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  • Social network for college students and a Blockchain Job Launch
    By on July 9, 2018 | Comments Off on Social network for college students and a Blockchain Job Launch  Comments

    UpBreeze, a leading social-professional platform for college and university students, today announced the launch of JobBot, its latest innovation that empowers students to apply for jobs and internships within seconds, significantly faster than before.

    For more info go to www.upbreeze.com/news/2018/JobBot_Launch.

    Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, JobBot presents to the student a wide variety of jobs and internships that are relevant to the student.  When the student clicks “1-Click Apply“, JobBot takes care of the unexciting application process.

    A job application form can be lengthy and tedious and it may take the student well over half an hour to complete.  JobBot relieves the student’s pain and reduces the student’s long and slow application process to one easy click.  It completes a wide variety of mundane job applications demanded by employers, ranging from large international conglomerates to local small firms.

    “Jobs and internships are only one click away.  JobBot makes it easy for students to apply,” said Dr. Zachary Leung, CEO of UpBreeze.  Dr. Leung is a machine-learning scientist-entrepreneur.  He received his PhD from MIT, which is believed by many as the hometown of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Many students today spend a great amount of time to search for jobs and internships.  When they find something that they are interested in, they would spend even more time to fill out the extensive application form.  “Finding a job or internship has been a double-whammy for many busy students.  UpBreeze’s goal is to streamline this unexciting process.  Help students find dream jobs and internships and help recruiters find ideal candidates.”

    Empleos.io is another blockchain job market soon to launch. They are holding a Private Sale which starts on July 20, 2018 and lasts 3 weeks. 14M  PLEO tokens will be offered for a price $0.25 per token (50% discount off the Main Sale price). The following crypto currencies are accepted: BTC, ETH, XEM by the current exchange rate. The minimal contribution amount is $10,000. All contributors should pass the standard KyC/AML procedure.
    Potential contributors are invited to subscribe to their newsletter on http://empleos.io, each participant will receive an email within 72 hours prior the Private Sale start with detailed instructions. The information about the Private Sale will be also available on their official Telegram: https://t.me/EmpleosIO
    The Private Sale page is password-protected: https://empleos.io/privatesale.html
    login: private
    password: sale


  • What job boards sell for
    By on June 26, 2018 | Comments Off on What job boards sell for  Comments

    Last week I was able to identify how much revenue Glassdoor has based on an internal PDF from its new owner Recruit. According to them, GD sales  hit $171 million in 2018. With a sell price of $1.2 billion that gives them a valuation of about 7X annual revenue.

    7X is on the higher end of acquisitions that I have seen in this industry over the years. I think the majority of sites sell for less — somewhere in the 2X-3X range. It just depends on the site fundamentals. Namely;

    • How profitable it is.
    • What kind of client loyalty it has (how often clients come back).
    • The niche they are in (more or less competition).
    • Cost of running the platform.
    • Size of registered seeker and employer database.

    Acquisition valuations are typically hard to come by but these new numbers from the Glassdoor deal shed a little more light on how buyers value potential job site businesses.

    If you would like help in coming up with a valuation for your site let me know. You can hire me for an assessment. Email chris@jobboardsecrets.com

  • Indiana job site gets $9 million in new funding
    By on June 24, 2018 | Comments Off on Indiana job site gets $9 million in new funding  Comments

    Ascend Indiana, a nascent initiative to address the talent gap in the Hoosier state is ramping up its operations. The group is an offshoot of the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, has raised $9 million so far to support its work and is “partnering with Indiana companies to create specific talent pipelines to fill shortages in critical industries” according to IBJ.com.

    Ascend has invested in cloud-based platform that combines technology and human interaction in a job-matching service. Job matching sites like this are essentially just the next generation of job board technology. Just because you can match a candidate to a job doesn’t mean they are interested or fully qualified. Below is a quick tour of the site which can be found here.

    I do like the fact they are targeting college kids as they come out of school. But like any marketplace this will take time and effort to build and maintain a statewide network like this. Certainly lots of other sites vying to capture new students. They are going to need a long time horizon to really make this work.

    Read more on IBJ

  • New Launch: SteelToeJobs
    By on June 19, 2018 | Comments Off on New Launch: SteelToeJobs  Comments

    Steel Toe Jobs, a Vancouver based Startup specializing in Construction Careers, released its new website – Steeltoejobs.com. It is powered by CareerLeaf.

    In November of 2017 Steeltoejobs.com went live with its beta site, a job board and content source for local job seekers. In addition, they met with local Employers, Employment Services Groups, Trade Schools, & Training Companies to better understand the Construction market.

    April of 2018 marked its first growth spurt in that it added 3 new members to the team; this has proven to accelerate the pace that Steel Toe Jobs can travel at, and has opened up more doors of opportunity with a new look, new social outlets, more candidates, more partners, and overall more possibilities for the Community it serves.

    Co-Founder and President, Eli Triff, a local entrepreneur committed to a “complete” job seeker experience across all industries declared “This is not another business set up to capitalize on a booming industry while providing an average level of service. We’re not just another job board, we’re a place where you can find everything you need to help you along on your career journey without discrimination of gender, race, or expertise. Our dream is to build a Community that serves job seekers and employers alike, anyplace it needs it, within the Construction Industry”.

    Steel Toe Jobs, a privately funded company, has a database of thousands of jobs in BC and Alberta and many original articles that are written with job seekers and employers in mind. It plans to be available to all Provinces across Canada by the end of September 2018 and to break into the USA market in early 2019. With such high demand within the Construction industry, Steel Toe Jobs is an excellent source of recruitment products for employers to find the best candidates at the best rate and for job seekers the ability to stay up to date on the job market as well as education and training opportunities so that they can find well paying and rewarding jobs in their field.

  • Job board refresh, new product launch
    By on June 11, 2018 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Last week saw a couple of established job board players do something new.

    First, the .jobs people out of Cleveland have refreshed the long-standing dot job domains to reflect their new national brand, Find.jobs. At least some of the backfill comes from Jobs2Careers. According to the press release;

    .Jobs launched their new job seeker audience targeting platform. The organization best known for their career-focused domains and websites created the platform to meet the needs of companies frustrated with current job board services.

    The service consumes the open positions of client organizations, categorizes each position, and matches open positions to 500+ unique job seeker audiences. The newly mapped positions are then distributed to the career websites whose visitors are most correlated to the position.

    The Ladders job board also announced a new product last week. It’s called Third Page and is essentially a list of questions answered by the job seeker to provide more insights to the recruiter. Here’s how the press release describes it;

    With Third Page, Ladders members are presented with optional questions to “tell employers more about [themselves]”, and respond to as many or as few as they like. The member’s responses are added to their profile, in addition to their full resume and contact information, and are then made viewable to interested Ladders recruiters. The average Ladders Third Page user has answered 125 total questions, with a total of 1.5 million question responses recorded since Third Page’s beta launch in early May 2018.

    I pass this news on for other job board owners with a message. You need to keep trying. Though the above news isn’t earth shattering at least these sites are attempting to stay relevant. In this industry established boards that don’t change over time are doomed to lose traction. So whether its a redesign or trying a new product you need to keep trying. The internet business waits for no one.

  • Instant Lead Generation: Indeed Buys Resume.com
    By on May 30, 2018 | Comments Off on Instant Lead Generation: Indeed Buys Resume.com  Comments

    In yet another move by the brass at Indeed, they moved this week to acquire Resume.com.

    Their appetite for users and traffic  is showing no signs of slowing down. Acquiring a resume site is a smart move, one that positions them for instant lead generation on the seeker side of things. As Indeed hunkers down in its battle with Google Jobs they are using acquisitions to fight the war.

    The site has a job board too so I am assuming it will soon be powered by Indeed. As I write this it appears to be empty however.

    Here’s the press release.

    Austin, TX (May 25, 2018) — Indeed announced today that it acquired resume.com, an online service for creating personalized resumes. Over 3.5 million job seekers currently use the site, creating more than 40,000 resumes every week, and accessing timely career resource information. Indeed will continue to operate resume.com and enable job seekers to build, download, and print personalized resumes for free.

    “Resume.com provides job seekers with a vital resume service and career tools to aid in their job search,” said Raj Mukherjee, SVP of Product at Indeed. “We’re excited to add this site to Indeed’s offerings as it aligns perfectly with our mission of helping people get jobs.”

    Resume.com was founded in 2014. It provides tools to help job seekers build and customize resumes. Prior to Indeed acquiring the site, resume.com charged users a monthly fee for downloading and printing resumes. Indeed will discontinue these fees as of today.

    Resume.com employees will join Indeed and continue to operate out of Vancouver, Canada.

  • These Next Gen Job Boards Target Restaurant/Shift Workers
    By on May 22, 2018 | Comments Off on These Next Gen Job Boards Target Restaurant/Shift Workers  Comments

    There are a number of what I would call next generation job boards gaining ground in online hiring. Wonolo and Seasoned.co are both web site /app companies that let companies hire on demand.

    I spoke with one of the cofounder of Wonolo on my RecTech Podcast recently. What’s interesting about their model is how they bypass the job interview. You post a shift, and workers basically just show up when needed.

    Seasoned.co, is the first online restaurant community designed to provide “better jobs for deserving talent and better talent for deserving restaurants”, announced recently that it will debut new recruiting and hiring solutions for the industry at the 2018 National Restaurant Association Show at McCormick Place in ChicagoMay 19-22. Seasoned will also be on-site creating free profiles for restaurants looking to recruit and retain top talent and streamline the hiring process.

    Thats a pretty good marketing tactic for an industry site to get access to a target rich environment. Here’s how they describe themselves;

    Whether you’re a fast casual or fine dining establishment, hiring and keeping great staff remains the number one pain point in the industry. The problem is, these elusive staff members are the very people that make or break the customer experience. Seasoned’s blend of restaurant jobs and restaurant talent eliminates these hiring headaches by catering to both sides of the marketplace, creating answers that actually stick. From counter servers to bartenders, chefs to managers, there are thousands of jobs currently available through Seasoned.co, with more being posted every day.

    Seasoned is a one-stop shop for hiring managers to find, attract and hire the right talent, efficiently and effectively serving up:

    • An active community of thousands of qualified and hungry candidates
    • Great tools to help you manage the hiring process and schedule interviews
    • Streamlined communication tools so you can maintain and keep track of candidates all in one place

    So pay attention to what the new generation of online job board are up. Products like these will give you food for thought. Check out their websites side by side. Notice the similarity in the layouts and calls to action.

  • How Much Monthly Google Traffic Can You Get?
    By on May 15, 2018 | 6 Comments6 Comments  Comments

    Now that Google Jobs has been up and running for about a year I thought I would share some stats around how much traffic it actually generates on a monthly basis. Below is a screenshot of Analytics from a small board I run called Jobs With Remote. It has about 800-900 jobs on it at any given time. About 1/3 of the traffic is directly from Google Jobs.

    Your results may vary but the easiest way to get on Google Jobs is to use a GJ friendly platform such as SmartJobBoard or Jobboard.io and submit the sitemap to Google’s Search Console. generally speaking the more jobs you have the more traffic you can get.

    I have still seen some issues with a few job boards. A client of mine who happens to use Jobboard.io has a few hundred jobs. Some appear on GJ while others do not. Hard to tell why they aren’t picking them all up, ….de-duping could be part of it or they just haven’t refined the crawling as of yet.

  • Job Board News Bytes
    By on May 7, 2018 | Comments Off on Job Board News Bytes  Comments

    job board news

    Looking to increase your email conversions? This checklist may be of help to job boards and other vendors.

    Here’s the ultimate cold email checklist.

    It has everything you need to know before you send your next cold email – the whole enchilada.

    • which domain to use for sending cold emails
    • setting your DNS the correct way
    • how to warm up your domain
    • how to build a lead list that converts faster
    • segmenting your campaigns
    • crafting compelling subject lines
    • pacing your emails
    • follow-ups
    • A/B testing
    • the do-s, the don’t-s

    Get ready to craft the most awesome cold email you’ve ever written, and see your conversion rates skyrocket! 🙂

    Private Service Job Board Launches: Private service professionals of all types, from personal assistants to estate managers, can now find and apply for six-figure jobs quickly and easily using a first-of-its-kind employment website.

    Greenwood Global Enterprises, a privately owned, diversified company based in North Carolina, today announced the private beta launch of PrivateService.Jobs℠, the world’s first and only premium job board for private service professionals that exclusively lists $100K+ jobs.

    Founded by Curtis M. Greenwood, former chief of staff and executive aide to world-famous media moguls, PrivateService.Jobs features full-time, part-time, and temporary jobs for assistants, estate managers, housekeepers, nannies, butlers, private chefs, chauffeurs, domestic couples, yacht & aircraft crew, security personnel, and more. All listed positions, many of which are unique to the website, pay the equivalent of $100,000 USD or more per year.

    Press release.

    China’s Biggest job board 51job, published its quarterly sales numbers. These numbers tell us they are around a $500 million business in Asia.

    • Total revenues increased 33.5% over Q1 2017 to RMB811.3 million (US$129.3 million), exceeding the Company’s guidance range
    • Online recruitment services revenues increased 30.5% over Q1 2017 to RMB548.3 million (US$87.4 million)
    • Other human resource related revenues increased 40.2% over Q1 2017 to RMB263.0 million (US$41.9 million)
    • Gross margin increased to 74.4% compared with 73.5% in Q1 2017
    • Income from operations increased 43.5% over Q1 2017 to RMB236.0 million (US$37.6 million)

    CareerBuilder Goes Full Google. After reviewing the results of its beta integration with Google Cloud Job Discovery, CareerBuilder announced it is fully migrating its platform to Google Cloud’s technology.

    The job board was one of the early testers of Google’s Job Discovery tools, integrating the machine-learning solution into its traditional product. Now CareerBuilder’s site is fully powered by Google Cloud, which is also providing the search functionality for CareerBuilder’s 4,000 talent networks.


  • Job Boards Need to Up Their Content Game
    By on May 1, 2018 | Comments Off on Job Boards Need to Up Their Content Game  Comments

    If you are running a job board today you have to realize you are running an internet business that requires great content to get noticed. In an era of same old content it’s time most job boards up their content game.