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  • What to ask before buying a job board
    By on December 8, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    If you can buy an existing job board that has revenue and traffic, thats usually abetter alternative than building from scratch. Having bought and sold many job boards myself, I’ve learned what to ask before pulling the trigger. So here are 30+ questions to include in your discovery process. If you have a few more to add, leave a comment.


    Use these questions to help determine the value of the job board.

    1. How many people does it take to operate the business?
    2. List all expenses of the business.
    3. What do those people do?
    4. How much do they make?
    5. Are they full time, or part-time? (how many hours do they work)
    6. What is the bare minimum needed to operate the site in terms of staff/hours per week?
    7. What platform is the site built on (custom built or hosted software)
    8. If custom, what technology is it built with? Does it need replacing?
    9. How much does hosting and maintenance of the server cost monthly?
    10. How many monthly pageviews and unique visitors does the site get?
    11. How much of that traffic is paid vs unpaid? (seo, aggregators, etc)
    12. How much of the traffic is generated by google?
    13. Traffic trends: has the site lost traffic this year? gained it? or stayed the same vs last years numbers?
    14. Are their any free sources of traffic that are at risk of going away?
    15. Describe all revenue sources.
    16. What does each product cost?
    17. What are the sales number from the past 3 years?
    18. Is all sales data verifiable by a 3rd party? if so can you access that data for evaluation?
    19. Will they show you the tax returns for the business?
    20. How many clients does the business have?
    21. Does the site have a broad range of clients?
    22. Is the industry the site serves a growing industry?
    23. How is the job market in that area (canada) overall?
    24. Are there any agreements with 3rd party vendors that have to be honored?
    25. Does the company have any debt or copyright claims against it?
    26. How many emails of candidates and employers does the site have?
    27. How many jobs currently posted? How many from same time last year?
    28. Why is the owner interested in selling?
    29. Are all job postings original or do they scrape or backfill from other sources.
    30. How old is the site/domain?
    31. Can you speak with some of their clients?
    32. Does the site have established profiles on social media? (list # followers for each)


    You also need to ask yourself how much will it cost you to take over the site. Do you have similar resources to operate it, Will you have to hire more people. Are you new to the industry, etc.

  • Hire me to run your job board
    By on December 4, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    Need some help in the management & marketing of your job board? Now you can hire me, the job board expert who’s been running them since 1999, to market and manage your job board on a weekly basis.


    I’ve begun to partner with a few select job boards on a part-time basis to help improve their revenue or to just keep the lights on.

    My services are based on a monthly retainer fee. In some cases I will consider doing it for a revenue share. I’m looking to partner with established sites that have traffic and revenue.

    NOTE: If you are a newer site just getting started you can still hire me on a hourly basis.

    Call  203-572-2053 or contact me to learn more.

  • Freelance aggregator GiantGator shuts down due to cease and desist
    By on November 14, 2015 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    I discovered some disappointing news recently that the niche aggregator called giantGator which crawled freelance sites such as UpWork and Elance has shut down. The founders were sent a cease and desist letter by Upwork and said they had received a “chilly reception” from many of the other sites.

    Their goal was to make the ‘kayak of freelance’ which I thought would be a highly useful tool for the freelance market. Freelancing is on such a growth curve there needs to be a better way of bringing all these projects together in one search. Sadly that isn’t going to happen anytime soon. The founders of GG said they were committed to sending the freelance sites free traffic and never charge them for it.


    I have long predicted that we would start to see more niche aggregators popup. It’s a natural evolution of the job search industry to make search more efficient (aka Indeed). But this latest development is troubling. Imagine if employers started declining their feeds be scraped? Where would companies like Indeed and SimplyHired be now?

    Craigslist took this approach in the late 2000’s when they removed themselves from aggregator listings (and eventually Google too). They wanted to protect their data which is understandable. But are Craig’s postings still delivering the same kind of ROI to employers as they once did? Some recruiters I’ve spoken to would argue not.

    For a niche aggregator to work, it would have to promise NEVER to charge the job boards it crawls. Trust is the word. Job board owners are already jaded by how Indeed minimized them over the years as it began to favor employers over everyone else. But the idea of a niche aggregator for certain industries still makes sense as a use case for candidates. Perhaps someone will pick up the torch from Keith and Dimitro and finish the race.

    NOTE: another niche play example is tech job aggregator Jobfusion.co

  • My Latest Backfill Earnings
    By on November 8, 2015 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    I like to get paid for doing nothing.Thats what being an affiliate pf the major job boards can do for you. You make money while you sleep.

    Granted its not big money but hundreds of extra dollars in my pocket each month is free money and I’ll take it. Below is a list of my recent earnings with Indeed, SimplyHired and ZipRecruiter.

    INDEED – $214.51 for October. Most of this comes from backfilling on these Hidden job lead pages.

    Indeed affiliate earnings

    Indeed affiliate earnings

    SIMPLYHIRED (simply-partner – $213.64 for Aug & Sept. Most of this comes from my drone job site.

    Simply Partner earnings

    Simply Partner earnings

    ZIPALERTS – $16.28 for October. This comes from a new jobs page I put up a few months agao. It doesnt get much traffic yet.

    Zip Alerts earnings (ziprecruiter)

    Zip Alerts earnings (ziprecruiter)

  • A reader asks…
    By on October 31, 2015 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Mike, who runs a healthcare job board wrote in to ask;

    I am looking for Job Board software that would offer Paid for
    Performance Job Posting ability rather than paid job posting slots.

    Any thoughts Chris? More like and Indeed, SimplyHire, ZR, J2C something
    we could offer all of our Staffing Agencies in our network

    Thank you

    Hey Mike thanks for writing in. To my knowledge none of the current jobboard software providers offer a way for you to charge by the applicant. Its a good idea though, something I feel the software providers should implement. Employers love PPA! Sites like Appcast are being built on this kind of model.

  • Madgex introduces new revenue stream for job publishers
    By on September 28, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    This is interesting. Madgex, the UK based profiver of job board software is launching a new Course Board platform. They are pushing it as a new revenue stream for job boards. Essentially its a directory specifically built to list educational courses.

    According to the article on OnRec, “This exciting new addition to their product portfolio allows newspapers, publishers, associations and any job board to create a new revenue stream by marketing and advertising courses and course providers to their online audiences in a very targeted way.”

    First of all I’m a fan of new revenue streams. Job boards these days need to have more than one.

    A medical site called BMJ has it live right now. They list a variety of medical courses for their job seekers.


    A directory of anything related to your niche is a good idea. You could charge for posting to the directory just as you do for jobs. It could be a list of consultants in your industry, courses, events, …whatever. -CR

    Madgex is an expensive job board software which I dont recommend for newbies or startups. They are high end. But if you want to build a directory of your own there are wordpress templates like Listify which can do the job too for a lot less.

    Always be thinking about diversifying your revenue stream. The more you do, the more your site will be worth in the long term.


  • I was wondering if you could offer some advice?
    By on September 21, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    Dear Chris, I own the following domains:

    conveyncingjobs.com has a website. The rest do not.

    In most Commonwealth countries, a conveyancer is a specialist lawyer who specialises in the legal aspects of buying and selling real property, or conveyancing. I am not sure how best to monetize them all.

    Is it something I could partner with someone with? I know your time is valuable but I would appreciate a any opinions or thoughts.


    Well Grant, if I owned these domains, here’s what I would do. First I would choose Indeed.com to backfill each site. Indeed has enough jobs in each of those countries to pre-populate them with jobs right away. Then I’d build the job sites to power them. You have 3 options here;

    1) use JobBoard.io and launch right away since they make it easy to get out of the box quickly with a job board. You can literally launch your site in one day.

    2) use an off the shelf WordPress job board solution. Keep in mind that these are a bit more techie to configure and launch than something like Jobboard.io.

    3) hire a freelance developer to build  a custom job board solution (using the Indeed API) that you can leverage and use on ALL the domains. Create a “network” of Conveyancer sites for those countries and start to grow your brand & niche.

    You’ll monetize mainly by Indeed affiliate earnings, adsense and job postings. I’d use the Indeed affiliate money to buy as many ads as possible on facebook and google to drive more traffic to the sites. By having multiple sites around the same niche for several countries you can maximize your affiliate earnings from Indeed.

    Launch them all at once. Start to get backlinks by blogging, guestblogging and leveraging social media. Use your first 3-6 months to target job seekers and start to build your candidate base before you start to actively court employers.

    Your “niche” is very narrow. I say this because it will affect your earning potential. So think of this as a second income for the forseeable future.

    After 1 year you’ll probably generate between $250 to $1,000 per month depending on how much you hustle with your SEO strategy and how many hours per week you can work on them.

    Good luck!


  • Leverage more Linkedin job search groups
    By on September 14, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    Hopefully you are crafting lots of great job search content for your job board. If so, you should be regularly sharing that content on the biggest social media sites like Linkedin. Specifically groups on Linkedin. All Linkedin members are now allowed to join up to 100 groups . If you havent maxxed out your groups then you arent maximizing your free web traffic.

    I have a job search group with about 2,400 members. Its called 21st Century Job Hunting. Please join and share your job search content. I’ll approve any job board owners asap if you want to start posting links to your job search advice content. Just be sure your post offers something of value to the job search audience.

    Posting in Linkedin groups means sharing useful content.


    There are thousands of job search groups on Linkedin for both local and industry niches. Take advantage of these free traffic generators by building your sites reputation with great content.

  • 8020 Bootcamp in Vegas October 16th
    By on September 13, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    Looking to take your job board to the next level? Consider attending this bootcamp being put on by my pals at Vitalfew. Held alongside the IAEWS congress you can learn from some of the brightest minds in our industry. HRtech is the week after so its a great way to fit in more learning and networking in one trip. Here’s the details;

    The 80-20 Bootcamp on October 16th, is an intensive workshop for Job Boards taking place prior to the 2015 IAEWS Fall Congress in Las Vegas, and featuring thought leaders in the Jobs space including Ethan Bloomfield (former EVP of Sales at ZipRecruiter and Founder of vitalfew:), Peter Weddle (Executive Director of IAEWS), and Mark Snow (VP of Performance Technology Group).The key premise is a focus on growth efforts that require the least inputs for the most outputs (thus 8020).
    At a glance:
      • Date: Friday, October 16th, 2015
      • Time: 7am – 12pm
      • Location: Mandalay Bay Casino, Las Vegas, NV
      • Included with registration
        • Event materials
        • Continental breakfast
        • 2 attendees passes to 8020 Bootcamp
        • Complimentary admission to the 2015 IAEWS Fall Congress (ONLY if you are a first-time IAEWS attendee)
      • Cost: $695 (includes 2 attendees)
      • More infohttp://www.8020bootcamp.com
      • Registrationhttp://www.8020bootcamp.com/registration
    The Agenda:
      • Continental Breakfast and Registration
      • The Job Board Marketplace
        • Peter Weddle – Executive Director, IAEWS
      • Monetization
        • Ethan Bloomfield – Founder, vitalfew: | Former EVP of Sales, Zip Recruiter
      • Sales & Lead Basics
        • Ethan Bloomfield – Founder, vitalfew: | Former EVP of Sales, Zip Recruiter
      • People & Management
        • Mark Snow – VP, Performance Technology Group
    Visit http://www.8020bootcamp.com to read more about the event, or http://www.8020bootcamp.com/registration to register your company (2 passes to the bootcamp are included with registration).
  • Jobs2Careers publisher details
    By on August 24, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

    My post last week about various publisher earnings stirred up quite a frezy. The voices behind J2C chimed in with some additional details about their own publisher program. “Compared to the three backfills you tested, J2C’s EPCs would be significantly higher without any transparency issues”, says Nick Roarty from J2C.

    He sent me their deck with more details. The company also has an API, embeddable widgets and support for WordPress. Details here. Nick gave me 3 major reasons for larger payouts:

    Conversions: If your traffic converts to application at high rate, we will automatically increase the size of your payouts
    High CPC Jobs: Ability to prioritize high CPC jobs within your feed and eliminate jobs below your margin through a CPC floor
    Revenue Share: J2C offers publishers a majority revenue share that is above the industry average