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  • Want your job board profiled?
    By on April 11, 2011 | Comments Off on Want your job board profiled?  Comments

    If you run a successful job board and want to be featured (free link juice!) then send me answers to the questions below.

    1. Name your site and describe its niche/mission?
    2. When did you start it?
    3. What job board software do you use?
    4. Is your site profitable…how long did it take to reach profitability?
    5. How many uniques per month…page views per month?
    6. Describe your pricing structure?
    7. Whats been your biggest challenge running the site over the past few years?
    8. What advice would you give to someone starting a job board today?
    9. What’s your opinion on the future of job boards?

    As always send your answers to chris at all county jobs dot com. I’m not sure how many I’ll get but I will try to publish all of them.

  • Thanks SimplyHired
    By on April 11, 2011 | Comments Off on Thanks SimplyHired  Comments

    The good folks at Jobamatic just published a post about me as featured publisher. Check it out.

  • Job board tidbits (free)
    By on April 7, 2011 | Comments Off on Job board tidbits (free)  Comments

    Some things that caught my attention that you should know about.

    Indeed wrote a blog post about their recent attempts to clean up the quality of ‘sources’. Read it here then read their FAQ for job boards.

    Tweetmyjobs.com was acquired earlier this year. No word on price but you can read about it here.

    More dot jobs news here and a new site has launched called veterans.jobs

  • Why I’m still bullish on job boards (free)
    By on April 4, 2011 | Comments Off on Why I’m still bullish on job boards (free)  Comments

    First, let’s be clear about the term job boards. There are many types of boards: general, niche, local, matching, etc. To classify all them as dying is stereotyping the entire industry. The fact is, there are many niche and local job boards who still have a lot of value to offer employers when it comes to recruiting talent.

    However, I tend to agree with some who have said the big 3 boards have peaked in terms of sales and usage. But they are not going away overnight. No doubt social media has come on strong this year as the latest and greatest tool to recruit. But it is not the be all end all: it’s just another tool in the toolbox.

    There are hundreds if not thousands of successful job boards, particulary in niche and local markets that provide a solid recruiting experience. We’re just another talent shortage away from seeing even more of them pop up. Yes, there are too many job boards that have sprouted, but this downturn will serve to trim the herd and keep it healthy.

    Here are my top ten reasons for the continued existence of niche and local job boards.

    • 1. Relevance: niche/local boards deliver targeted traffic of local job seekers or industry specific industries.
    • 2. Cost: posting jobs on these smaller job sites often cost much less than the big guys and provide more bang for the buck.
    • 3. Job Description: does anyone think the job description is going away? Recruiters need somewhere to post it.
    • 4. Social Networks: I think these pipelines are best for sourcing and branding, not for filling immediate needs.
    • 5. Hard to fill: in any economy there are always talent shortages in certain industries. Job boards will always exist to serve those needs.
    • 6. Leads: recruiters are trained to use job boards. They’re not trained to use social networks. They still need leads for open positions.
    • 7. SEO: job boards are better at driving search engine traffic to jobs than any employer or social networking group will ever be. Most candidates start their searches on Google.
    • 8. Small business: they need job boards; we are their ATS! Small businesses create the most jobs, and their business owners need a quick and simple solution.
    • 9. Evolution: job boards are morphing from just places to post jobs into valuable, relevant online talent communities.
    • 10. Effectiveness: job boards still work. I should know since I run a few of them.


  • The other aggregators (free)
    By on March 28, 2011 | Comments Off on The other aggregators (free)  Comments

    You all know about Indeed & SimplyHired but there are a growing number of other sources to broadcast your jobs too. Recently I have begun using some of these other job search engines to get traffic. Here’s the skinny;

    • JuJu – the number 3 aggregator also know as (job-search-engine.com). Based in NYC.
    • TopUSAJobs – a paid only aggregator. They have good traffic and very search engine friendly pages. Been around for many years.(backfill available)
    • CareerJet – lesser known here but they have a global presence. Couple million uniques from what they tell me. Based in UK.
    • JustJobs – Eric Shannon (DiversityJobs) started this agg a few years back, Its paid listings only if you want to participate.
    • Trovit – the newest kid on the block. They dont have much traffic yet but you can get indexed for free.
  • Come to the IAEWS conference in San Diego March 23rd
    By on March 3, 2011 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Join Chris Russell and other job board execs at the Spring IAEWS event in San Diego held alongside the ERE Conference & Expo.

    Register Here >>

    There are plenty of good reasons to attend the IAEWS Spring Member Congress (and bring a delegation of your coworkers, as well). As always, there will be one-of-a-kind opportunities for networking, deal making and peer-to-peer discussions. However, for this Congress, there are at least two other very important reasons for being there:

    First, the closing session will feature a panel of HR and recruiting executives from Groupon, Hyatt and DaVita. Entitled The Consumer’s Calculus, their discussion will explore what differentiates a vendor in their mind, which variables have the greatest impact on their decision-making and what changes they expect in both their budgets and strategies in the next 12-24 months. The panel moderator will be Laurie Ruettimann of Punk Rock HR fame.

    And second, we have added a special update on the hard fought victory won by the .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition. You’ll get all of the details on the final weeks that led up to ICANN’s momentous decision that vindicated the IAEWS position on the proposed expansion of the top level domain. In addition, we’ll introduce a number of new initiatives that the association is rolling out to counter some of the claims made about our industry during this debate.

    So, don’t delay. Register right now for this very special conference. The discount rates listed below end in less than a week, on March 9, 2011.

    The Non-Procrastinator’s Discount saves you over 20% on the registration fee for the IAEWS Spring Congress. Register now and it’s just $235 per delegate. Even better, you can register now for BOTH the Spring and the Fall Member Congress at the same low $235 rate.

    The Joint Conference Discount saves you over $600 if you register for both the IAEWS Congress and the ERE Conference that immediately follows it in the same location. Register now and you pay $1130 to attend both events.

    Register right now to lock in these rates. Simply click here to reach the IAEWS registration portal As always, we thank JobTarget OneClick for supporting this functionality.

    The Congress Date, Location & Agenda
    The IAEWS Spring Member Congress will be held on March 23, 2011 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California. The agenda follows:

    12:00-1:00 PM Registration & Networking (lunch on your own)

    1:00-1:15 PM Chair’s Welcome Ethan Bloomfield, JobTarget OneClick

    1:15-2:00 PM Keynote Presentation: The Platinum Rule Dr. Tony Alessandra

    2:00-2:30 PM Corporate Identity Theft: Protecting Your Trademark Andy Hibel, HigherEdJobs.com

    2:30-3:00 PM .JOBS Update & IAEWS Initiatives John Bell, .JOBS Charter Compliance Coalition; Peter Weddle, IAEWS

    3:00-3:30 PM Break & Networking

    3:30-4:30 PM Member Round Robin: Peer-to-Peer Discussions Carmen Hudson, TweetaJob.com; Mark Dane, MyPerfectGig; John Mellor, WorkinSports

    4:30-5:00 How Big Is Your Checkbook: Government Audits & Fines for Job Boards: Ted Daywalt, VetJobs

    5::00-5:45 The Consumer’s Calculus: Laurie Ruettimann, Punk Rock HR and representatives from Groupon, Hyatt and DaVita

    5:45-6:00 Chair’s Closing Comments

    6:00-8:00 PM Joint IAEWS-ERE Cocktail Reception: Lubricating the Wheels of Commerce

    It doesn’t get any better than that! So, register now for the IAEWS Spring Member Congress.

  • Apps are the new websites (free)
    By on February 28, 2011 | Comments Off on Apps are the new websites (free)  Comments

    I think apps are the new websites. As mobile devices become more prevalent it will be important to offer these users of smartphones and tablets a good user experience. The best way to do that is through an app. An app gives your users easy access to your site/content.

    If you haven’t thought about transitioning to an app I encourage you to do so. Even if its just creating a mobile friendly version of your site, that will help your user engagement when viewing from a smartphone or tablet. Its been proven that people stay longer if you have a mobile friendly version.

    Today I launched by first app for sales in itunes for iphone/ipad.

    Its called the ‘hidden jobs app’ and it tracks hidden job announcements across the U.S. in a simple interface that accesses a proprietary database which I update daily. If you have an iphone, I’d appreciate if you download it and give it a review. (.99 cents)

    I think there are lots of opportunities for job boards to create their own apps. Stay tuned for more from me. This isn’t the last of my apps coming out.


  • New job boards (free)
    By on February 17, 2011 | 8 Comments8 Comments  Comments

    The beginning of the year is usually a busy time for job board launches. Here are some of the most recent ones I’ve seen with a little bit of commentary.

    JOBCRANK – JobCrank.com, is a national job board that specializes in helping recruiters, small businesses, and individuals connect with future employees or freelance contractors. JobCrank.com is the one of the web’s leaders in delivering job opportunities through social networking partners and hundreds of job boards nationwide.

    Companies and recruiters can post their jobs at a very low rate of $4.99 per basic job listing. Companies and recruiters also have the ability to increase their job listings exposure by selecting from one of three job listing packages.”

    MY TAKE: National job boards like this will never make it. They’ll never overtake Monster or CB. May be able to squeek out some revenue from the Indeed backfill but not much else. Good price point though…$4.99 per job.

    ACCOUNTANCY AGE JOBS – “Leading business-to-business publisher Incisive Media has announced a new jobsite for Accountancy Age Jobs. The move is part of a newly formed partnership with AccountingWeb to provide a recruitment solution with a collective reach to 385,000 individuals in the accountancy market.

    Accountancy Age Jobs has adopted the latest version of the award winning Madgex Job Board Platform. The jobsite includes Madgex’s next generation CV database, CV Search and Match, an intelligent search technology which matches recruiter needs with the most relevant candidates. The two new sites will offer recruiters increased reach to accountancy professionals.”

    MY TAKE: A global job board powered by Mdgex one of the nicer designed software providers. Love the credit card images on the home page! Says we are open for business. Too many logos on the home page, looks a little cluttered.

    EXPATHIRING – ExpatHiring.com unveiled a new online niche job board this week, focusing solely on the international employment of expats and bilingual professionals around the world. ExpatHiring.com is more than simply a job board for expat jobs – it is a whole new experience in expatriate recruitment. The website aims to provide expat job seekers with everything needed to help find genuine international job opportunities and make the subsequent relocation overseas much easier.”

    MY TAKE: Well designed user interface with nice graphics. Not sure how big of a niche this is but looks like a strong contender. Really impressed with the design

  • Jobamatic seo taking a hit? (free)
    By on February 10, 2011 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    For the past 2 years I have been riding a nice SEO wave with many of my Jobamatic sites. They have always been great traffic magnets. However recent changes taking place within the google algorithm may be causing sites powered by Jobamatic to lose ranking.

    Here’s a graph of my Burlington VT jobs site from the last 4 weeks. Notice the downward trend!

    So it appears that the “duplicate content” within this job board software is no longer worthy in Google’s eyes. I have noticed this hasnt affected basic searches…for instance I still rank well for the term ‘burlington vt jobs‘ … but my ‘long tail’ terms has subsided a lot. Bummer dude.

    This is going to make it harder for earning on backfill and adsense. It may make better sense to move to a different software provider.

    Reference: here are some links to read about the google changes.



  • Positioning your job board (free)
    By on February 3, 2011 | Comments Off on Positioning your job board (free)  Comments

    Every job board should have a reason to post jobs on it. For niche and regional sites that reason is self explanatory. The rise of local and niche job boards over the past 5 years is no accident. They work, and that reason is all about the focus and quality results they deliver. The reason to post on your site should be clearly expressed to potential clients on your home page and reinforced throughout the employer sections of the site.

    Here are some reasons why niche job boards are popular:

    Forrester Research: “Local Sites Matter. Geography is more important to job seekers than industry focused sites. Monster.com is the most popular career site, but local sites place second and fourth in usage.”

    Weddles.com: “These (local) Web-sites offer focused recruiting opportunities within specific geographic areas. Some concentrate on unique metropolitan districts while others have a broader, regional span. In either case, they enable you to reach large concentrations of prospective candidates for positions where relocation support is not available or a local background is important to successful job performance.”

    CollegeRecruiter.com: There are several benefits to using niche/local job boards. First, little to no advertising money is wasted targeting unqualified candidates. Because the high profile, general boards target all candidates, the result is that the vast majority of the candidates using those boards will not be interested in the position posted by the employer because it falls outside of their career path, geographic preference or skill level.

    By posting the position to the appropriate niche board, virtually all of the candidates using that niche/local board will be qualified for the position. As a result, even if the site has a small fraction of the traffic of the high profile, general board, the number of qualified candidates using the niche board tends to be higher. Second, the cost to post a position to a niche/local board is usually far less.

    When listing the benefits of your site to employers, use quotes like this to give the recruiter “piece of mind” that their ad dollar will not go to waste. Remind them constantly that your site is not like Monster or the other big guys. Your site is more targeted, therefore they’ll get more qualified candidates.