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  • Archives: When Monster Went Niche
    By on April 11, 2017 | Comments Off on Archives: When Monster Went Niche  Comments

    This week I have been scrolling through some old videos from my Youtube channel. Some of them are 7+ years old now and it’s amazing how much time flies. I started this site after the great recession hit the country in an effort to monetize the stuff inside my head. It’s been a blast.

    Here’s a video about Monster’s own niche job boards (from 2010). The ‘riches are in the niches’ they say and I am a firm believer in boards that specialize. Recently I worked with a couple of newbies who were starting general job sites but warned them they face an uphill climb with Indeed and other big guys in their way. “Cool technology” alone is not enough, you need the right audience too.

  • Job Board idea: I Want to Work at
    By on April 10, 2017 | Comments Off on Job Board idea: I Want to Work at  Comments

    Back when I was still running my previous job board (ACJ) I recorded this video about a new job board idea. Time has passed (7 years), but I still think it’s a site that needs to exist.

    Basically it’s a concept to allow job seekers to target individual companies by pitching themselves in a “I want to work for you because…” kind of way.

    I see it as more of reverse job board that features candidates not jobs. Give it some screen time and drop a comment with your thoughts.

  • Indeed Axes Some Affiliate Programs for Publishers
    By on March 27, 2017 | 6 Comments6 Comments  Comments

    Now that they are the biggest job site in the world, Indeed.com no longer needs help from other sites to promote their jobs. At least that’s the message I got after reading their missive that was sent to all affiliate publishers last week.

    My inbox blew up soon after as clients and other industry pros pinged me to ask what it meant. I told them that Indeed’s relationship with other publishers, particularly other job boards, is slowly eroding. People were confused by the email so when asked for clarification I got this response;

    If you are a Publisher who has previously been approved for Sponsored Job content you will not need to be approved again, however you will need to use the job search api to generate revenue. All revenue generation opportunities from the Search Affiliate model will be discontinued.

    If you are a Publisher that has not been approved for Sponsored job content, information regarding how to apply will be shared soon on https://www.indeed.com/publisher. Please note that you may continue to use any tools that you are currently using, however as of 4/1/17 revenue will no longer be generated unless you become an approved Publisher.

    I’m note sure why affiliates need to sign up again for something they already use. For those job boards that use hosted platforms like SmartJobBoard and Jobboard.io it means any regular listings you display will earn nothing while only sponsored jobs will generate revenue. Since most affiliates were only earning a paltry 6-7 cents a click anyway its not a huge loss. But it’s time to move on to other sites with better alternatives.

    This news also comes on the heels of their recent announcement that they will no longer be accepting new job boards into their paid listings as of March 31st, 2017. From what I’ve been told, any current advertisers will be allowed to stay and pay Indeed to buy job seeker traffic but no new ones will be accepted. And by the way, there are still a handful of boards receiving organic traffic from Indeed.

    For the past few years I have been pushing clients to use Indeed’s competitors to buy traffic from because there is no sense in helping the rich get richer. In order to counter balance their size and power, job boards need to support the other players in the space to compete. That means giving their money to the likes of Jobs2Career, ZipRecruiter, TopUSAjobs,  Juju, Beyond. It also means redoubling your efforts to generate your own traffic through content and SEO.


    • Jobs2Careers – right now I am seeing an average of 17 cents per click with their backfill on a variety of my clients sites. Signup here.
    • Appcastthese guys will also pay you up to .25 cents per click (they have an inventory of 300k-500k jobs to backfill with)
    • ZipRecruiter – last time I used them I was getting 8-10 cents a click. Details.
    • Beyond – the large career site network has their own affiliate program.
    • TopUSAJobs.com
    • JujuDetails here.
  • News and Notes from the Job Board World
    By on March 20, 2017 | Comments Off on News and Notes from the Job Board World  Comments

    Here’s a quick roundup of job board news and notes that have crossed my desk.

    job board news

    Indeed. I have heard that as of March 31st they will no longer be accepting sponsored jobs from job boards any longer. Sites that advertise with them now will be grandfathered in. No new job boards will be accepted. This move comes as no surprise to me as they have been focused on going around the boards for many years now. Time to give your money to the smaller players like Jobs2Careers, TopUSAjobs, Jobg8 and Juju if you want paid job seeker traffic. Indeed is also launching their own platforms to build employer sites.

    WorkHere is getting some press. They are a job board app out of Indianapolis which is hiring. I spoke to one of their founders last year if you want to hear that audio click here. I consider companies like WorkHere, WayUp part of the new crop of ‘Job Boards 2.0’ era that is putting new spins on a proven method of attracting talent.

    Randrr. I keep getting pings about this strangely named job search site, but they sure are taking forever to get it launched. Apparently they hired a boatload of people and are building a “smarter job search”.  I question however whether investing a ton of money in our mature space is worth it. Why not go the startup route and begin by proving your concept first? Perhaps they will prove me wrong. Perhaps not.

    Recently re-launched on Smart Job Board: Job of Mine a free job posting site, Events Work an event site out of Canada.

    Climber.com launches personal career site service. The company’s California based career team works with clients to build the career site, so there is absolutely no programming experience needed. Details here.

    Interview with Indeed’s head of tech. By any estimates, we’re looking at about a million jobs in tech — engineering, software development, design, management — that will added in the next two to five years. Read story.

    Ladders, Inc. Announces Integration with Greenhouse Software. Integration features will allow recruiters to find and source the best candidates. Press release.

    Onward we go.

  • Another place to list your job board
    By on March 7, 2017 | Comments Off on Another place to list your job board  Comments

    On top of my job board directory on CareerCloud I just discovered another place to list your job board for free. Its called SimplyCareer and they have a nice looking directory. Get listed here.

    As a job board owner you should be constantly seeking out other sites to get listed on. It’s an important SEO tactic to get other relevant sites to link to you.

  • How to Increase Job Alert Signups
    By on March 6, 2017 | Comments Off on How to Increase Job Alert Signups  Comments

    While talking to the team at UK based Talenetic last week I learned of a great way that one of their customers, TopEngineer.com boosted their job alert signups by 19%. Check out this screencast.

    They placed the box after every 10 listings. Smart move. If you have the ability to insert more subscribe boxes into your result this tip will certainly boost your subscribers. Job board software companies and applicant tracking vendors could also learn from this tactic.

  • Reach 9,000 Job Seekers Through Email
    By on February 28, 2017 | Comments Off on Reach 9,000 Job Seekers Through Email  Comments

    I have an email list of job seekers that I have built up via CareerCloud over the years. Would you like to reach them in a single email blast?

    For $199 I will email your message to them. These are job seekers all across the country so it is a US based audience. If you have a product or service that is looking for more job seekers my email blast will give you a quick boost. Contact me for details chris@jobboardsecrets.com.

  • Career advice site with 40k monthly uniques for sale
    By on February 21, 2017 | Comments Off on Career advice site with 40k monthly uniques for sale  Comments

    I have a career site up for auction on Flippa. Take a look if you are interested in acquiring a career advice/job board with strong SEO rankings, multiple revenue streams and highly unique content. The Buy It Now price is $79k.

  • Job board SEO makes a comeback
    By on February 20, 2017 | Comments Off on Job board SEO makes a comeback  Comments

    Last week the news broke that WayUP a college focused job site had acquired Looksharp, one of it’s competitors in the college recruiting sector. That news is good news for all job boards but there is another aspect of the deal that deserves attention. WayUp bought Looksharp mainly because of it’s SEO rankings. According to WayUp’s CEO Liz Wessell;

    We’re adding more users, more customers, and better SEO rankings! When we first met Looksharp, the synergy was undeniable. Both WayUp and Looksharp had the same mission to help college students land jobs in a much more efficient way than ever before. So, what is most exciting about this is that we now are adding 2M more users to the WayUp community (which already represents over 5,200 schools), and we’re also going to be able to take advantage of Looksharp’s impressive SEO strategy and placements. While WayUp already has a million of its profiles often show up at the top of Google results (for example:https://goo.gl/G6mOXp), Looksharp has been able to do this with many other relevant job-searches.

    I’d like to compliment WayUp on their foresight. Acquiring other websites that have good search engine ranking is an excellent way to boost your own by either doing a 301 redirect or by populating the acquired site with your own job listings. It’s a proven strategy that works.

    Many new job board owners fail to do enough when it comes to SEO. You need to have an SEO friendly site PLUS create great content AND get backlinks on an ongoing basis. Then you have to wait to bake inside the Google oven. Time is SEO’s best friend. The Looksharp deal should help boost the acquisition prospects for any job board that currently enjoys good SEO rankings. Free search engine traffic is a valuable thing these days.

    SEO is back!

  • Job board revenues up 11% says SIA
    By on February 6, 2017 | Comments Off on Job board revenues up 11% says SIA  Comments

    With the job market tightening job boards are benefitting, according to a new report from Staffing Industry Analysts.

    Check out these quotes from the article.

    They remain an important — and evolving — tool for staffing firms.

    We estimate that job boards are growing at almost twice the rate of the global staffing industry.

    The research firm estimates job board revenue rose 11% in 2015, and although the large number of small providers makes an estimate of market size difficult, they believe the global market is somewhere between $10 billion and $20 billion.

    As it gets harder to find staff, job boards will see an uptick in revenue since employers need to advertise their openings more. Now is the time to boost your marketing spend. Onward we go.