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  • A Warning to Job Board Software Vendors
    By on January 21, 2019 | Comments Off on A Warning to Job Board Software Vendors  Comments

    In case you haven’t noticed the world of online recruiting is a vastly different one from whence job boards first emerged.

    The sheer amount of ways to recruit online, from sourcing tools to aggregators, has created a vast ocean of choices for employers to find talent. This means that if your recruiting tool, whatever purpose it serves, does not evolve to serve these employers it will slowly fade away.

    Job boards have been facing this threat for many years and you have all seen what it has done to the likes of Monster, CareerBuilder and others. They have faded and now are forced to play catch up.

    The same is true for the software vendors that serve our industry. 

    It is time for you ALL to revitalize your product offerings to stay ahead of the curve. The status quo is not good enough to survive the future.

    If I were running a job board software company today, here are the features and tools I would be building into my product to help job boards not only survive, but thrive in this new world of digital recruiting.

    • Foster More Community. I believe today’s online job markets need to be a community, not just a place to post/search for job listings. This means allowing for things like user generated content, friending and close integration with popular social media channels. Let job seekers talk to one another. Aggregate industry news. There are lots of ways to let a community interact. I remember the early days of platforms like Ning.com which were social networks in a box. If they only had a job board attached I would have put all my boards on it! As a job seeker I’d love to see a newsfeed of whats happening on the site and be able to comment/like/share.
    • Social Profiles. Most job boards allow seekers to upload a resume but do a poor job of letting them connect their social media accounts. A seeker is more than a resume. Their public social media accounts are great for personal branding. Let them connect if desired. It could be something as simple as a clone of an about.me page.
    • Texting. Where are all the job board vendors when it comes to integrating texting? The chatbot vendors have learned that text recruiting is the future. Heck even big players like Indeed have surprisingly been missing out on this trend. Job seekers should be able to get text reminders for jobs they visit like what Emissary.ai is doing. They should be able to get a text alert when a company on their favorites list posts a job.
    • Better Marketing Tools. Job boards are internet marketing businesses and need the tools to promote themselves. There should be tight integration with social media so that a full RSS feed of “activity” can be broadcast. When a job seeker joins and posts a resume I want to see that message pop up in the twitter account. “Nice! John just posted a resume. Welcome aboard” it might say. Perhaps the ability to offer “push” notifications to users so they can get those handy desktop notifications.
    • More Backfill Options. There are at least 10 different aggregators to get backfill from. Some pay better than others. I’d like to see more options to choose from to help boost the bottom line. Backfill is an important asset to offer especially in the first year of a new job board and vendors aren’t doing enough to maximize this revenue.
    • Email. We need built in email marketing functionality to communicate more often with both seeker and employer. This means more automatic emails, drip reminders and automation to help drive traffic back to the jobs. I give credit to Kyle from Jobarto for building a platform with an email first perspective and see that he now offer SMS too. Email is a critical channel for job boards.
    • Data sharing. There are several thousand niche job sites that have lots of resume data hidden behind a silo. Imaging if they let the new breed of sourcing tools such as Entelo, Hiretual, HiringSolved and others see that data and help recruiters uncover new candidates. The data could be anonymized and the recruiter sent to the job board to pay for access to the contact info. Thats an revenue stream waiting to be tapped.
    • Employer Branding. Employers on any job board should be allowed to maximize their profiles by doing what Glassdoor allows, uploading of pics, posting of short updates, etc. The employer profile page needs a visual upgrade in most cases. Indeed recently revamped their employer pages, so should the rest of you.
    • Streamlined E-commerce. We need better checkout functionality overall. Posting and paying for a job should be a quick and painless as possible. And we need more types of product beyond the typical job posting feee. We need monthly subscription models and even the ability to charge job seekers for more things (reverse job board).

    I could probably go on but if you are a software vendor I hope you read this and take the advice seriously. Need help sketching it out? Hire me.


  • SmartJobBoard Makes Improvements
    By on January 15, 2019 | Comments Off on SmartJobBoard Makes Improvements  Comments

    Platform provider SmartJobBoard has made some enhancements to their employer dashboard and admin section. Here’s a quick screencast of the new changes.

  • New Survey Shows Job Seeker’s Use of Job Boards
    By on January 14, 2019 | Comments Off on New Survey Shows Job Seeker’s Use of Job Boards  Comments

    Here are some good stats to share with your employer clients. A new study shows job boards are the most popular way to look for work according to B2B research firm Clutch.

    More than 40% of job seekers secure new roles through online job boards, the survey found. This includes general job boards such as Indeed and Monster (33%) and industry-specific job boards such as MediaBistro and USAJOBS (8%).

    Experts say the current job market is tipped in candidates’ favor due to the low unemployment rate, increasing the likelihood that candidates will secure a new job after conducting an initial search using online job boards.

    “Going to a general job board may be the first step,” said Jenna Filipkowski, head of research at Human Capital Institute. “If they find what they’re looking for there, they don’t necessarily need to take the deeper dive.”

    Online job boards are especially effective for women. Forty-four percent of women surveyed found a job using an online job board, compared to 33% of men.

    Most job boards offer automatic job alerts based on candidates’ search history. These automatic job suggestions are influential, with nearly two-thirds of job seekers (61%) finding them helpful.

    Clutch’s 2019 Recruiting Survey included 507 full-time employees who started a new job in the past 6 months.

    Read the full report here: https://clutch.co/hr/recruiting/resources/how-people-find-jobs

  • Job Board News: .Jobs, HiringThing, VeganJobs, Monster, Indeed
    By on January 7, 2019 | Comments Off on Job Board News: .Jobs, HiringThing, VeganJobs, Monster, Indeed  Comments

    There was an interesting discussion with one of the original investors of Indeed, Brad Burnham from Union Square Ventures had on a recent episode of This Week in Startups. In it, he attributed their success partly due to the founds Rony Kahan and Paul Forster. He used the word “ruthless” while describing Forster’s business savvy. The mere $5 million investment USV made in Indeed resulted in a unicorn style sale of over 1 billion. One of their greatest investments ever.

    Watch here

    According to the Chad&Cheese podcast the domain jobster.com, a former dot com darling has been sold for $200k. It now redirects to the JobBird job site based in the Netherlands.

    A piece on ERE by Joel Cheesman reveals Monsters plan for the new year which include video resumes. Monster launched Monster Studios in the fall, a tool for recruiters to add video to job postings. It has been such a success that the company expects to add video resumes to the mix next year.

    HiringThing, a developer of online recruiting and applicant tracking systems (ATS) announced a new partnership with .Jobs, a leading job site network.

    The pairing of HiringThing’s ATS with .Jobs’ network of more than 35,000 job sites will give employers greater applicant exposure, as well as increased candidate relevancy. When employers post jobs through .Jobs’ network, their postings will be automatically distributed to all relevant .Jobs career sites. In addition, new benefits to HiringThing customers include:

    • A refined talent pool: Through .Jobs’ extensive network, employers can accurately target job seekers.
    • Greater exposure: Positions posted with .Jobs are distributed through thousands of relevant job sites, allowing employers to receive concise candidate pools.
    • A seamless workflow: Employers don’t have to manage relationships with dozens of niche job sites. .Jobs makes it easy to distribute opportunities to the right target audiences.

    HiringThing’s ATS streamlines every aspect of the recruiting process, including ad placement and syndication, candidate communication, interview scheduling, onboarding, and sourcing. The company focuses on delivering Hiring Happiness™ to each customer, simplifying the process of finding the perfect hire.

    “We’re building the job sites we wish we had when we were looking for jobs. HiringThing provides the ability to post jobs and manage candidates in a beautiful platform. An integration between our two organizations was a perfect fit. Together we are connecting job seekers to more relevant opportunities,” said Daniel Kraciun, .Jobs’ chief marketing officer.

    UK’s first fully functioning job board for vegan candidates and recruiters www.VeganJobs.online will launch on 21st January 2019.

    VeganJobs is managed by an HR Consultancy firm specialised in finding vegan candidates for vegan businesses and is already working with leading vegan British businesses.

    Tailored professional HR service is available for employers and they can also expect promotions and further support.

    Candidates can list their skills and CV, search for their perfect vegan job, and be notified of new vegan jobs in their desired area, while they can also receive tips to help their job search.

    job board news

  • Another Job Board Software Platform Has Launched
    By on December 26, 2018 | Comments Off on Another Job Board Software Platform Has Launched  Comments

    A few weeks ago I wrote about JobBoardFire and now comes news of another platform for the job board world. Job Board Kit is based out of the UK and is now open for business. They are also my latest sidebar advertiser.

    All of a sudden the job board software market is heating up. I attribute a lot of this to Google getting into our space. Do we need more platforms? That is debatable, but a little competition now and then is a healthy thing.

    JBK offers a 14 day free trial and pricing varies according to the number of jobs hosted. They also just added a plan called Startup which is only £7.99 per month for up to 100 active listings.

    The design examples they list are fairly straightforward looking. Features include Stripe for ecommerce, Indeed for backfill and several responsive templates to choose from.

    Setting up an account was quite easy, just enter a few details and it will create the site in a few minutes. Here’s a look at the backend which allows you to do things like adding pages and setting your backfill query.


  • Q&A with MarketGrabber
    By on December 18, 2018 | Comments Off on Q&A with MarketGrabber  Comments

    MarketGrabber is a longtime provider of job board software. I did a Q&A with Laura Barry, VP of Sales & Marketing over email recently.

    1. How long has MG been around? Who is company founder?

    Our company AlphaPlex, Inc. has been in business since 1997 and is located in Colorado Springs, CO.

    We began as a custom web development company specializing in database driven websites. We launched MarketGrabber in 2005 with our Classifieds and Directory software. We launched our Job Board Software not long after ane originally called our Employment Edition.

    The company was founded by Edward Barry (my husband), a software engineer who formerly worked for Digital and MCI. 

    1. How many sites do you power today?

    MarketGrabber powers over 1,000 websites with approx. 500 hosted with us at this time. Of those, we have sold several hundred job boards.

    1. Who are some of your flagship clients boards? (name a few)




    1. Is your software hosted or just sell licenses or both?

    Both. We provide our software with a full source code license. Our customers have the option to use our hosting/support service or use their own servers.

    1. What is your pricing?
    • Our Basic Job Board is $699 with add-on such as ZipRecruiter, Job Import, Applicant Tracking, SSL etc. which brings the average sale to approx. $1200.00
    • Hosting is separate from the cost of the software and runs $29.95 – $49.95 per month.
    • We also offer design and customization services.
    1. Is your platform Google Jobs ready?
    1. What are the 3 best features of your software?
    • Customizable white label solution,
    • Google jobs ready,
    • Job import and wrapping Capability with additional Backfill options.
    • In addition: As a company we offer design and customization services and are located in the US. 
    1. Whats your best tip for job board success?

    I believe the niche job boards are the most successful, specifically within a niche Industry rather than geographic location. It’s best for the site owner to know their market and use email and/ or social media campaigns to get their brand recognized. With our current tight labor market, job candidates don’t want to spend the time and energy sifting through generic job boards and aggregators, give them the jobs they are looking for and this is a win/win/win for job board owners, candidates and employers.

    Our Job Board Software is only one of the products we currently offer but we have seen an increase in sales and inquiries since our latest update in the summer.

    Please see:

  • 70MillionJobs Seeks CTO
    By on December 17, 2018 | Comments Off on 70MillionJobs Seeks CTO  Comments

    70 Million Jobs is the first national, for-profit marketplace for 70 million Americans (1 in 3 adults) with criminal records. We’ve created a 2-sided marketplace which looks a lot like a job board (from off-the-shelf technology), and are seeing great growth in both jobs facilitated and revenue.

    In the past we’ve worked with a dev shop in San Diego that manages lots of job boards. But we know we can be doing much more. Our small team of 4 is not particularly technical, so we need someone to come in and take ownership of this part of our business. We’d probably need a new job board designed, and we’d like to include certain new HR tech (AI, etc), plus lots of needs regarding data, tracking of applicants, etc. Someone with experience with ATS’s would be helpful, as well as someone very attentive to UX (our applicant users pose certain unique challenges).

    We are a company seeking double bottom line returns: do massive social good and make a lot of money. We’re starting to work with a number of marquee VC’s. Literally everyone loves our mission–this is a chance to build something that truly makes a difference. Our goal is to eradicate recidivism by facilitating the employment of one million deserving men and women. If you’re ready to discover real meaning in your work, we might be a good fit. PS-we’re planning a move from SF to LA beginning of 2019.




    Job Type

    Full-Time Role


    Los Angeles

    Job Function

    Full Stack

    Remote Ok?


    Experience Required

    3+ Years

    Do you sponsor visas?



    $100,000 – $150,000


    5.00% – 15.00%

  • Job Board News from tilr, RecruitMilitary and Community Brands
    By on December 11, 2018 | Comments Off on Job Board News from tilr, RecruitMilitary and Community Brands  Comments

    Goodbye Resume, tilr Makes Recruiting Automatic

    For companies that need positions filled immediately, scouring job boards and conducting interviews are setbacks they can’t afford. tilr in Cincinnati hopes to vanquish the void and give companies a competitive edge by creating a job marketplace powered by something more straightforward: artificial intelligence.

    tilr’s matchmaking process is designed to eliminate the need for a resume. Individuals download the app, take a skills inventory assessment and then go through an interview with a tilr ambassador, all of which take the place of the interview process. Using artificial intelligence, tilr hopes their algorithms can present offers to job seekers within minutes of a position going live by matching their skills to the job’s requirements.

    tilr’s algorithms don’t only speed up the time between posting and hiring — they also hope to eliminate discrimination and inaccessibility from the recruitment process. Instead of viewing a candidate’s profile or job titles, the skills themselves provide point of entry. tilr also makes it a priority to provide the same benefits offered by full-time employers, including health care, financial services and training and development.


    RecruitMilitary Job Boards Adds Google Search

    RecruitMilitary said its collaboration with Google gives service members a more effective means to match their work experience in the military to a job in the civilian world.

    Through technology developed by Google, the military job seeker enters their M.O.S.code, which stands for military occupational specialty. By adding the city and other factors such as geographic distance, the RecruitMilitary job board produces listings that translate the applicant’s military job skills to the civilian job market.

    The collaboration with Google is only a few months old, but RecruitMilitary said the enhanced search function has already had an impact.

    RecruitMilitary reported that applications by veterans on the website went up by 13%. The company said there has been a 50% increase in the number of jobs that come up in a search.

    Chris York, a client partner at RecruitMilitary said the job board is now being used by 1.4 million users.

    Online Job Ad Marketing Rising

    Online job advertising revenue grew 14% in constant currency, reaching USD 13.9 billion in 2017…The largest three firms are Recruit Holdings, Linkedin, and SEEK.

    Source: Staffing Industry Analyst

    Community Brands Further Integrates Career Center and Learning Management System Capabilities for Associations

    Community Brands, the leading provider of cloud-based software for associations, nonprofits, schools and faith-based organizations, today unveiled a deeper integration between the company’s Crowd Wisdom learning management system (LMS) and YM Careers job board solution. The new capabilities enable associations to promote relevant professional development courses and programs to individuals who visit the association’s job board.

    With the new feature set, learning courses and programs from Crowd Wisdom are dynamically shown within YM Careers based on job search queries as well as the attributes of a job seeker’s resume. Promoted learning programs are included on the main job board, within job search results, and in the resume upload process. The resulting user experience is one that is both unique and personalized. The enhanced features add to an existing integration between the two solutions, which allows for the presentation of relevant job opportunities to learners, within the Crowd Wisdom learning portal.

    Job seekers benefit from a clearer understanding of the courses or credentials that may be needed to pursue new career opportunities. They can also act on relevant association learning and education opportunities right from the job board. The new capabilities allow associations to increase engagement and purchases of their learning programs, generate additional non-dues revenue and acquire new members from job seekers who are exposed to the broader value offered by the association, and who decide to join as a result.

    job board news

  • Green Jobs Get a Reboot
    By on December 11, 2018 | Comments Off on Green Jobs Get a Reboot  Comments

    The new owner of Greenjobs.com, a premium job board domain name has relaunched the business as a new job board on the SmartJobBoard platform. I helped launch the site recently via my concierge service.

    Adam Yamada-Hanff, who owns the site, tells me that in addition to typical green jobs like solar, he will be adding wind energy, EV and other types of renewable positions.

    Green jobs reached a peak fever in the early 2010’s and I even had a site for them back then. Today the biggest part of that market is solar jobs which are still going strong and growing each year. Adding cannabis jobs to the site couldn’t hurt and should provide a boost in traffic.

    Launching a job board with a great two word domain like Greenjobs.com will be a key part of its success if it does well. This domain brings with it credibility and trust which will attract visitors. In fact, it already receives type in traffic from people wondering if it exists so that intent bodes well for the newest member of our job board community.

  • Find Your Niche in These Fastest Growing Jobs
    By on December 4, 2018 | Comments Off on Find Your Niche in These Fastest Growing Jobs  Comments

    If you are looking to enter the job board business here is a good list of what jobs will be hot. A job site needs a strong job market to succeed so stats like these are good to have as you discover which niche you want to target.

    To me, I think #1 and #5 and #15 would offer the best opportunity for a new niche job board that targets those roles. There aren’t many specific sites that target those industries. To my knowledge no job board exists today for janitorial/cleaning jobs. That could be an opportunity to explore.