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  • RoboRecruiter Seeks Job Board Partners
    By on November 27, 2017 | Comments Off on RoboRecruiter Seeks Job Board Partners  Comments

    A new chat startup called RoboRecruiter is looking for job board partners. Their Director of Sales, a former Indeedian named Angelo Zucaro contacted me recently.

    He says job boards can benefit from the power of chatbots by using RoboRecuiter in a few ways. Here are some examples and metrics around that…

    • People want info and they want it right away… 55% of consumers are interested in interacting with a business using messaging apps to solve a problem. (HubSpot, 2017)”
    • People would rather apply using a chatbot… use RoboRecruiter to increase conversions. “45.8% of consumers would rather communicate with a business through a messaging app than email. (ubisend, 2016)”. Adding Robo to your career pages can increase the application by 2x for the simple reason that the conversations (application) are mobile friendly and it allows job seekers to apply in a way that doesn’t seem like an application.
    • Make more per customer… job boards can make more per customer by adding RoboRecruiter to resume database access. As an example job boards could use charge their customers $99.00 to message 200 candidates, so as to screen candidates and find the best talent instantly doing so would provide 8x return on their investment. Robo can also be used to messages candidates after they apply to a job postings as a tool to prioritize candidates saving employers time and money.
    • Robo adds more value than a general email or SMS campaign as it allows the candidate to engage in a meaningful conversation, which extracts valuable hiring data. Also conversion rate are 15-20%, which is more than 2X higher than other solutions.

    The basic pitch, Angelo says, “is they can copy and paste code into their website to add the bot widget which will help them get more applications (better conversions) and customer satisfaction as they will have more access to data and it will be easier to apply.”

    Angelo is giving readers of this blog special pricing for job boards that lasts to the end of the year starting at $299.00 a month. The pricing scales so it is more cost effective as they spend more but this pricing is only available for 2017. It could be an upsell too like if the employer is posting a job they could add the widget for $50.00 which would give them a higher % of applications.

    With a few exceptions, most Job boards have yet to come out with any kind of chat bot to assist their seekers and clients. I especially think the software vendors may want to start looking at building or partnering with technology like this.

    Contact Angelo by email at azucaro@roborecruiter.ai

  • What Job Board Software Vendors Need to Do Next
    By on November 14, 2017 | Comments Off on What Job Board Software Vendors Need to Do Next  Comments

    In case you hadn’t noticed there are big changes happening in the job board world. Now that Facebook and Google are in the game, the market is even more crowded and they are putting pressure on boards of all sizes and shapes. Things are changing at a rapid pace.

    This new trend will certainly begin to affect the myriad of job board software vendors in our space who (for the most part) have been relying on selling a single product, a traditional job board platform. Since it is getting harder to start a board from scratch I think these vendors will be forced to diversify.

    Now is the time to rethink that model and add new product lines.

    If I owned a job board software platform today, I would create 3 new SaaS based products that leverage my existing technology;

    • Career Sites for Employers: Job board technology is basically an ATS in disguise and can be leveraged to become an employer career site. All you have to do is remove the ability for multiple employers to sign up and post jobs. Then you can add more ATS like features such as workflows, candidate notes and pre-screening questions. The market for DIY employer career sites is out there and I think employers would love such a product.
    • Membership Job Boards: People have asked me for years if there are any membership only job board software platforms where job seekers pay to gain access. No one has ever built one. While it is true that job seekers don’t pay for many things it may be time to offer such a product to the market and see what happens. Membership based sites are a proven model (in the WordPress world) and there may be a way to tweak it to fit the job space.
    • People Databases: Sourcing is all the rage these days for recruiters. The amount of publicly available resumes and profiles is growing everyday. So lets offer a ‘reverse job board’. An RJB is a site that puts the job seeker first. Job seekers create public profiles instead of uploading resumes that can be found by search engines. The home page would feature a search box for profiles not jobs. Job seekers would see jobs that match their profile in their dashboard. These site could also offer their people data to sourcing sites like Entelo and Hiretual to attract employers. Once you have enough profiles for a certain niche, these types of site could charge for access.

    So there you have it, 3 new lines of business for vendors to make money on. Some of the technology for the ideas above already exists inside current job board technology. It’s time for these vendors to leverage that tech for new ideas.

    If there is one thing I have learned about the online job space is that no business lasts forever. You have to think ahead and plan for the future. For job board software vendors, the future is here.

    PS…I am happy to assist if you want to hire me 🙂

  • News & Notes from Job Board World
    By on November 13, 2017 | Comments Off on News & Notes from Job Board World  Comments

    The Midland Reporter-Telegram has launched TexasBacktoWork.com powered by RealMatch. The MRT serves more than 300,000 print and online readers, of which more than 200,000 of those readers are in the Midland-Odessa designated market.

    Read the article here. Nicely designed with a clean look and feel.

    eQuest Amasses 90 Million Job Board Records

    eQuest today reported that it has amassed in excess of 90 billion job board performance records — making its database the largest collective of job seeker and job board search and trending data in the world. The data is used to calculate and predict future hiring trends, strategize better overall job board spending; while realizing better candidate quality results.

    Most data experts agree that eQuest’s data is the most highly prized in the Human Capital space because it measures the actual effectiveness of online job advertising across a multitude of career sites, social networks, compliance and outreach locations, and search engines globally.

    eQuest customers can watch candidate activity, including trending and responsiveness, per requisition, to easily predict which job boards will work better than others.

    New Job Referral Platform for Vets

    AliroGroup has announced the launch of AliroVets, the first employment referral platform to focus specifically on helping veterans and their families find post-military career opportunities.

    “Qualified veterans are missing out on great opportunities. 71% of veterans believe they’re at a disadvantage in the job market today, and 41% of veterans feel their military experience isn’t understood by hiring managers. We don’t want to just help them find a job, we want to help them find the right job.

    AliroVets is a fully scalable SaaS job referral platform. Both job referrers and candidates are incentivized with ‘success fees’ to make veteran job referrals with participating companies. AliroVets helps companies leverage both their internal networks and proprietary external networks with access to millions of veterans. Using referrals to make job placements is a faster, higher quality and more cost-effective method than traditional job boards.

    The site appears to be custom built. I like the look and feel for its simplicity and modern design. At this time they don’t have a lot of jobs and the veteran recruiting space is fairly crowded so we’ll see what kind of hustle its founders have as far as gaining traction.

  • The Bad Press Release
    By on November 6, 2017 | Comments Off on The Bad Press Release  Comments

    As someone who reads a lot of press releases I cringe when I see bad PR being pimped online.

    A press release should tell a unique story. It should avoid buzzwords. It should inform the reader. Unfortunately whoever wrote this piece for a new HR tech company called ShiftStars should be ashamed.

    Let’s take a look.

    First, the logo is grainy and jagged. Never post a low quality image like this online, let alone in your press release. You need a high resolution version of your logo. Preferably 300 dpi. Their logo looks sloppy and amateurish.

    So right off the bat they failed to present their new company in a positive light. Strike 1!

    Next they use the phrase “A tremendous new….”. Really? Who will be impressed by this amateurish statement? No one, especially not busy HR executives who have heard of every ‘revolutionary’ tool under the sun. Strike 2!

    Finally the content itself is literally non existent. I have never seen a two paragraph press release ever for a new HR tech product. In the first paragraph they tell you what it is, but the second paragraph completely falls apart after mentioning courses in sexual harassment. Wait, what? I thought this was a ‘hiring assessment software tool’?

    Strike 3!

    Whats even stranger is that this new tool is powered by something else! “The software is powered by EasyAcorn.”

    Maybe I should just use them instead.

    PS…if you need a press release written and distributed, consider hiring me 🙂 – ShifStars just wasted hundreds of dollars & learned that lesson the hard way.

  • Maximizing Your Job Board Revenue
    By on October 31, 2017 | Comments Off on Maximizing Your Job Board Revenue  Comments

    If you just make money off job postings it’s time to break out into new revenue streams. I was speaking to a job board owner recently who had not done so yet and was wondering what to do to make more money. “Diversify” I told him. “You need to open up new streams of revenue“.

    With the threat of big companies entering the job search space, today’s job boards must MAXIMIZE their revenue potential. That means selling advertising, using Adsense, Backfill and more. (You can check out my ebook on this subject here)

    Tools like Adsense offer you free money as long as you have traffic so why would you turn that down? Too many new job board owners fail to realize they are running an internet business. Internet businesses only survive by creating different ways to make money. Gone are the days of relying solely on job postings to do that.

    You need to branch out. At the very least you should be adding backfill revenue and Adsense to start. If you have 5,000 – 10,000 monthly visitors that could mean hundreds of extra dollars per month. Thats not a windfall but it adds to your bottom line and makes you more profitable.

    More profits equal a more successful business and makes your site more valuable in the long run.

  • Use this app to make your social job posts more visual
    By on October 30, 2017 | Comments Off on Use this app to make your social job posts more visual  Comments

    If you post your clients jobs to your social media channel, you need to make them more visual. An app called Legend does just that. Check out this video put out by local job site JobsinNH on their Facebook page.

    By creating more visual ways to engage with your jobs you can get a better reach and more clicks. The web is a visual place so your jobs don’t have to be just text.

  • New Niche Board: Jobs With Relo
    By on October 24, 2017 | Comments Off on New Niche Board: Jobs With Relo  Comments

    Jobs with Relo is a new site that launched a few months ago. Built with the Jobboard.io platform, it is my most recent site launch. i saw a niche that has yet to be touched and thought it was worth a try to get it online.

    It targets only jobs that come with relocation assistance as part of the job offer. In such a tight market I think employers will start to offer more jobs that come with relocation attached. So a site that lists only these types of jobs (from any industry) might be one that resonates with seeker and employer alike. A site called Relocate.me also launched this year (they target developers around the world) so I figured a site focused on other jobs like this might be useful.

    I don’t have huge aspirations for it at this point. Nor am I spending much time on it. My goal in the first year is just to let it grow organically, and pick up whatever traffic I can from Google jobs. Since launching in August it is attracting around 1,000 monthly visitors. I had to backfill through Indeed as they seem to have the most jobs that offer relocation assistance.

    Most of the traffic comes from Google and Facebook.

  • 2500 Job Domains For Sale
    By on October 23, 2017 | Comments Off on 2500 Job Domains For Sale  Comments

    Fran Grossman has been buying job related domains for years and is looking to sell off most of her names. So she has put up a new website that showcases these niche domains and is now accepting offers on all of them. Head over to JobDomainsforSale.com and check them out.

    To give you some idea of what they might be worth she has put up some comparison sell prices for other domains that have occurred over the past few years. I would add one more to this which would be Jobspotter.com which Indeed acquired a couple years ago for I think $3,500 USD.

  • Former Job Board Owner Goes to Jail
    By on October 16, 2017 | Comments Off on Former Job Board Owner Goes to Jail  Comments

    Here’s a story that caught my eye recently. A guy who sold his job board to DICE apparently hacked back in and stole customer data in order to start a competing site.

    The story goes on to say he tried to sell the new site to DICE as well! “I am deeply remorseful for my actions,” Reuters reported Kent said before being sentenced, adding that he had fallen short in his efforts to live a “Christian life.”

  • Remember HotJobs?
    By on October 16, 2017 | Comments Off on Remember HotJobs?  Comments

    The early days of job boards saw sites such as HotJobs.com rise to early stardom. In the video below their former CEO recants about that time and also covers the history of the ATS. Dan Finigan of Jobvite recorded at the recent HR technology conference.

    Jobvite CEO on history of ATS and HotJobs from RecTech Media on Vimeo.