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  • A new job board gets its wings: SLFcareers.com
    By on February 6, 2018 | Comments Off on A new job board gets its wings: SLFcareers.com  Comments

    Please welcome SLFcareers.com to the job board world. I just set their owner up with a new site on Jobboard.io and configured their site including logo creation and all the back end settings.

    The owner is actually a recruiter in the corporate world and will be running this site on the side to focus on the niche of jobs from employers that offer student loan forgiveness as part of their benefit package.

  • Join My Live Video Consulting Group Chat Feb 14th for Job Boarders
    By on February 5, 2018 | Comments Off on Join My Live Video Consulting Group Chat Feb 14th for Job Boarders  Comments

    On Wednesday February 14th I will be holding a live video based group chat on the Crowdcast platform. Its your chance to “ask me anything” about starting, managing or marketing your job board. Register here. The cost is $20 per person.

    If you have thought about hiring me for consulting this will give you an inexpensive way to chat with me one on one in a group setting.

    So let’s get together and chat about all things job boards! See you on the 14th.


  • New Cannabis Job Board Joins the Fray
    By on January 31, 2018 | Comments Off on New Cannabis Job Board Joins the Fray  Comments

    A new cannabis job board from Leafbuyer Technologies has launched. It is powered by Jobboard.io. This joins joins several others which you can discover on my job board directory page for this category. I count at least 6 boards now serving the growing weed industry. The press release is below.

    DENVER–Leafbuyer Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: LBUY) (“Leafbuyer”), the largest online resource for cannabis deals and specials, announced today the expansion of its Online Job Board, adding to its database more than 4,000 cannabis-related jobs in the U.S. and Canada. The new online career-finder helps users begin or advance their careers in one of the most vibrant and growing industries. The site includes full-time and part-time job listings for budtenders, sales specialists, delivery drivers, general managers and much more. The online job board also includes positions in Canada, which, like the U.S. is experiencing tremendous growth in the industry.

    “The significant expansion of our job board will fill a void and help dispensaries and employers find the best possible talent,” says Leafbuyer Technologies CEO Kurt Rossner. “Job seekers can find their desired job by city, state, job class and industry keywords.”

    The cannabis industry’s growth has led to the creation of tens of thousands of jobs in the states which have legalized recreational and medical marijuana: A report from cannabis industry research group, Arcview Market Research, projects that within three years, medical and recreational marijuana will create more than 400,000 jobs in the United States.

    “Expanding our product offerings is a critical component of Leafbuyer’s strategic growth and we recognize how important it is to help our customers expand their business operations,” said Leafbuyer COO Mark Breen. “We launched the expanded job board to help our clients identify and recruit committed employees who want to succeed in this growing and dynamic industry.”

    To see the expanded online jobs board, click here: https://www.leafbuyer.com/cannabis-jobs/

  • Recruitology Snags More Media Sites
    By on January 30, 2018 | Comments Off on Recruitology Snags More Media Sites  Comments

    Recruitology continues to signup new newspaper and TV site deals. The newest one gets them into 1,700 online properties. They along with ZipRecruiter and RealMatch now dominate the newspaper/TV media space when it comes to partnerships like this. 

    From the press release;

    The Local Media Consortium (LMC), a strategic partnership of over 75 leading media companies representing more than 1,700 digital properties, and Recruitology, a cloud-based recruitment platform, announced that they are partnering to give LMC’s members access to Recruitology’s cutting-edge technology, which connects employers with the right job candidates.

    Through the partnership, LMC members are able to take advantage of negotiated contract terms and rates, speeding up their time-to-market for new digital recruiting solutions. A large number of LMC members already rely on Recruitology to power their recruitment advertising business with private label job boards, programmatic job targeting to leading national aggregators, and access to dozens of niche job sites.

    “We’re honored to serve as the technology platform for LMC members to reclaim ownership of their local recruitment advertising markets,” said Roberto Angulo, co-founder and CEO of Recruitology. “We look forward to helping media companies deploy our tools to attract and retain employers of all sizes.”

    “LMC continues to add to its member services and to deliver technology solutions that help our members expand their recruitment presence in local markets,” said Rusty Coats, CEO of the LMC. “This partnership comes at a time when growing digital revenue is more important than ever. We believe Recruitology can help our members remain strong and relevant for local advertisers and readers.”

    Accord to ERE, they will soon power sites like Philly.com, Boston Globe and Seattle Times. It looks like Monster powers most of the LMC sites currently.

  • Leverage Your Email List for More Revenue (member only)
    By on January 29, 2018 | Comments Off on Leverage Your Email List for More Revenue (member only)  Comments

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  • Inside the Progress of my latest Niche Board (member only)
    By on January 23, 2018 | Comments Off on Inside the Progress of my latest Niche Board (member only)  Comments

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  • This Job Board Just Got $1.5 Million in Funding But They Are Doomed to Fail
    By on January 22, 2018 | Comments Off on This Job Board Just Got $1.5 Million in Funding But They Are Doomed to Fail  Comments

    So the other day I noticed a job company just got some seed funding. But as soon as I saw their name, I cringed. JobzMall?. I have seen this movie before, unfortunately it doesn’t end well.

    Watch my screencast to see why. Unfortunately malls are dying and this site will too one day. Since I started my first job board 19 years ago I have seen countless attempts like this fail and fail hard. The founders did not do their homework and launched the site under several bad assumptions about how online job hunting works. I wish they had come to me first before putting in the time and effort of building this. Each month, I advise several wannabe job board founders and help them figure out if their idea will fly. Sometimes I give them the ok, sometimes I tell them to give up.

    Related Links: Crunchbase Profile | Press Release

  • JobAdX Helps Job Boards Earn More Money
    By on January 15, 2018 | Comments Off on JobAdX Helps Job Boards Earn More Money  Comments

    JobAdX has recently launched as a new job advertising marketplace that brings together employers and job boards. I have been retained to help them secure partnerships.

    Schedule a Demo | Applicable for job sites that have control of their code. Sites on off the shelf job board platforms won’t be able eligible at this point.

    The simplest way to explain what they do is to call them ‘adsense for jobs‘.  Sign up your job board, place their script in your search results and you will start earning revenue on a CPC/CPA/CPM basis (your choice). Employers then bid in real-time to have their jobs listed. Job boards can show up 5 jobs from their marketplace.

    Our average CPM for a quality publisher $2-3 depending on the slot position. CPC varies anywhere between 0.20-0.40 and CPA $4-6 -Amit Chauhan, Founder

    Check out the short screencast for more about how it works.

  • An Acquisition and a Relaunch
    By on January 9, 2018 | Comments Off on An Acquisition and a Relaunch  Comments

    There were a couple of interesting items in the news this week. A trucking job board got acquired and a big job site gets a refresh.

    First up the trucking site news via press release.

    TransForce, Inc., the nation’s leading workforce management solutions firm specializing in commercial truck drivers, has acquired the assets of Trucking Unlimited.  Trucking Unlimited operates www.truckdrivingjobs.com as their primary job board matching motor carriers with professional truck drivers.

    “Trucking Unlimited’s portfolio of services is a great addition to our company and a perfect fit in our acquisition strategy to accelerate and expand our full service workforce management program,” said David Broome, President and CEO of TransForce.  “Trucking Unlimited’s service model compliments our core offerings and expands our ability to service our customers’ needs with value added capabilities.”

    Trucking Unlimited was founded in 2012 by co-Founders Serge Gorelyshev and Mike Pourshakori. They are excited about joining TransForce and providing an additional service line under the TransForce umbrella.  “Not only does TransForce mirror our dedication to the transportation industry, TransForce is dedicated to providing our drivers the best opportunities in the industry.  Our futures together will be very exciting and our customers are the highest quality carriers in the industry,” said Serge Gorelyshev, CEO of Trucking Unlimited.  “We will continue to build the best recruiting site for both the professional drivers and the motor carriers,” said Mike Pourshakori, CIO of Trucking Unlimited.

    “Future acquisitions are part of our growth strategy. Along with organic growth, we continue to seek acquisitions with like-minded companies such as Trucking Unlimited, that are market leaders in providing high-quality services to the transportation and logistics industry,” said David Broome, President and CEO of TransForce.

    Trucking Unlimited LLC, a TransForce Company, will continue to operate from its West Hills, California headquarters.  “We are extremely excited that Serge and Mike will continue to have oversight over the valued company that they founded,” said David Broome, President and CEO of TransForce.

    Secondly, Job.com a long established job site, has a new owner and just unveiled a refresh. The site was acquired by UK based MyJobMatcher back in October of last year I recently learned. I did a number of searches and it seems like it is heavily backfilled through ZipRecruiter and other providers. Its a great brand though, should be interesting to see what the new owners have in store for it.

  • Changing Your Niche
    By on January 8, 2018 | Comments Off on Changing Your Niche  Comments

    A few months back I launched a job board for relocation called “Jobs With Relo“. The intent was to list jobs that only offered relocation packages to potential seekers.

    But although it is an interesting niche I began to feel it was too niche-y.

    Part of picking a niche is about finding something that will both resonate with seekers and has a large enough audience to grow. Jobs with relocation are out there but there aren’t a lot of them and it was challenging to find the right backfill that could support the site.

    So I decided to change niches and launch something with broader appeal.

    Now I’m targeting remote and work at home jobs. A category that has competitors but that is still growing very fast. Introducing JobsWithRemote.com.

    remote job board

    Its on the Jobboard.io platform and backfilled with Ziprecruiter. I’m also indexing a feed of remote job listings from some direct employers so it has job content.

    There are several other remote job boards online today. A number of sites have also crashed and burned too. Remotejobs.com appears to have died out which is strange for such a great domain name.

    But I play the long game. It costs virtually nothing these days to start your site so just keep it fresh with jobs/content and over time it will build an audience. In the beginning its all about getting users so you need to have a consistent content strategy in place.