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  • PsychologyJobs.com Seeks Buyer
    By on March 11, 2019 | Comments Off on PsychologyJobs.com Seeks Buyer  Comments

    I am brokering the sale of PsychologyJobs.com, a ten year old job site (and network) currently hosted on the Your Membership platform.

    The site is a highly profitable business bringing in close to $70k in past training 12 months. The owner has been ‘hand’s off’ all these years doing no marketing and even still the sales continue to rise with interest in mental health jobs growing. YM does however do a minimal amount of promotion.

    See the Sell Sheet below and contact me for further details.

  • What’s a job domain worth?
    By on February 4, 2019 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    Last week a surprise email hit my inbox. It was from GoDaddy telling me one of the domains I had listed on their auction site had sold and I was about to receive a few thousand bucks. Not bad for a domain that I spent $100 bucks on years ago. My investment finally paid off.

    GigJob.com is a six letter domain that has been around for a number of years. I think it sold because its short and memorable along with the fact that it will probably be used for some sort of gig economy site.

    I have bought and sold many domains over the years. I once sold careerclicks.com for $10k almost 20 years ago. More recently domains like jobspotter.com sold for  $3,500 and the Jobster.com name from the former social network was acquired for $200k.

    Short 2 word job domains that focus around a niche are worth anywhere from $5k-$50k depending on the niche. 3 word job domains are worth much less so don’t expect to get big dollars for those types. With so may domain extensions now available, the ones that command a premium will always be the short dot com versions.

    If you want to sell your domains I suggest trying to list it on places like Sedo.com, Flippa.com or GoDaddy auctions. You just might get lucky.

  • Profitable Job Distribution Platform Looking for Buyer
    By on January 14, 2019 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    From time to time I get alerted to some very profitable business in the online recruiting space which are available to purchase. This is one of the better opportunities to come across my desk.

    I cannot reveal the name of the business but let me give you some of the facts to pique your interest.

    • It has been online for 10 years
    • It enjoys some of the best SEO I have ever seen
    • It enjoys profit margins around 50%
    • It enjoys year over year traffic growth of 30%
    • It enjoys organic traffic of 63k/mo
    • It’s main client base centers around restaurant, retail and hospitality

    This stable business has sales of nearly $900k per year and according to owner all of that revenue is driven by the organic SEO. The business is a combination small business ATS and job distribution platform with a proprietary job board in place.

    If you or someone you know is interested in learning more and being connected with the owner please email chris@jobboardsecrets.com


  • For Sale: Fitness Industry Job Board
    By on October 16, 2018 | Comments Off on For Sale: Fitness Industry Job Board  Comments

    I am representing a well established job board in the fitness niche that is looking to exit. If you are looking to pick up a niche site that made over $60k in 2017 then contact me with your interest to learn more and be connected with the owner.

    The site is on track to hit $40k in 2018 and gets 45% of its traffic for free through organic SEO. The database has over 24,000 job seekers and 10,000 candidates on file. The domain name of the business is short, memorable, keyword focused and worth thousands on its own. This sale is the perfect ‘business in a box’ for the right person.

    Contact me by email for further details. Serious inquires only.

  • Dice Owner Sells Off Hcareers Job Board
    By on May 23, 2018 | Comments Off on Dice Owner Sells Off Hcareers Job Board  Comments

    DHI Group, Inc. (NYSE: DHX) the parent company of tech job board Dice.com, has sold its hospitality job board, Hcareers, to Virgil Holdings, Inc. for approximately $16.5 million in cash.

    The transaction closed today and DHI will use the proceeds in accordance with its stated capital allocation strategy, including the “reduction of the balance on its revolving credit facility, support of strategic initiatives and potential return of capital to shareholders.” This sales comes on the heel of selling off its Healthecareers job site business back in December of last year.

    With a sale price of $16.5 million I would guesstimate Hcareers annual revenue at around $5 million. So thats roughly 3X revenue which most sites of this size tend to go for.

    DHI announced last year it would be divesting its non core job sites and this marks another milestone in that process. Their new CEO said this about the deal in a press release.;

    “Virgil Holdings, Inc. is a great new home for Hcareers, which will no doubt benefit from being part of a company closely aligned with the hospitality industry that is transforming how candidates and employers come together,” said Art Zeile, President and CEO of DHI Group, Inc. “We are pleased with the outcome of this transaction, as it helps us concentrate on our core strategy of bringing relevant career opportunities to tech professionals and qualified technology talent to employers.”

    The new owner, Virgil Holdings Inc. owns and operates Virgil Careers, a career transition platform. Virgil is based in New York City.

  • European Job Site Looking to Sell
    By on January 2, 2018 | 3 Comments3 Comments  Comments

    A fairly large job site based in Europe has asked me to spread the word that they are looking to sell their site and digital assets.

    euro job site for sale

    This is a confidential posting and anyone interested should contact me to get an intro to the site owner.

    Here are the basics to give you some insight:

    • The site has sales of $300k and yearly profit around $100k
    • It serves several countries but is most popular in Italy, the UK and Australia
    • It makes money from Google Adsense, affiliate earnings from Indeed/Neuvoo and postings.
    • The site was founded in 2010 – “Thanks to a significant experience in the field of HR, high quality content care and intense publishing activities, website growth in terms of traffic, content and popularity has been steady and significant.”
    • The owner is available for 6-12 months for full support
    • Facebook pages: various pages (total 75k likes)
    • Push notifications with Onesignal: 100k registered users in last 4 months
    • Multilingual blog with 250 posts

    Digital Assets for Italy Include:

    • 1.2 million registered users
    • 800,000 users with job alert
    • 300,000 registered users last 12 months
    • 600,000 active users in the last 12 months
    • 3 million active Job Alerts
    • Total Italian traffic 2017: 23 Million page/views – 11 million sessions

    Other Country Assets Include:

    • 290,000 registered and profiled users
    • 250,000 users with job alert
    • 150,000 active users in the last 12 months
    • 500,000 active Job Alert

    The seller ideally would like to find an established industry player to take ownership. Interested parties should contact me to get an introduction (or use chris@jobboardsecrets.com). It sounds like an excellent opportunity for the right buyer. Sites of this age with such strong assets are always of value.

  • ZipRecruiter Acquires Popular Job Board Software Vendor
    By on December 14, 2017 | Comments Off on ZipRecruiter Acquires Popular Job Board Software Vendor  Comments

    Jobboard.io, the popular job board software platform started by Christian Malpeli more than 5 years ago has been acquired by ZipRecruiter. The news came via email to JobBoard.io clients yesterday. Terms of the deal are not disclosed.

    I was able to reach both ZipRecruiter and Christian Malpeli, for comment on the news.

    What are the main reasons for the acquisition?

    ZIP: Acquiring JobBoard.io allows ZipRecruiter to provide a more robust job board solution to its publisher partners, and will bring new monetization solutions and higher levels of job distribution within the ZipRecruiter network to JobBoard.io customers.

    Will pricing change?

    ZIP: We have no plans to change pricing for existing customers.

    Will it be run as a stand-alone business or how will the operation be combined with Zip?

    ZIP:JobBoard.io will continue to run as a stand-alone business powered by ZipRecruiter, and we’re already implementing ZipRecruiter features in the product.

    How many job boards does JobBoard.io power?

    ZIP:JobBoard.io has over 200 clients, including major sites like Techcrunch, Politico, The American Association of Cancer Research and more.

    Ian Siegel, ZipRecruiter’s CEO said this about the deal, “Christian and the team at JobBoard.io have built a terrific product, and we’re excited that they’re joining the ZipRecruiter team. We’re already implementing new ways to delight JobBoard.io publisher partners, including having job postings run across the ZipRecruiter traffic network, and there are more great features on the way.”

    I asked Christian if the platform will become a Zip only backfill provider. No, he said.

    “We believe that publishers should have choice in the solutions they use to power their job boards. While ZipSearch allows a publisher to tap into leading search technology and the fastest growing jobs marketplace in the US, we do not plan to limit backfill choices to only ZipRecruiter’s offering.”

    Christian will be sticking around and become an employee at Zip where he plans to continue innovating on the platform and growing his team.

    Here’s my take on the deal;
    The move is a smart one by ZipRecruiter as it increases the reach of their affiliate network thus providing more relevant candidate traffic to its sitewide listings. They will also be able to earn additional revenue by introducing a posting function directly from Jobboard.io into ZipRecruiter’s main listings. This will be the first time a major job site provider has its own DIY job board software service since the defunct SimplyHired launched Jobamatic which died a fiery death after Indeed acquired them  2 years ago.
    I think the move also puts pressure on the other major aggregators like Jobs2Careers, JuJu and Neuvoo to up their game. Those companies have affiliate programs but they are way behind where ZipRecruiter now stands. If I were them I’d be looking at s similar acquisition or partnership with other job board software vendors.
    I have a few sites like HR Tech Talent which is powered by Jobboard.io and will continue to update my readers on new changes to the platform as they come out. As a reminder I provide concierge services to those who wish to start a site on Jobboard.io.
  • 2500 Job Domains For Sale
    By on October 23, 2017 | Comments Off on 2500 Job Domains For Sale  Comments

    Fran Grossman has been buying job related domains for years and is looking to sell off most of her names. So she has put up a new website that showcases these niche domains and is now accepting offers on all of them. Head over to JobDomainsforSale.com and check them out.

    To give you some idea of what they might be worth she has put up some comparison sell prices for other domains that have occurred over the past few years. I would add one more to this which would be Jobspotter.com which Indeed acquired a couple years ago for I think $3,500 USD.

  • Career advice site with 40k monthly uniques for sale
    By on February 21, 2017 | Comments Off on Career advice site with 40k monthly uniques for sale  Comments

    I have a career site up for auction on Flippa. Take a look if you are interested in acquiring a career advice/job board with strong SEO rankings, multiple revenue streams and highly unique content. The Buy It Now price is $79k.

  • More Job Domains Available
    By on November 7, 2016 | Comments Off on More Job Domains Available  Comments

    Reader Joe Cresci (@foodheadhunter) tells me he has dozens of job related domains for sale on SEDO the domain marketplace. A list is below. Some of the more interesting ones are Jobsbythehour.com, Jobsincasinos.com, JobsinEngineering.com…

    beveragesalesjobs.com     900 USD

    fastcasualjobs.com            300 USD

    fermentationjobs.com        1,000 USD

    flavoristjobs.com               200 USD

    foodchemistryjobs.com      450 USD

    foodjobboard.com             1,500 USD

    foodjobfeed.com               700 USD

    foodjobsearch.com            500 USD

    foodmanagementjob.com 750 USD

    foodproductionjobs.com     7,500 USD

    foodtechjobs.com              700 USD

    greatfoodjobs.com            300 USD

    joberwoky.com                  500 USD

    jobinitiatives.com               500 USD

    jobsbythehour.com            1,800 USD

    jobsinacting.com               800 USD

    jobsinactuarial.com            450 USD

    jobsinactuary.com             1,100 USD

    jobsinagriculture.com         2,000 USD

    jobsinairlines.com              3,500 USD

    jobsinaudiovisual.com        400 USD

    jobsinautomobiles.com      400 USD

    jobsinautomotive.com        1,500 USD

    jobsinbaseball.com            1,500 USD

    jobsinbeverage.com          500 USD

    jobsincandy.com               300 USD

    jobsincasinos.com             750 USD

    jobsincoffee.com               500 USD

    jobsincommercials.com     500 USD

    jobsincomputer.com          1,500 USD

    jobsincooking.com             1,900 USD

    jobsincruises.com              600 USD

    jobsincstore.com               500 USD

    jobsincstores.com             500 USD

    jobsindairy.com                 1,500 USD

    jobsindrilling.com               400 USD

    jobsinehs.com                   500 USD

    jobsinengineering.com       5,500 USD

    jobsinentertainment.com    1,100 USD

    jobsinenvironmental.com   1,500 USD

    jobsinfastfood.com            1,200 USD

    jobsinfilm.com                   3,000 USD

    jobsinfinancial.com            1,300 USD

    jobsinfoodchemistry.com   200 USD

    jobsinfoodpackaging.com   200 USD

    jobsinfoodquality.com        300 USD

    jobsinfoods.com                300 USD

    jobsinfoodsales.com          300 USD

    jobsinfoodscience.com      500 USD

    jobsinfoodtechnology.com 500 USD

    jobsinforensics.com           4,500 USD

    jobsinforensicscience.com 1,300 USD

    jobsingraphicdesign.com    2,500 USD

    jobsinhospitality.com         5,500 USD

    jobsinhumanresources.com 5,000 USD

    jobsininnovation.com         350 USD

    jobsininternet.com             500 USD

    jobsininvestments.com      400 USD

    jobsinjournalism.com         4,000 USD

    jobsinmarketing.com         12,000 USD

    jobsinmechanics.com        300 USD

    jobsinmedical.com             3,000 USD

    jobsinmedicalbilling.com     2,000 USD

    jobsinmedicalfield.com       1,300 USD

    jobsinmeds.com                400 USD

    jobsinmidwest.com            1,000 USD

    jobsinmilitary.com              1,200 USD

    jobsinmining.com              3,000 USD

    jobsinmovies.com              650 USD

    jobsinmusic.com               4,000 USD

    jobsinnewengland.com      750 USD

    jobsinnortheast.com          1,300 USD

    jobsinoverseas.com           1,200 USD

    jobsinpaper.com                800 USD

    jobsinpastry.com               200 USD

    jobsinpediatrics.com          1,500 USD

    jobsinpharmaceutical.com 1,300 USD

    jobsinpharmacy.com         1,600 USD

    jobsinsanitation.com          500 USD

    jobsinscreenwriting.com     200 USD

    jobsinseafood.com            500 USD

    jobsinsouthflorida.com       4,500 USD

    jobsinspirits.com               200 USD

    jobsinstitute.com               500 USD

    jobsinsupplychain.com       2,100 USD

    jobsintechnicalwriting.com            400 USD

    jobsintelecommunications.com     400 USD

    jobsinvending.com             400 USD

    jobsontheislands.com        200 USD

    newfoodjobs.com              200 USD

    packagingengineerjobs.com         3,500 USD

    productdevelopmentjobs.com      1,500 USD

    resumesale.com                500 USD

    resumesforsale.com          900 USD

    sensoryjobs.com               400 USD

    westernmassjobs.com       600 USD

    worldfoodjobs.com            400 USD