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  • A look inside Indeed’s client services
    By on May 19, 2014 | Comments Off on A look inside Indeed’s client services  Comments

    In honor of small business week the folks at Indeed put out a video which shows some behind the scenes action at the job board juggernaut. They seem to put in a lot of effort in outreach and customer service. You might learn a thing or two for your own team from this short video.


    The Stamford Connecticut based company is also rolling out their first ever TV commercial in the US/UK. Check it out.


  • Cool twitter bootstrap job board theme
    By on May 12, 2014 | Comments Off on Cool twitter bootstrap job board theme  Comments

    Found this cool new job board theme built off twitter bootstrap so its mobile friendly. Check out this live preview.


    I like how they split the interface into find a job/post a job. Great UX. Its only $15 bucks so if you are looking for a great out of the box design check it out. LINK

  • 8 tips for your Jobboard.io site
    By on April 23, 2014 | Comments Off on 8 tips for your Jobboard.io site  Comments

    I’ve been chatting with quite a few users of Jobboard.io recently and as a fan of the new platform myself I’ve picked up some tips and tricks that been useful in configuring these sites for optimal use.

    1. Use the Adsense header block for text not ads. In the example below it gives you another chance to add keyword related text to make your site more search engine friendly. Use the horizontal rule tag to finish it off for a better look.


    Phillycareers.com header

    2. Start a blog. Since you cant really add more pages to your site beyond the About & Contact pages a blog is a great way to expand your site. Just set it up on a subdomain like blog.yoursite.com and link to it from the sidebar and footer on your jobboard. Fill it with content job seekers like.

    3. Start a twitter account. Under the Main tab in the Site Config area just enter your twitter handle and Jobboard.io will insert the standard twitter follow button in the center of your header. Use your twitetr account to follow recruiters in your niche and reweet their stuff! Get noticed by them. Grab job feeds from other site and push them through your twitter handle to tweet for you. (see twitterfeed.com)


    Twitter account from Jobs in Social Media

    4. Add enough categories. For whatever niche you serve be sure to add the different types of job categories so employers can properly classify their postings.

    5. Set your backfill correctly. For example, if you have a national niche site that targets python developer jobs the code to isert in the Indeed backfill area should be:


    OR for sites that are a local/niche combination set the location and use something like this;

    (title:software OR title:programmer OR title:internet) AND database

    You can play around with backfill setting by studying the Indeed xml rules or by using their advanced search function.

    6. About page, add plenty of text. Write the niche your site targetgs and tell employers why they should post with you. Fill it up with at least one page worth of text.

    7. Add more keywords in the copyright.

    8. Don’t forget the sidebar. Another chance to add more keywords. You can even embed your own banner ads and sell them as space to employers for more exposure. Jobboard.io sites are very text heavy so the side bar is a good place to add a few more images to give the site a more balanced look. Imgur.com is a good place to store the images for easy access. They give you easy ways to embed any image.

  • Jobify is new wordpress job board plugin
    By on April 14, 2014 | Comments Off on Jobify is new wordpress job board plugin  Comments

    Here’s a new mobile friendly wordpress plugin for job boards. Its one of the more elegant designs I have come across. Download it here for $55.

  • Best options for backfill
    By on April 7, 2014 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Most of the off the shelf job board solutions let you pre-populate your job board with listings from their database. This is called “backfill” and its another way you can earn revenue. Generally speaking its not a lot of money but a job board that gets 10,000 monthly pages views can earn in the ‘hundreds of dollars’.

    Thats nice money to have and only adds to your site’s bottom line. The best options for backfilling come from Indeed, SimplyHired and Juju.


    1. Indeed – pays out after $100 in earnings (ECH or check) – https://ads.indeed.com/jobroll/

    2. SimplyHired – pays out after $100 in earnings (paypal or check) – http://www.simplyhired.com/a/publishers/overview

    3. Juju – also known as job-search-engine.com – http://www.job-search-engine.com/publisher/spec/ for more info read my earlier post on how to signup with them…

    NOTE you can only have 1 backfill solution, you can’t mix them as the above sites dont want to compete with each other.

  • Jobboard.io adds apply with Linkedin, mobile apply
    By on January 6, 2014 | Comments Off on Jobboard.io adds apply with Linkedin, mobile apply  Comments

    The best new job board software on the market, Jobboard.io is getting better. They’ve recently added mobile apply along with Linkedin apply and the ability to create multi-jobs packages.

    Full disclosure: they sponsor my blog. But I wouldnt let them if I didnt believe in the product.

    For the Linkedin apply the job board owner must login to Linkedin developer and make a new application to get it activated. Its fairly simple but involves a few steps.

    Mobile apply is already enabled. Job seekers can attach their resume from a variety of cloud storage sites such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Founder, Christian Malpeli pointed out to me that they’ve actually had mobile apply live for months though it wasn’t clear. Now when you click apply on mobile the icons from the various sites appear.


  • Madgex launches new mobile apply feature, rolling it out to client job boards
    By on December 16, 2013 | Comments Off on Madgex launches new mobile apply feature, rolling it out to client job boards  Comments

    I think Madgex may be the first job board software company to come out with mobile apply. None of the other vendors to my knowledge have done so yet. With all the cloud storage options available people will start storing their resumes and have them accessible from any device. It just makes sense.

    Madgex new mobile apply called “File Chooser”

    They just published a blog post on the new feature which you can read here. Here’s a quote…

    FileChooser enables jobseekers to upload their CV to the job board using one of three cloud services, Dropbox, Skydrive or Google Drive. The current roll out will allow tablet users to apply for jobs directly from their tablet device for the first time ever, complementing the changing needs of the modern day job seeker.

    Cloud storage and the addition of things like Linkedin’s apply button are how we are all going to be applying to jobs in the near future from our phones. Bet on it.

  • Get ready for .career domains
    By on October 28, 2013 | Comments Off on Get ready for .career domains  Comments

    Dot career is coming to a website near you in 2014. The same company (Employ Media) that runs .jobs will be selling them. In addition to job board uses they say it will be good for business, staffing firms, even personal use;

    Businesses and staffing agencies around the world will find .CAREER a natural extension for outward communications and marketing of their products and services, such as www.salary.career and www.NewYorkjobs.career. Individuals will be able to register their own name in .CAREER such as www.bobsmith.career for self-promotion to recruiters.

    Read more about it on TLNT. I may pick up a domain or two, particularly the short ones.

  • Jobboard.io announces new pricing plans, rev share
    By on August 14, 2013 | Comments Off on Jobboard.io announces new pricing plans, rev share  Comments

    New job board software provider Jobboard.io has announced new pricing and the addition of a revenue sharing plan. According to the company;

    This is great plan for folks just getting started with their job board who aren’t yet ready for a monthly commitment. This allows Job Board owners to really take the time to market and build your audience without immediately worrying about earning revenue.

    With this plan we simply take a 25% share of any job posted on your site – with no monthly fixed fee. So for example if you charged $10.00 for a Job Posting, we would take $2.50, and the remaining $7.50 (minus any Stripe fees) would be sent to your Stripe account.

    This makes it more attractive for newbie job boards to get off the ground with no upfront cost. Its nice to have another option besides Jobamatic when it comes to launching new sites.

    You can read more about this on their blog. The new pricing plans are as follows;

    $0 month with 25% rev share
    $99 month for 1 job board
    $249 month for 3 job boards

  • Juju.com wants your backfill (Q&A)
    By on July 15, 2013 | Comments Off on Juju.com wants your backfill (Q&A)  Comments

    I met up with some Juju.com execs recently and asked them to do a quick Q&A for my readers about their job search engine and its backfill opportunities. Check it out.

    1) Who is Juju.com?

    Juju.com is a comprehensive search engine for jobs with links to millions of jobs from employer career portals, recruiter websites, job boards, and other employment sites. Our goal is to make job search easier. We strive to create tools that make jobs more accessible and job search results more relevant.

    2) How many listings does your search engine have?

    Juju.com has over 4.5 million jobs.

    3) Why should job boards backfill through Juju?

    The Juju.com Publisher Program is a great way to enhance the user experience on your site while adding a significant source of additional revenue. Our partners can include our jobs in both email alerts and as backfill. Our API is designed to allow our partners maintain the look in feel of their site while returning relevant results.

    4) What kind of revenue can a typical job board earn?

    We offer top payouts to our Publisher Partners. Payout varies based on your audience. Our revenue model is cost per click and we split the revenue generated with our partners. Between a high click through rate and a high CPC our program is extremely competitive.

    5) Who are some of your partner sites?

    We currently have over 350 partner sites. Our partners vary from large generalist sites such as Job.com to niche sites such as Warehousejobs.com and Bankjobs.com.

    6) How can a job board signup?

    Creating a Publisher Account is simple. You can create a Publisher ID by going to Juju.com/publisher/signup. Once created I send it over along with our API specifications. I’m available to answer any questions or concerns during the integration process.

    For more info contact: Christopher Campbell |Vice President | Juju.com
    ccampbell@juju.com | (212) 537-3898 ext:6