyword ideas
    By on June 11, 2019 | Comments Off on Use this free tool for better keyword ideas  Comments

    If you are buying Google Adwords or just want to research another job boards SEO rankings, UBER Suggest is a free tool to help you out.

    Created by uber marketer, Neil Patel, the tools gives you keyword ideas in addition to deciphering a site’s organic SEO traffic (or lack of).

    I ran it on the phrase “tech jobs” and got some great data back. Other features of the tool include an SEO Analyzer, content idea generator and backlink review. Play around with it on your site and have fun learning.

  • How to Prospect for Leads on LinkedIn
    By on June 10, 2019 | Comments Off on How to Prospect for Leads on LinkedIn  Comments

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  • Got an existing audience? Put up a job board
    By on June 4, 2019 | Comments Off on Got an existing audience? Put up a job board  Comments

    Scotch.io is a online community targeting web developers. They have video courses, tutorials and other information they call “fun and practical web development tutorials”.

    And they now have a job board. To me, this is the perfect use case for adding jobs to a site.

    They already have a large, existing audience and by adding jobs have a new revenue stream to help monetize their business.

    See my screencast below. They also have the simplest job posting form I have ever seen. That should make it easy for employers to post.

    Note how they also allow them to pay extra to add the job to their newsletter,….. an excellent upsell opportunity.

  • Job Board News Bytes
    By on June 3, 2019 | Comments Off on Job Board News Bytes  Comments

    Fizbuz is a new job matching site for developers. Carlos Rabasa, whose own resume includes developer and program manager roles at Twilio, Microsoft and others, is the founder of Fizbuz, a new platform for developers to build detailed professional profiles and connect with employers.

    “I want to create a product that allows people to express themselves holistically,” serving as a sort of personal marketing tool, Rabasa said.

    That means going beyond a standard list of employers, job titles and degrees earned. Fizbuz CVs include specific information about the coding languages, libraries (a sort of reusable piece of code) and framework in a developers’ skill set. Users can share preferences for what sort of company, role, team and physical workplace they’re looking for. They can describe other activities they’re passionate about and organizations and events that they lead or participate in. Full article on Geekwire.

    MilitaryConnection.com is pleased to unveil their new and improved Job Board Portal. The Portal, while accessible to any member of MilitaryConnection.com, features employers across the country who are looking to hire military Veterans. The Job Portal is open to national and local employment opportunities across the country, in any area of expertise.

    MilitaryConnection.com recognizes that Veterans come out of the service with a wide variety of backgrounds, skill-sets and experiences. It is the goal of the Job Portal to match those Veterans with employers who are motivated to hire them and positions that make the best use of their skills.

    Here’s a look at their new design. Don’t see anything unique or interesting on their pages. Seekers are required to login to apply. Appears to be built on WordPress. -CR

    Scotch.io has a new job board. The popular web developer community which claims 4 million monthly uniques has a new way to post jobs. Interestingly, they have perhaps the sleekest job posting form I have ever seen. You don’t even have to enter the details, just a link to the job wherever it lives online. Postings start at $299 for 60 days.

  • Another Cannabis Job Board Launches
    By on May 28, 2019 | Comments Off on Another Cannabis Job Board Launches  Comments

    HempStaff, a leader in recruiting for employees in the cannabis and hemp industries has announced it has launched the initial phase of new platforms for dispensary training information and recruiting services.

    Please welcome cannabisemployment.com to the job board space. This site provides those who are looking for a career in the cannabis industry the opportunity to view open positions throughout the country. The site also provides job seekers with the opportunity to register for access to HempStaff’s services, which guides individuals through the job search process. The services also include lists of current job openings, application process guidance and, potentially, job placement.

    The cannabis job market throughout the country is growing at an incredible rate, with opportunities opening for various levels of experience. According to a study, the cannabis industry is poised to grow to at least 330,000 jobs in 2022.

    Here are some other cannabis job boards I have previously mentioned. HempStaff is another example of staffing agencies getting int o the job board business.

  • Try Job seeker Ebooks/Courses for More Revenue
    By on May 21, 2019 | Comments Off on Try Job seeker Ebooks/Courses for More Revenue  Comments

    Generally speaking, it is difficult to get job seekers to pay for anything. But if the product offers value, you can sell to them. Two of the more viable viable products I can think of are ebooks and courses.


    When I ran AllCountyJobs, I wrote ebooks for each of the county based sites I operated. Each doc listed the area’s top employers, career advice, local job resources and more. I sold 5-10 of these per month for ten bucks each. Not a lot of money, but it helped make my sites more profitable each month.

    But even if you run a national niche site you can do the same thing. Create a pdf guide for “working in (your) industry” and sell it for $10 bucks. People will buy it as long as the content is of value. You can even use a site like Gumroad.com to sell your ebooks under a subdomain. Gumroad is free, but costs just $10 a month if you want extra features including a custom domain.


    An online course that targets your niche is also a great idea. You can use services like Teachable.com to create one and charge money for it. The good thing with courses is you can charge much more than ebooks. If you created a course for something like “How to Get a Job in (insert) Industry” you could easily charge $99-$299 depending on the popularity of your niche.

    For example, a course like how to get a job in major league baseball is sure to be a hit. Or perhaps even an industry like Cannabis or casinos.

    I like to see job boards have multiple revenue streams beyond just job postings. Sites like JoeProduce.com are a good example of that through its resume service that is a significant portion of its income.