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  • Well Designed Job Board Home Page
    By on February 12, 2018 | Comments Off on Well Designed Job Board Home Page  Comments

    Your job board home page is an important piece of real estate. It’s first priority is to funnel job seekers to jobs or employer to post them. Beyond that it should feature content, be easily navigable and of course, look nice. BankTalentHQ is one of those sites. It offers a great first impression.

    Take a quick tour via my screencast. The home page and other content looks to be on a separate web host as the search part goes off to a subdomain. That way they can use a service like WordPress to create good looking home page with a template that is highly visual.

  • How NOT to Design Your Job Board
    By on May 31, 2017 | Comments Off on How NOT to Design Your Job Board  Comments

    Check out this poor excuse for a job board homepage. It sucks. I don’t know how else to describe it.

  • How to Increase Job Alert Signups
    By on March 6, 2017 | Comments Off on How to Increase Job Alert Signups  Comments

    While talking to the team at UK based Talenetic last week I learned of a great way that one of their customers, TopEngineer.com boosted their job alert signups by 19%. Check out this screencast.

    They placed the box after every 10 listings. Smart move. If you have the ability to insert more subscribe boxes into your result this tip will certainly boost your subscribers. Job board software companies and applicant tracking vendors could also learn from this tactic.

  • This niche board just launched a beautiful new redesign
    By on December 12, 2016 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    I have said for many years that a well designed job board goes a long way towards helping your sales and gaining new users. Recently the folks at niche job board CoolWorks, which features adventure/outdoor type jobs around the USA underwent a redesign and I thought it was a great example of job board web design.


    The new home page features visual new cover images that rotate, a fabulous new header area that integrates the logo into the main navigation and a clear call to action (search jobs). I love how they color the login button off the main nav in purple to make it stand out.

    Scrolling down reveals featured a list of featured jobs that can be scrolled horizontally. Notice how visual they are. I think all job listings should have a photo that sells the role and CoolWorks does a great job with “visual” job postings.


    Once you click into the site through a job search I did find one issue with what they did. Too much white space. The area that displays my keywords takes up way too much area and pushes job results down too far. They should squeeze the keywords onto a single line. It looks like the “Save This Search” box may be the cause of this but I would recommend looking at a different way to implement that feature so it is more linear.


    They also do a great job curating user generated content through their “Journal” section where people write about the cool jobs they get through the site.


    There is lots to admire about their new redesign. Other job boards should be jealous. It looks like they built site using WordPress. A lot of job boards online now have let their sites get old and gray. But CoolWorks is one of the leaders in our space that just keeps getting better.

  • Coding your own job board? Use these design guidelines
    By on August 2, 2016 | Comments Off on Coding your own job board? Use these design guidelines  Comments

    If you are about to code your own job board board rather than using an existing solution here are my basic guidelines to ensure you do it right. You need to think about serving 2 audiences—job seeker and employer. I hope you find these tips/examples useful.

    a) Make it mobile friendly. Your site should render properly on any screen size.

    b) Logo. Use simple clean logos that can be clearly ready on a mobile device.

    c) Pricing. Make your prices publicly viewable. Do not require registration to see them. Display your pricing in a simple horizontal layout like this;


    d) Home page guidelines. First be sure the button/links to post a job are clearly marked and STAND OUT. Dedicate a minimum of 20% homepage real estate to employers. Here are 3 examples.


    Love this post it note call out


    Governmentjobs.com has a simple button in the upper left.


    CareerCloud has several links, images and buttons that call out employers on its homepage. Note the use of logos for the job distribution service.

    Also on your homepage display the latest 10 or 20 jobs from your site. And have a section where companies can be featured so you can upsell them this exposure.


    e) Job search box. This is the best way to let job seekers search.


    f) Job Listing results. Let employers display logos on their listings so they can stand out more. If they don’t have a logo use a default icon in its place.


    g) Job descriptions. The top section of your JD page should give a quick summary of the job basics for quick glance. This section should also lead with an <H1> header for SEO purposes. Put your location and company name in an <H2> just below it.


    Also call out the company profile (with logo). The apply button should be clearly marked and their should be social media share buttons. See example below;

    h) Social media. List your social media channel icons in your top header and in your footer.


    i) Phone. If you have a phone number for sales, display it in your header and footer throughout the site.

    j) Miscellaneous. Keep your design, simple and clean. If you belog to any associations like TA Tech, the Better Business Bureau, etc use those trusted logos in your footer which helps with credibility. Also on your checkout pages display all relevant credit card logos. Also if you have been in business for more than 5 years show that because it helps with your credibility.


    Vetjobs.com footer with badges adds credibility

  • 3 Well Designed Job Boards
    By on April 11, 2016 | Comments Off on 3 Well Designed Job Boards  Comments

    Design plays a key role in the success of your job board. Well designed sites make it easier for customers to “trust” doing business with you. A client recently asked me which job boards have the best designs so here are three such sites that came to mind. Got other suggestions? Leave a comment.

    1. AuthenticJobs.com for designers/hackers. It has a clean black/blue/gray color scheme, features a responsive site design that looks equally great on mobile. Homepage displays most recent listings with logos.


    2. MyCNAjobs.com for caregivers. I love the simple zip code search box. As a niche site there really isn’t a need to use keywords. Nice logo, big lettering and imagery make it great to look at.


    3. BubbleJobs.co.uk – Though its a more traditional job board design, the color scheme really draws you in to this tech job board based in the UK. Yes its a “busy” homepage but it’s just really well done. The bubbles background image offers a nice touch. I like the icons for diving into job categories.


  • Drink up with these 5 Beer Job Boards
    By on December 28, 2015 | Comments Off on Drink up with these 5 Beer Job Boards  Comments

    I was researching job board software the other day when I came across a beer job board. Well after a quick Google search it turns out that there are 5 of them. Here’s a quick breakdown of who is serving up beer jobs online.

    BrewingWork.com – powered by eJobSiteSoftware (India) this is a nice looking global job board for the brewing industry. Jobs are divided into continents on the main menu which is a good way to funnel users on a global scale.


    BevForce.com – this site is owned by a staffing firm and I love it when staffing firms have their own job board. This hybrid approach gives them multiple revenue streams which is good for any business.

    BrewBound.com – this site offers news, events and jobs. News and events take up most real estate, jobs on the sidebar. Perhaps my favorite design among these five.

    Beerjobs.org – definitely the ugly ducking in this group. It’s just a front for SimplyHired listings.

    CareersinBeer.com – has a decent minimalist design. I hate the yellow in the logo which makes it hard to read. Pages load very fast. Also has a directory of brewery links which is a great resource for job seekers.

    All these sites and more are listed in my job board directory app for iOS.

  • Tips for how to display your job post prices
    By on December 21, 2015 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    How you display your job board pricing can affect your sales. I see too many boards that hide this info and make it hard to read. When it comes to designing this page you have to make it public (don’t require registration to see pricing) and EASY to understand. Recruiters are BUSY people, don’t make them read too much information. As a general rule you should put your basic price point on your homepage as well.

    DESIGN TIP: Below are a couple examples for how to display the pricing on your job board or for any online business that has 1-3 different price points. Make the info more visual. Create “information blocks”. Make it clear what you get for that price and make it clear what to do next (Buy).


    Example of a good 3 product job board pricing page

    Cheapest option from Left to Right is a good way of listing products

    Cheapest option from Left to Right is a good way of listing products

  • Jobs2Careers debuts new interface
    By on March 2, 2015 | Comments Off on Jobs2Careers debuts new interface  Comments

    The team at Jobs2Careers has come out with a very visual interface for its homepage, something quite different from the usual job board designs I see.


    There are two things to note here. The first is that the background design changes based on which tab you click. The second is the tabs themselves.

    The backgrounds really give the site some personality. Most job board designs tend to lack creativity in this area so I give J2C some credit for this unique design concept. Since the web is more about visuals now anyway, this is a good way to differentiate their user experience.

    The tabs are interesting too. They’ve essentially created 3 job boards in one. Professional jobs, part-time roles and “gigs” like baby sitting and dogwalking. Its a unique concept that I have not seen before. The part-time tab seems especially relevant since a lot of people like to have a 2nd job at times.

    TAKEAWAY: Design is imporant for any web site. For job boards its particularly important since a poor design WILL affect your sales negatively. The better design, the more you’ll make.

  • 5 good looking job boards
    By on February 9, 2015 | Comments Off on 5 good looking job boards  Comments

    A good job board also means it has a well designed interface that is pleasing to the eye. Here are 5 job boards I picked that offer solid design principles.

    Bubble Jobs is a UK based site for the “digital industry”. The homepage is a little busy but its a unique design with a pleasing color palette. The bubble page background is a nice touch.


    Authenticjobs is a popular tech job board. Their homepage has a clean, focused interface. I love how much of the main real estate goes to the latest jobs. Logos along the left are also a ‘must have’ these days.


    Inbound.org/jobs is a community site for inbound marketers. They have a great job board too.


    Archinect.com/jobs is a community site for architects. Their job board features a clean, flat design, again featuring logo icons next to each listing.


    MyCNAjobs is a niche site for certified nursing assistants. Since its only for 1 kind of job they just have a zip code locator for finding the jobs near you.



    Looking for more cool job boards? Check out the Jobmaster app for iOS.