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  • Job boards aint dying
    By on February 27, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    Its time for another one of those posts. Yes every year you see it in the blogs and twittersphere saying that job boards are dead.


    Job boards are alive and well, especially the niche ones. Just look at this recent source of hire study from ATS vendor SilkRoad. For external hires, job boards lead the pack.

    The fact is if you have a niche audience you can monetize with a job board. Just look at two of the leading tech blogs…Techcrunch & Mashable. Both of them have job boards!

    Craigslist is a job board and I dont hear anyone saying they are dying.

    Dont believe all the hype you hear. Job boards aren’t going anywhere, but what is happening is that there are more tools than ever for recruiters to recruit with. In the beginning there was just newspapers, then we added job boards, then we added social media & referral programs and now sourcing from sites like Linkedin are all the rage. So your job board is just one of SEVERAL ways to get talent.

    All this means is you need better marketing to reach potential employers. You need to rise above the noise of everything else.

    Job seekers are trained to use job boards. Thats not changing anytime soon.

  • Defender of job boards and other musings (audio)
    By on February 22, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    Check out my interview from earlier today on the HR Examiner Radio show with John Sumser. In it you can hear me talk about social, mobile and of course job boards.

    Listen to internet radio with HRExaminer Radio on Blog Talk Radio
  • Job board events
    By on February 18, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    If you are serious about your job board this year I suggest you attend one of two events happening in the industry. The first is the IAEWS Congress being held in Vegas in April alongside the SHRM Staffing event.

    Then the Job Board Summit sponsored by JobG8 is being held in Chicago in June. Details here.

    I dont think I’m attending either one since Im busy with my new startup but I strongly encourage you to get involved in your industry. If you ever want to SELL your job board, its most likely to be bought by someone who KNOWS YOU. So go and meet people in the industry, make connections. It will serve you well in the long run.

  • New event search engine
    By on February 11, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    99events.com is my first foray into something other than jobs. Its an event search engine. Kind of like an ‘indeed for events’. I came up with the idea in November, hired a freelance developer and built and launched it in December. It took about four weeks to do it. It works off the API’s of the major event sites like Meetup & Eventbrite.

    I built because because I wanted to maximize my networking opportunities. As someone who likes to attend networking events I realized that most of them were either through Meetup or Eventbrite. So I said to myself why cant I search these sites all at once? I found some other sites to tap into as well such as Eventful, Ticketleap and even Facebook events.

    So check it out and spread the word. Just enter your city/st to see whats happening around you. There’s even a ‘career’ category on the left to see career events in your region. The site only has an Adsense revenue model but i plan on adding some premium features.

    And actually it does have a use for job seekers. You can search for things like career events in New York City.

  • Mobile friendly
    By on February 9, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    It was long overdue but I finally had a WordPress developer create a mobile friendly version of Job Board Secrets.

    the mobile friendly version is here!

    the mobile friendly version is here!

  • My interview on Drive Thru HR
    By on February 4, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    I was recently interviewed on one of the top HR podcasts in the land, Drive Thru HR. Here’s the ear candy.

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  • These job board owners pivoted to T-shirts
    By on January 30, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    I ran into this interview with the founders of a site called Jobzle. In it, they detail how they crashed and burned with that site. You’ll hear some valuable lessons about starting an online recruiting business.

  • Should you add video to your job board?
    By on January 28, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    Not really I say.

    I get questions from people thinking about starting some kind of video resume site or ways to apply via video. But just adding some kind of video component to your job site wont really add much value to the seeker or employer.

    Employer/recruiters are BUSY people. And I cant stress that enough. They dont have time to sift through multiple video applications.

    Video resume sites never really took off, the main reason being most people suck at creating them. Most people dont want to be on camera.

    But video in the recruitment process does make sense in one area. Interviewing a small group of candidates. Thats why companies like Hirevue and Taketheinterview.com are getting traction.

    It works in this case because it saves peoples time from actually having to walk into a building to interview.

    So if you are a job board just use video to do career advice stuff. 5 or 10 years from now perhaps more job boards will have a ‘video apply’ as an option but thats a long way off.

  • My Social Resume
    By on January 23, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    The job market is ever changing. Social media is the newest tool in the job seeker and recruiter toolbox. It is so much of a trend that it enticed me to build CareerCloud.com.

    The mission of CareerCloud is to build social and mobile apps that help job seekers connect with employers.

    Our first two products are geared towards the candidate side. First is our innovaive social resume system. It allows a job seeker (or anyone with multiple social media accounts) to combine all that data onto a single page…a “social resume”. The user can then use that page which is available via a unique URL to promote themself. We even created badges to share it online. Here’s mine:

    The second product is a mobile app called “Hidden Jobs App”. I built in almost 2 years ago, just released version 2 a few months ago and now its a service of CareerCloud. We’ll be making more stand alone apps like this in the future. Get it for 99 cents in the app store.

    Now some of you may be thinking that I no longer like the job board industry. Not true. I still own a small number of niche sites like JobsinSolarPower.com. Its just that social recruiting is here and its real and I want a piece of it!

    CareerCloud is going to be a launching pad for all my new social tools and mobile apps. So stay tuned and get your free social resume today.

    As an entrepreneur you always have to stay on top of your industry in order to take advantage of the trends shaping it. I have always been forward thinking when it come to online recruiting technology. Its a fun business and I’m good at it.

    So my advice to you is keep experimenting and launching new products. You cant win if you dont play.

  • Knowing when to shut down a project
    By on January 21, 2013 | No Comments  Comments

    More than a year and a half ago I launched JobSpeek. The first app ever to let recruiters posts jobs from their iphone and syndicate them to the major job search engines.

    It won much praise from industry analysts and such. In fact the YOH Staffing blog called it the ‘future of recruiting’. But even though it was cool technology, it was too cool for most recruiters who are still used to doing things from their PC. It did have a small group of loyal users, it did work, as we documented a number of hires with it.

    But a recent bug in the app caused me to think twice about spending money to fix it. With the launch of my new social resume startup CareerCloud, I just dont have the time or passion for it anymore.

    Plus the fact that it doesnt generate any revenue. I never spent the time to enable the pay-to-post feature. I think it would have worked but it would have taken too much time and energy.

    Therefore I’m closing it and will attempt to sell off any assets. If you are interested in buying the app source code or the website, drop me a line.

    Knowing when to shut something down is important. You dont want things to linger to long and get stale. Move on to new and better things. Learn from your failures.