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  • Got an old domain? put a job board on it
    By on July 20, 2015 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Back in 2007 I launched a bunch of regional web directories such as Long Island Web Search with the idea of selling backlinks to local businesses. I launched several sites and pulled in some sales but the idea never really took off and all the Google SEO changes pretty much killed off the traffic. I then abandoned them but never took the sites offline. They still brought in some minor adsense earnings.

    This year I decided to turn them into job boards for the regions they serve. I just relaunched four of them for Connecticut jobs, Western Mass jobs, Vermont jobs and New Hampshire jobs. I put them all on the SimplyHired partner platform which is totally free. Zero hosting costs. And it only took a few hours to get them all up and running.


    I wanted to max out my SH account with 5 sites insead of just one. My other site on SH is UAV Job Bank which is bringing in about $100 a month. The rep at SimplyHired says their platform should be mobile friendly by end of summer so I’m hopeful some of the SEO advantages of their platform will return once that happens.

    By promoting these new sites on places like facebook groups, friends and other social media (for free) the new local sites shoulds bring in $5-$10 a day for very little effort. Thats a car payment! The domains are already aged in google’s eyes so I expect them to be slightly better at SEO anyway.

    If you have any old websites just languishing online consider swapping them out with a free job board like this. They cost nothing to run/manage so whatever you make in clicks or job posts is gravy.

  • Help Your Clients Help Themselves (member only)
    By on July 13, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

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  • Is your job board in this directory?
    By on July 6, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    Got an established job board? As long as it has at least 20 original postings and existed for 1 year or more your site is elegible to be listed in my Jobmaster app. Its the best collection of job boards anywhere, categorized by state, country and niche.

    The app is free for iOS (sorry no android) and users can access the list of global sites for free. Access to the Niche or State listings cost 99 cents via in-app purchase. Submit your site today by contacting me.

    Jobmaster app is the premier database of job boards anywhere

    Jobmaster app is the premier database of job boards anywhere

  • Resumes Want to be Free
    By on June 30, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    I like Indeed’s resume platform. It’s super easy to search and source candidates. And its essentially free for most companies. If you sponsor jobs they throw it in for free. Otherwise its just a dollar to contact any candidate via email. And for job seekers its a great way of being discovered since the resume data itself is public and searchable by google. Linkedin is the same way.

    Sites like Monster, CareerBuilder have millions of resumes too but they still lock them down behind a paywall.But the trend in “people sourcing” is going the opposite way. It’s moving towards searchable, public sources of candidates. Not paywalls.

    Consider this an open letter to the Monsters and CareerBuilders of the world. Free your resumes! Do like Indeed and expose your job seekers skills for all the web to see. You’ll be better off in the long run and recruiters will love you for it.


    There I said it. If your job board is still hiding your resumes from public view. Reverse your thinking. Resumes just wanna be free!

  • Every job board homepage needs to have these (member only)
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  • On Gaining Traction After Launch (member only)
    By on June 22, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

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  • New job fair directory launches
    By on June 15, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    The job fair space is hot. Thousands of job fairs take place each month around the world and JobFairing aims to be the database of record for these career events.


    I’m proud to launch this new site along with my co-founder Jody. He’ll be doing all the daya to day operations. My role is to promote and advise.

    I got the idea after seeing how many job fairs were taking place and realized there’s no one place to find them all. Others have tried to build a site like this but their efforts were half-hearted. Our model is a little different and with our new mobile friendly search directory we plan on making our mark. Job seekers can search for free. Employers, job boards and colleges can post their events for free while also choosing from several premium listings to help them get more registrations.

    If you have an upcoming job fair post it here.

  • Problems in job search you can potentially fix
    By on June 8, 2015 | No Comments  Comments


    A reader asked me to list some of the problems in the job search world that could potentially be fixed with new technology. Here are some thoughts on that subject if you are thinking about starting a new business in this industry.

    • Most people suck at job hunting. They dont know what sites to use, how to write a good resume, etc. How about creating a jobs earch course or online certification program?
    • They dont know where all possible jobs are. Indeed, for all its goodness, does not have all the jobs. Help people find the rest. I’m trying with apps like this.
    • Job descriptions suck, companies need help makign them more attractive.
    • Companies need better solutions to target the spcific talent. There are too many shotgun appraoch type products in the market. Need ones that help identify niche talent.
    • Employers suck at job marketing. They need to think of themseles as marketers but they dont. Good job marketing helps them rise above the generic messaging that runs rampant in recruitment.
    Yes you can build a profitable business in this area but it must solve a real world problem facing employers/recruiters/jobseekers.
    And remember, generally speaking the money is on the recruiting side. Candidates will not pay for much so don’t expect them to open their wallets too often for your product.
  • Job headlines not job titles
    By on June 1, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    Job titles need a makeover. If a job description is an ad for a job…..if its supposed to sell you on working for that company why dont they grab you?

    Because they’re not headlines. Headlines are written so they grab your attention. Which is why job titles need to follow suit.

    Take a look at how CoolWorks lets employers post jobs. They let the company write a headline and that headline is the primary link for the job. In my opinion this is a better way to “sell” a job to a job seeker. I wish more job boards and ATS vendors would get more marketing oriented when it comes to enagaging the job seeker like this.


  • Things any job board can learn from Indeed (member only)
    By on May 26, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

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