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  • New job boards
    By on November 19, 2009 | Comments Off on New job boards  Comments

    Although the pace has slowed due to the economy, new job boards are still being launched. Yesterday I discovered Cardgigs.com, a micro-niche job board serving the ‘payments’ industry. I call it ‘micro-niche’ because they are targeting a very niche industry and I do see more of this narrowly focused sites popping up. I think industry focused sites still have much growth potential.


    According to the press release: “Cardgigs is a membership-based site affording employers the choice of various service plans. Job seekers are free to join Cardgigs, build and revise their resumes, conduct job searches and apply directly to listings. Since its recent launch, companies such as North American Bankcard, RBSWorldpay, First National Bank of Omaha, Century Payments, International Payments Corp and several industry-specific search firms have already posted a wealth of job listings and been pleased with the results.”

    As far as the design goes I have a lot of praise for the homepage. Its a solid interface that offers ease of use, and plenty of ways for jobseekers to interact and search jobs. The graphics are clean and professional looking. My mantra for job board design is that it has to inspire people to use it, and Cardgigs definitely does.

    It has some jobs in the database although a few of the home page links showed no listings. A backfill would be useful there. I also noticed that browser titles do not change so their SEO needs to be looked at.

    The pricing model is interesting and based on membership.

    So its good to see niche boards coming along. Hopefully 2010 will be a much better year for those that still exist.

  • Deconstructing CleanTechRecruits.com (free)
    By on November 12, 2009 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    Here’s my critique of CleanTechRecruits, a renewable energy job board. 5 min. Free.

    [youtube width=”640″ height=”480″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5jEymD3Ev4[/youtube]

  • Article marketing for job boards (free)
    By on November 2, 2009 | Comments Off on Article marketing for job boards (free)  Comments

    Here’s another freebie for my job board peeps. Article marketing is a great way to build awareness and gain traffic. Just dont spam, write informative articles that enlighten and inform. Here’s one of my recent articles on Recruitingblogs as an example.


    Sites mentioned:

    * PRweb
    * HR.com
    * ERE.net
    * Recruitingblogs
    * Talentbar
    * Recruiterearth

  • Build a community with tools linke Ning (free)
    By on October 26, 2009 | Comments Off on Build a community with tools linke Ning (free)  Comments

    Building a job board today is more about building a community. Here’s my philosophy and why I love Ning.

    [youtube width=”640″ height=”480″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GersalE8pes&feature=player_profilepage[/youtube]

    Sites mentioned:

    * Sales Gravy
    * Jobs in Social Media

  • Some advice if you hire a sales person (free)
    By on October 16, 2009 | Comments Off on Some advice if you hire a sales person (free)  Comments

    I don’t hire sales reps to sell my boards. Instead I rely on SEO and Google Adwords to generate leads and sales as well as doing some lead gen on my own a few hours each week. But if you want to hire a sales person to really grow your site, here is some advice from Joe Stubblebine, CEO of Jobcircle.

    -How much face to face contact do your sales people have with clients?
    [Joe Stubblebine] Virtually none. We had outside reps in the past, but the market/price doesn’t support this model for us.

    -What is their main lead gen tool? cold calling?
    [Joe Stubblebine] competitive sites, marketing lists, etc. We rely very heavily on outbound cold calls to unique prospects – we have a database of over 45,000 recruiters that we’re working on at any given time, and we have about 6-7 reps making a minimum of 75 outbound calls a day. We monitor calls every hour to ensure productivity with our team.

    -Do you put more money into sales people vs online marketing?
    [Joe Stubblebine] Both. Most of the online marketing we do is in the form of PPC, and we invest heavily in commissions and contest money to motivate our reps (salary notwithstanding)

    -How do you structure commissions?
    [Joe Stubblebine] Target salary for reps for us has been in the $50-$80K range, and typically 35-50% of that would be base, the rest would be commissions.

  • Q. Can you make money with webinars? (free)
    By on October 12, 2009 | Comments Off on Q. Can you make money with webinars? (free)  Comments

    I think webinars can be a money making tool for job boards but I think the key lies in how many clients you have and how well you market it.

    Trying to sell these online events to job seekers is not a good idea though, they dont like to pay for anything, especially if they are unemployed. I asked my contact at CollegeRecruiter.com how they have fared with their webinars. He says;

    We tried for six months and failed to generate revenue. We tried to target employers, job seekers, and career services with no success. I’m going back to a free model and will use the leads etc. which are generated from free to enhance the tools we sell for money like postings, targeted emails, sms, banners, etc.

    Hmmm, guess I was wrong.

  • If you build it, they will post (free)
    By on October 6, 2009 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    If you create a job board that is the most search engine friendly thing you can build and that “inspires” people to post, then in my experience, it will make money. Watch this to see what I mean.


    Episode 14 of the Free version.

  • Episode 13: offline marketing materials (free)
    By on October 2, 2009 | Comments Off on Episode 13: offline marketing materials (free)  Comments

    If you’re going to do trade shows and job fairs (yes you should if you can) you will need good marketing materials. In this video I’ll show you some of the stuff I use as well as where to get them.


    Sites mentioned:

    * PosterGarden.com (displays/signs/banners)
    * 48hourprint.com (post cards/biz cards/rackcards)
    * Buildasign.com (signs-metal, plastic)

    Here’s a few examples of my stuff:

    4x9 rack card

    4x9 rack card

    4x6 post card

    4x6 post card

  • Jobamatic, the interview
    By on September 25, 2009 | Comments Off on Jobamatic, the interview  Comments

    Finishing off my series about Jobamatic, I spoke with Sr Product Manager Francis Larkin and asked him to talk about this popular job board software product. (FREE CONTENT!) 20 minutes long.



    My questions include:

    1. Explain the rev share and payment terms for Jobamatic sites…
    2. how many sites now use jobamatic…who are some of the more well-known ones?
    3. Do you have any best practices for using/intergrating jobamatic?
    4. Currently just offer just single postings…any thought to adding additional products for publishers like Packages/subscriptions or even the ability to off PPC?
    5. Widgets…are we getting more colors soon?
    6. XML API…how easy is it to implement…examples of sites using it?
    7. What enhancements can we expect in the next 6-12 months?

  • More evidence supports job board success in future
    By on September 24, 2009 | Comments Off on More evidence supports job board success in future  Comments

    Recently I was alerted to this study by TalentDrive which caught my eye. Check out these 2 points;

    1. The survey shows that despite the chaos created by the increased number of applicants online, one of the best ways to locate qualified talent, especially young talent and recent graduates, is still in habitats they are comfortable- social media and online job sites.

    2. 98% of the companies surveyed did not find Talent from within the existing Company ATS

    This is further proof that the ‘death of job boards’ is greatly exaggerated. People are trained to use job boards and companies still dont know how to properly use their ATS. All signs point to good news for us job boards.

    Here’s the actual release:

    TalentDrive Talent Acquisition 2010 Forecast Survey Exposes Human Resources? Top Hiring Priorities
    (September 23, 2009)—Chicago, IL (September 23rd, 2009)TalentDrive, the creator of the on-demand resume sourcing technology, TalentFilter, today released the results from the recent דTalent Sourcing Forecast survey, exposing top concerns, priorities, and budget capacities for Staffing Firms and F1000 Companies as they enter Q4 2009 and plan for 2010.

    Over 8,000 F1000 Companies and Staffing Firms were surveyed. This survey was conducted between August 27, 2009 and September 22nd, 2009.

    The survey first discovered the number one sourcing challenge facing companies currently, with 51% of companies responding ԓfiltering through the mass of resumes and increased number of applicants as the number one issue.

    When asked what the top strategic action companies are taking to improve their talent acquisition efforts and conquer the sourcing challenge is for 2010, 58% of those surveyed said revamping their interview process to reduce time spent with unqualified candidates as the top priority. Additionally, 31% of the respondents plan to implement sourcing technology to help improve their online talent sourcing efforts.

    Despite filtering through the online resume pandemonium ranking as a top challenge for recruiters, when asked if, once the resumes had been located, the quality of candidates met or exceeded their expectations, over half (54% of those surveyed) said yes, the quality of candidates was of the caliber they required. The survey shows that despite the chaos created by the increased number of applicants online, one of the best ways to locate qualified talent, especially young talent and recent graduates, is still in habitats they are comfortable- social media and online job sites.

    The survey went on to ask, if not online, what is the number one method for connecting with top Talent. 59% replied that their number one way of pinpointing top Talent is through employee referrals. The surprising statisticSM 98% of the companies surveyed did not find Talent from within the existing Company ATS.

    The survey continued, gauging the current use of recruitment technology solutions. Background Checking Software (48%), Online Applicant Screening Services (41%) and Resume Sourcing Technology (31%) were ranked the highest, while using an ATS (Applicant Tracking System), was not surprisingly lowest on the list with only 20% of companies employing this familiar candidate management technology.