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  • The Bad Press Release
    By on November 6, 2017 | Comments Off on The Bad Press Release  Comments

    As someone who reads a lot of press releases I cringe when I see bad PR being pimped online.

    A press release should tell a unique story. It should avoid buzzwords. It should inform the reader. Unfortunately whoever wrote this piece for a new HR tech company called ShiftStars should be ashamed.

    Let’s take a look.

    First, the logo is grainy and jagged. Never post a low quality image like this online, let alone in your press release. You need a high resolution version of your logo. Preferably 300 dpi. Their logo looks sloppy and amateurish.

    So right off the bat they failed to present their new company in a positive light. Strike 1!

    Next they use the phrase “A tremendous new….”. Really? Who will be impressed by this amateurish statement? No one, especially not busy HR executives who have heard of every ‘revolutionary’ tool under the sun. Strike 2!

    Finally the content itself is literally non existent. I have never seen a two paragraph press release ever for a new HR tech product. In the first paragraph they tell you what it is, but the second paragraph completely falls apart after mentioning courses in sexual harassment. Wait, what? I thought this was a ‘hiring assessment software tool’?

    Strike 3!

    Whats even stranger is that this new tool is powered by something else! “The software is powered by EasyAcorn.”

    Maybe I should just use them instead.

    PS…if you need a press release written and distributed, consider hiring me 🙂 – ShifStars just wasted hundreds of dollars & learned that lesson the hard way.

  • Maximizing Your Job Board Revenue
    By on October 31, 2017 | Comments Off on Maximizing Your Job Board Revenue  Comments

    If you just make money off job postings it’s time to break out into new revenue streams. I was speaking to a job board owner recently who had not done so yet and was wondering what to do to make more money. “Diversify” I told him. “You need to open up new streams of revenue“.

    With the threat of big companies entering the job search space, today’s job boards must MAXIMIZE their revenue potential. That means selling advertising, using Adsense, Backfill and more. (You can check out my ebook on this subject here)

    Tools like Adsense offer you free money as long as you have traffic so why would you turn that down? Too many new job board owners fail to realize they are running an internet business. Internet businesses only survive by creating different ways to make money. Gone are the days of relying solely on job postings to do that.

    You need to branch out. At the very least you should be adding backfill revenue and Adsense to start. If you have 5,000 – 10,000 monthly visitors that could mean hundreds of extra dollars per month. Thats not a windfall but it adds to your bottom line and makes you more profitable.

    More profits equal a more successful business and makes your site more valuable in the long run.

  • Former Job Board Owner Goes to Jail
    By on October 16, 2017 | Comments Off on Former Job Board Owner Goes to Jail  Comments

    Here’s a story that caught my eye recently. A guy who sold his job board to DICE apparently hacked back in and stole customer data in order to start a competing site.

    The story goes on to say he tried to sell the new site to DICE as well! “I am deeply remorseful for my actions,” Reuters reported Kent said before being sentenced, adding that he had fallen short in his efforts to live a “Christian life.”

  • Job Boards in the News
    By on October 9, 2017 | Comments Off on Job Boards in the News  Comments

    job board news

    CasinoCareers Goes Mobile | Link

    Casino Careers will showcase its redesigned Job Board, dubbed by Google as “mobile friendly and easy to use on mobile devices” at the 2017 Global Gaming Expo (G2E) in Las Vegas.

    “According to Jibe, 86% of jobseekers who have a smartphone would use it to search for a job,” said Beth Deighan, president of Casino Careers. “However, most of our candidates find it much easier to complete the application process with a computer,” continued Deighan. “And that is why we completely redesigned our Job Seeker Resume Dashboard.”

    The new dashboard enables candidates to easily personalize, update or upload a resume, create/modify their job search profiles to receive custom job alerts about new opportunities, and keep track of the last 100 positions to which they have applied.

    Job openings posted on CasinoCareers.com which require gaming industry experience highlight that requirement in the header, making it easier for applicants to identify positions seeking such expertise.

    WebScribble Wins with AdWeek

    Webscribble just launched Adweek’s new job board, check it out here. Nice win for the software company out of Troy, NY.

    Monikl is a new job matching app out of Tampa. 

    Monikl is free to job seekers.  Unlike a job board where you have to search through all of the postings and apply in a vacuum, Monikl brings the jobs that are good matches to you right to your inbox. Monikl’s smart phone apps are fun and easy to use too. Stuck in a job that doesn’t feed your soul or meet your needs?  Let Monikl help you find fulfillment at work that meets your needs.   Monikl’s proprietary algorithms will match you to your dream job!  All you have to do is sign up at Monikl or download the app on your smart phone. [read more]

    TrueUp Targets Accounting Jobs

    New accounting job startup TrueUp is bringing gamification to job boards. One way TrueUp has done this is to gamify the experience, most notably with their Excel Wars. These contests give accountants a chance to test their ability in Excel against their peers by attempting to complete an Excel challenge as quickly as possible.

    Can Gamification Give Micro-Niche Job Boards An Edge?

    Vangst Talent Network Takes on Weed Job Market | Link

    A staffing agency for the cannabis industry, recently launched Vangsters, the largest digital platform created to centralize the job search by effectively connecting talent with cannabis employers.

    Heathcare Source Launches New Job Board on Smart Job Board platform

    HealthcareSource®, the leading provider of talent management solutions for the healthcare industry, today launched HealthcareSource Job Board, a new leading healthcare job search website. At launch, Job Board offers more than 50,000 open jobs in healthcare. HealthcareSource Job Board is a valuable resource for both employers and job seekers, and aims to be the leading professional development and job search destination for the healthcare industry.

    HealthcareSource Job Board is fully integrated with all versions of HealthcareSource Position Manager®, the company’s applicant tracking system, which has processed more than 100 million candidate applications to date. This unique integration allows for automatic posting and applicant source tracking at no additional cost for Position Manager clients. Users can instantly publish the job posting to the Job Board from within the applicant tracking system, immediately expanding their reach to tens of thousands of potential applicants.

    Any healthcare organization or healthcare staffing firm may also post their open positions on the Job Board to reach desirable job seekers actively seeking new opportunities in healthcare.

    Fort Wayne Newspaper Relaunches Job Board

    Fort Wayne Newspapers, publishers of The Journal Gazette, The News-Sentinel and Fort Wayne Magazine, has re-launched jobs.FortWayne.com, a website with “cutting edge job-matching technology,” according to Michael Christman, president of Fort Wayne Newspapers.

    Fort Wayne Newspapers is the business agent for The Journal Gazette, which is locally owned, and The News-Sentinel, which is owned by Ogden Newspapers of Wheeling, West Virginia. Both newspapers have offices at 600 W. Main St.

    Employers who post jobs in The Journal Gazette, The News-Sentinel and on jobs.FortWayne.com now receive unprecedented reach to top professionals within the Fort Wayne Newspaper’s community and on the TheJobNetwork, which is billed as the largest recruitment ad network of job sites in North America. Those using the network see up to four times better response than the leading national job board, Christman said in a news release.

    Smart Job Boards adds applicant tracking features

    New Applicant Tracking Interface is Now Available

  • A few design tips from MinnesotaJobs.com
    By on October 3, 2017 | Comments Off on A few design tips from MinnesotaJobs.com  Comments

    Local job site MinnesotaJobs.com has done a nice job overhauling ts web design the past year. Recently I took a look at what they are doing right.

    On mobile they now list a link to apply under the job in search results. I asked them by email if it has had an affect: “Yes, it has”, they replied, “we don’t have the exact numbers, but we’ve seen a bit of an increase.”

    They have great calls to action on the homepage. Nice big call outs for post jobs and registering. Simplicity of design makes it easy to read and

  • Want more leads? Try “Buying” Them
    By on October 2, 2017 | Comments Off on Want more leads? Try “Buying” Them  Comments

    Whether you run a job board or an HR tech company, you need leads to make sales.

    Leads are everywhere online in our industry, if you see a job listing that’s a lead. But how do you get their attention?

    In the case of Skillsoft, an HR tech vendor, they use Amazon Gift Cards! They messaged me last week asking if I wanted to see a demo of their product at the upcoming HR tech conference in Las Vegas. And they sent me an email with my prize. You can bet that I’ll be showing up for their demo.

    Don’t want to spend $25 a lead? I realize not all of you can afford that so try something like a $5 Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks gift card. A lot cheaper and just as effective.

  • ZipRecruiter Adds to it’s Affiliate Network
    By on September 26, 2017 | Comments Off on ZipRecruiter Adds to it’s Affiliate Network  Comments

    The folks at ZipRecruiter have been busy building up their affiliate network. Last week they officially announced that they have partnered with Gatehouse Media and US News.com.

    Gatehouse Media currently has hundreds of local newspaper and community sites currently being powered by Monster. As of October, it’s Zip’s turn to be their job board of choice. They have one of the largest publishers of locally-based media in the United States, with over 125 daily newspapers, more than 300 weekly newspapers and 555 local market websites. This partnership makes ZipRecruiter the exclusive recruitment advertising partner for GateHouse Media.

    The partnership, which will launch on October 1 in over 550 markets across the US, will power GateHouse recruitment pages – online and in print – that reach over 21 million readers every week. This is a huge win for ZipRecruiter and will certainly bolster their existing traffic base. I asked them how many new job seekers this might add to their overall traffic numbers but haven’t heard back yet. My guess is at least a couple hundred thousand. They will be replacing Monster who is losing yet another big newspaper network.

    ZipRecruiter says they now have 1,000 partners like this worldwide.

    Full press release | Join their affiliate program

    And in other news they also now power the job board of USnews.com the magazine and news website.

    “U.S. News & World Report, publisher of the popular Best Jobs rankings, today unveiled a suite of new tools to help job seekers at every level research, identify and apply to open positions that align with their career goals, experience level and location. The new tools, powered by ZipRecruiter, the fastest-growing online employment marketplace, allow individuals to stay up-to-date on open positions in their field and desired location through an easy-to-navigate job search tool and job alert emails.”

  • Private Executive Job Board Raises $6 million
    By on September 18, 2017 | Comments Off on Private Executive Job Board Raises $6 million  Comments

    There’s news of a new job board coming online. It’s a Peer-to-Peer Job Sharing Network that “Brings Transparency to Executives Using Artificial Intelligence and Crowdsourcing Techniques” according to the news release. It started as some kind of private list among C-suite executives and it just raised $6.5 million in funding.

    It’s nice to see a new generation of job boards launching with interesting technology and specialized niches. Members of ExecThread [link] earn points by sharing job leads. I like the approach.

    Per the release, Founder and CEO Joe Meyer, former CEO of HopStop (acquired by Apple) and former executive at AOL & GM at eBay, created ExecThread to address shortcomings in the traditional executive search process that he saw as both a candidate and as a hiring manager. Leveraging artificial intelligence and a unique peer-to-peer crowdsourcing approach, ExecThread provides a way for executives to discover career-advancing job opportunities previously unavailable and inaccessible to them, and enables them to take more control over the job discovery process. ExecThread also connects executive recruiters and hiring managers with carefully vetted candidates, thereby helping to surface the best candidates and reduce time-to-hire.

    The site claims up to 50% of executive jobs are never advertised. Reminds me of what the Ladders used to be. Also anyone remember 6FigureJobs? ExecThread certainly seems like a better version of all of those past attempts at the exec market.

    ExecThread’s member base, which has grown entirely via word-of-mouth referrals to date, includes board members, C-suite executives, vice presidents and director-level professionals from 80% of the Fortune 100, 75% of the Top 100 Global Brands, and 60% of leading startup companies with $1 billion valuations. As of today, and for the first time to date, professionals can apply to join without being referred. To ensure exceptionally high network quality, ExecThread created a rigorous two-pronged applicant vetting system, which combines an interactive “peer review” process with an automated & statistical evaluation of a myriad of professional attributes.

  • The lack of Innovation in Major Job Boards
    By on September 5, 2017 | Comments Off on The lack of Innovation in Major Job Boards  Comments

    Over the weekend I saw the thread below in a Facebook discussion. And it got me thinking.

    It doesn’t surprise me that a “major” job board exec didn’t see this coming. The management of most big job boards have had their heads in the sands for a long time. If they don’t realize that employer tastes are changing, shame on them.

    My message to this “major” job board is innovate or die. You can only rely on your brand name for so long.

    The problem, from my perspective, is these big sites have neither the talent nor the foresight to see ahead at what’s next. I hate to brutal but that is the truth.

    While there is still value (and money to be made) in niche boards that have specialized audiences, the major sites are now past their prime and fading slowly. They rested on their laurels for too long and failed to branch out beyond the job posting. They got fat and happy.

    Selling job postings based on a large national audience is a boring business. Jobs are everywhere these days. They are a commodity with no real distinction. Competition for the recruiter dollar is fierce.

    No job site (or any internet business) has a guaranteed future. I have seen sites come and go in the 17 years I have been in online recruiting. Things are “dynamic” as Steven Rothberg correctly mentioned.

    If I were running a major job board today I would make it a priority to provide value for my customers…both seeker and recruiter. I would build tools and publish information that helped them get a job faster or connect with more quality candidates. I would educate them, I would make them want to come back to the site each day to get what they need.

    What specifically would I do? Well, they’ll have to pay me for that. But here’s what I will give them for free.

    The majors need to hire better talent if they want to be relevant in 5 years. They need to create a special team of people whose only job is to come with with new products and execute them. That could be an app, a piece of content, a new service, an online course, a new feature…whatever. They need their own ‘skunk works’ style development team of product people, marketers and developers.

    Innovation aint cheap folks, get on it…

  • Q&A with Geebo Classifieds’ Greg Collier
    By on August 15, 2017 | Comments Off on Q&A with Geebo Classifieds’ Greg Collier  Comments

    Some sites go under the radar in our industry but sites like Geebo.com, a classifieds competitor to Craigslist, has been around for nearly 18 years and still remains a profitable, lean team. I asked their Founder, Greg Collier a few questions about his company via email.

    Describe Geebo and its history.

    Geebo was launched in 2000 in order to provide a better user experience than what was being put out by hard-copy newspapers. Geebo was also self-funded and started turning a profit two years after launch.

    How big is your team and where are you located?

    Our team is 3 people and we are located in McLean, Virigina.

    What is your web traffic like?

    We receive 2.5 million pageviews per month.

    Are paid job listings the primary way you earn revenue or do you charge for other listings?

    Paid job listings are the primary way we earn revenue but we also earn revenue from commercial vehicle and housing feeds, email marketing, and display advertising.

    What are your basic prices for job posting? What is your value proposition to employers?

    For job postings employers can post 1 job for $75, 5 for $350, 10 for $695, and 20 for $1,295. What really sets us apart from other job boards is our diversity of content. Geebo gets the passive job seeker where stand alone job boards cannot.

    The term ‘safe community classifieds’ tagline seems to be a dig at Craigslist. Comment?

    It isn’t a dig at craigslist as much as it is letting consumers know that they have a safer alternative to other classifieds sites and apps that don’t monitor their ads for scams and criminal activity that violates their own terms of service.

    Predict the future…what do classified sites look like in 5 years?

    It’s difficult to say as technology advances so quickly and unpredictably these days. The obvious answer would be everything will be based on mobile apps since that’s where the market seems to be headed now, however, in 5 years there could be an entirely new technology that could change the face of the market.