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  • Here’s how to auto-publish RSS to a Facebook Group
    By on January 24, 2017 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Automating your social media is an important part of any internet business. Many have asked me for help in this area. One of the most common questions I get is about automating content to Facebook job groups. For the longest time I thought there was no way…but there iswith a catch.

    You can automate content to a Facebook group BUT you must have Admin rights. Regular members can’t do this.

    Recently I switched to using Dlvr.it a social media management tool. When I began to connect my social accounts I noticed that they included any groups on Facebook that I was an Admin for. Eureka! So if you want to auto post to your own group I suggest creating and growing your own or convincing the group owner to let you do so.



  • Setting Goals for Your New Job Board
    By on January 23, 2017 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    If you have plans to start a full fledged niche job board, here’s the kind of goals you should shoot for;

    After one year, your goal should be to have at least 5,000-10,000 users coming to your site every month. That is the minimum number of users you need to ensure that employers who post jobs will actually get some applicants. If you can drive enough qualified applicants to each job posting, employers will consider that site a success and will most likely post again.

    And when it comes to the question of how long should you work at your job board before deciding to give it up. The answer is at least 1 year. Online recruiting sites require a long time horizon. There are no get rich quick ideas in this mature industry.

    It takes time to grow and nurture your client base and sales. The first year is more about getting users than it is getting sales. You need to build a foundation before building the house.

    So I tell all my new clients to be prepared to lose money in the first year. Your main costs will be marketing and software hosting which can range from a few dollars per month to a few hundred dollars per month depending on how you implement it. That means you might spend upwards of $3-5k if you use an online job board software company. Or considerably less if you go the WordPress route. In any case, it may be a while before you can recoup that money.

    Marketing costs will vary depending on your budget but with no audience you will NEED to advertise your business. Use pay per click advertising via Facebook, Google and aggregators like Jobs2Careers to get your traffic. For every click expect to spend .25 – .50 cents.

    This post is an excerpt from my ebook: The Essential Guide to Launching Your Job Board.

  • Popular Tech Job Board Acquired by BuySellAds
    By on January 16, 2017 | Comments Off on Popular Tech Job Board Acquired by BuySellAds  Comments

    With 2017 comes the news of the first job board acquisition of the year. AuthenticJobs, a popular tech job board since 2005, has been acquired by BuySellAds, an advertising technology firm. BuySellAds was also a client, apparently having used the site to build its tech team. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

    BSA’s CEO Todd Garland said this:

    A streamlined recruitment process is one benefit already being realized thanks to Cameron and his fantastic Authentic Jobs team. They have laid the groundwork for some exciting new changes, and we hope to accelerate those changes. There’s already excitement brewing with our partners, and we’re going to help Authentic Jobs continue to grow into its full potential.

    A message about the acquisition appears on the Authentic Jobs website.

    After 11 years, AJ founder Cameron Moll said on his blog it was time to sell;

    We love Authentic Jobs immensely, but it was time to give the business and its community greater opportunities than we could afford.

    Moll has joined Facebook and his co-founders have moved on too.

    In my recruiter days a few years back I actually used AJ to recruit tech talent and I can attest to its effectiveness. At the time they actually offered a money back guarantee which is quite rare for a job board.

    The fact that they were bought by a client should also give you something to ponder. I sold my boards to a client and they can be a great suitor if you are looking to sell.

    In any case it’s good to see another successful exit from a job board owner. Onward, we go.

    authenticjobs acquired

  • Reminder: Post your Discount Codes to RecruiterDiscounts.com
    By on January 10, 2017 | Comments Off on Reminder: Post your Discount Codes to RecruiterDiscounts.com  Comments

    Want more employer leads? Offer them a small discount by posting a coupon code to RecruiterDiscounts.com, the site that helps them save money.

    recruiter discounts

  • Employers Want to Hire, Is Your Job Board Ready?
    By on January 9, 2017 | Comments Off on Employers Want to Hire, Is Your Job Board Ready?  Comments

    I’m currently working with a new client to get their job board optimized for posting jobs. As we enter a new year 40% of employers say they will be hiring full timers this year. Is your job board ready? Now is the time to go through your settings, update your pages, look at your sales copy and double check your order process. Does everything make sense? Can users accomplish their tasks with ease?

    It’s always good to review your site each year and get it updated. Things change over time and you may forget to update pages and fix things that need fixing. I came across this hiring survey which points to good news for online recruiting sites. The leads are are out there, now go get them!

    CHICAGO and ATLANTA, Jan. 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ – The hiring outlook for 2017 is the best the U.S. has seen in a decade with 2 in 5 employers (40 percent) planning to hire full-time, permanent employees over the next 12 months, according to CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast. Three in 10 expect to hire part-time, permanent staff while half of all employers anticipate adding temporary or contract workers.

    The national survey, conducted online by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder from November 16 to December 6, 2016, also indicates that employers will offer better wages, place emphasis on candidates’ soft skills and reach out to candidates via texts to invite them for job interviews. It included a representative sample of 2,391 hiring managers and human resources professionals across industries and company sizes.

    “Three in four employers reported that they are in a better financial position than they were a year ago, which is instilling more confidence in adding people to their payrolls,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder and co-author of The Talent Equation. “Following a divisive election season, employers are entering the New Year with a watchful, yet optimistic approach. One of the key challenges for employers will be bridging the talent gaps within their own organizations by either offering better wages or by helping to reskill and upskill workers.”

    Trump Administration’s Impact on Jobs
    When asked for their opinion on how the Trump administration will impact hiring in 2017, 23 percent of employers said the new administration would increase jobs while 27 anticipated no impact. Seven percent said they expect jobs to decrease while 43 percent were undecided.

    Full-time and Part-time, Permanent Hiring
    The amount of employers planning to hire full-time, permanent staff in the New Year increased four percentage points from 36 percent in 2016 to 40 percent in 2017. Employers in information technology were the most likely to say they were adding new employees at 56 percent, a notable 12 percentage point gain over the prior year.

    Eight percent of employers across industries expect a decline in staff levels in 2017, an improvement from 10 percent last year. Forty-four percent anticipated no change while 9 percent were unsure.

    In terms of part-time employment, 30 percent of employers expect to increase their number of part-time, permanent employees in 2017, up from 26 percent last year.

    Temporary and Contract Hiring
    The demand for temporary labor will continue to be strong as employers strive to have more flexibility in their staff levels. Fifty-one percent of employers plan to hire temporary or contract workers in 2017, an increase from 47 percent last year. Sixty-three percent of employers plan to transition some temporary or contract workers into permanent roles in 2017, up from 58 percent last year.

    Five Trends to Watch in the New Year
    Among key trends shaping the job seeker experience in the coming year are:

    Companies will be under pressure to offer higher pay – Two-thirds of employers (66 percent) plan to increase salaries on initial job offers; 30 percent of all employers will increase it by 5 percent or more. Nearly half (47 percent) of employers expect to increase the minimum wage at their organizations and, of these employers, 44 percent will increase it by $3 or more; 20 percent will increase it by $5 or more.

    -Job seekers will need to emphasize their soft skills –When evaluating who they will hire in 2017, 62 percent of employers rated the candidate’s soft skills as very important (ie, skills associated with one’s personality such as positive attitude, team-oriented or dependable).
    -Employers will communicate with candidates via text – 41 percent of employers said they will follow a recent trend and reach out to candidates via text messages to schedule interviews.
    -Workers in general will need to become more savvy on social media – 63 percent of employers said they expect employees across job functions to have some experience with social media.
    -More companies will be open to hiring workers who are short on experience – 55 percent of employers said they will train workers who don’t have experience in their field and hire them in 2017.

    Hot Areas for Hiring
    Of employers who plan to increase their number of full-time, permanent employees in the New Year, the top five areas they will be recruiting for include:

    • Information Technology – 28 percent
      Customer Service – 27 percent
      Production – 26 percent
      Sales – 25 percent
      Administrative – 24 percent
  • Thoughts on Replatforming Your Job Board
    By on January 3, 2017 | Comments Off on Thoughts on Replatforming Your Job Board  Comments

    I have helped a lot of job boards over the years to move to a new software platform. “Replatforming” as its called, involves a good deal of planning and data extraction so it’s not to be taken lightly. You need to do it carefully otherwise you risk losing a great deal of traffic and sales.


    Specifically you need to:

    • Plan and implement a communication and training strategy for your existing customers. You need to warn them of upcoming site changes and then educate them on the new features.
    • Make sure all your job seeker and employer data is extractable from your existing platform. Depending on your platform you might lost some data in the transition such as passwords which usually aren’t exportable.
    • Maintain your feeds. If you get traffic from sites like Indeed you need to either send them the new feed BEFORE you go live or ensure its contents are unchanged when you move to a new platform. I have seen several site lose their aggregator traffic because they forgot about this step.
    • Reset your social channels. If you currently auto publish and jobs or content to social media you’ll need to reset those feeds if your RSS has changed.
    • Keep high traffic pages. If you have pages on your existing site that get a lot of SEO traffic it is imperative you recreate those pages on the new site with the same URL structure. Otherwise you will lose that traffic.

    So if you are planning to replatform in 2017 take my advice or hire me to help.

  • Tracking Applies
    By on January 2, 2017 | Comments Off on Tracking Applies  Comments

    As a job board owner your number one goal should be driving enough quality applications to your customers jobs. If you fail in this task your employers won’t come back.

    Therefore you need to be able to track the number of applies overall and for each job. A lot of the job board software in the market now doesn’t track applies but platforms like Jobboard.io, Job Mount and Smart Job Board do which is yet another reason I recommend them

    Without this data you cannot service your clients needs. Jobboard.io recently introduced the “Apply Rate” which is the number of views divided by the number of applies. I love this stats and it’s something you should add to your own job board if you don’t have it yet.

    job board applies

    In Jobboard.io they show you total views, number of applies and the apply rate.


    Apply data from Smart Job Board dashboard.

    Apply data from Smart Job Board dashboard.

  • This niche board just launched a beautiful new redesign
    By on December 12, 2016 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    I have said for many years that a well designed job board goes a long way towards helping your sales and gaining new users. Recently the folks at niche job board CoolWorks, which features adventure/outdoor type jobs around the USA underwent a redesign and I thought it was a great example of job board web design.


    The new home page features visual new cover images that rotate, a fabulous new header area that integrates the logo into the main navigation and a clear call to action (search jobs). I love how they color the login button off the main nav in purple to make it stand out.

    Scrolling down reveals featured a list of featured jobs that can be scrolled horizontally. Notice how visual they are. I think all job listings should have a photo that sells the role and CoolWorks does a great job with “visual” job postings.


    Once you click into the site through a job search I did find one issue with what they did. Too much white space. The area that displays my keywords takes up way too much area and pushes job results down too far. They should squeeze the keywords onto a single line. It looks like the “Save This Search” box may be the cause of this but I would recommend looking at a different way to implement that feature so it is more linear.


    They also do a great job curating user generated content through their “Journal” section where people write about the cool jobs they get through the site.


    There is lots to admire about their new redesign. Other job boards should be jealous. It looks like they built site using WordPress. A lot of job boards online now have let their sites get old and gray. But CoolWorks is one of the leaders in our space that just keeps getting better.

  • New Upsell: Add Audio to your Job Listings
    By on December 6, 2016 | Comments Off on New Upsell: Add Audio to your Job Listings  Comments

    I am launching a new service that other job boards can use to upsell their customers and make more money.

    Audio Jobcasts

    The idea is to provide a short interview with the person posting the job in order to get more information and give that job a “voice” The audio, which I host with Soundcloud, can then be embbedded into the job listing like this.

    audio jobcast

    The cost to job boards who want to add this option is $100 each. You can charge the employer $150 and pocket the $50 profit. So if for example, you sell a normal job posting for $100 the cost for Job + Audio would be $250. Or you can charge higher. It’s up to you.

    Each Jobcast is about 3 minutes long. I will create the script, host the file and provide you with the iFrame code to embed. Your job board should allow for HTML access on its job description pages for this to work so be aware of that. Check out this example on my CareerCloud job board.

    Why Add Audio?

    Well, put simply it bring the job listing to life and is faster & cheaper than doing a video. Audio will help the employer stand out in a sea of text only postings.

    Send a quick email to chris@jobboardsecrets.com and we’ll setup a time to chat about how to implement it on your job board.

    Here is the embedded audio. The picture on the left can be of the person or their company logo. I ask the employer to describe their ideal candidate and why someone should work there.

  • GreatHires.co Founder Talks About the Interview Experience
    By on December 5, 2016 | Comments Off on GreatHires.co Founder Talks About the Interview Experience  Comments

    On my Rec Tech Podcast I talk to various job boards and HR tech vendors. Last week I chatted with Ray Tenenbaun the founder of GreatHires which is an innovative interview management tool designed to make the candidate experience better.

    Its a very practical tool so if you are building something for HR people or recruiters take a lesson from Ray and hear about the tool and how he came to build it. HR folks like practicality in their tools.