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  • My Lead Gen Email Stats from 2017
    By on February 13, 2018 | Comments Off on My Lead Gen Email Stats from 2017  Comments

    I got an email from SendGrid last week. They created a snapshot at how my emails from the past year performed.

    I send thousands of lead generation emails each year so these stats come mostly from emails I find online of employer and recruiter prospects (people who are hiring). Therefore they are not opt in and I don’t email them more than a few times.  Just wanted to share these numbers with you as I thought it would give you another point of reference to measure against your own efforts.

    Ironically my Mailchimp sends are less successful averaging between 15-20% open rates. I use Mailchimp for opt-in emails for newsletters and special announcements. My newsletter for this blog gets an open rate around 27% on average.

    TIP: Its a good idea to go into your own email lists once or twice a year and remove any emails that have NEVER opened your emails. Though you will lower your list, you will improve your open rates by getting rid of dead email weight.

  • Jobg8 Introduces Its Own Email Alert Affiliate Program
    By on February 7, 2018 | Comments Off on Jobg8 Introduces Its Own Email Alert Affiliate Program  Comments

    The ‘world’s largest’ job board network JOBG8 (pronounced “job gate”), is expanding its reach by offering job alerts for its job board partners.

    Founded in 2008 in the UK, Jobg8 has a long history within the Job Board industry and will now provide a white label alternative to Ziprecruiter and Juju. Currently supplying job backfill and pre-qualified applicants to job boards that deliver revenue, their mission is to help job board partners to make more money, “not compete against them”. You can buy traffic from them or earn money as well.

    Job publishers can integrate them via API/web service to deliver candidate data directly to Jobg8 or get a white label signup page like this example;

    I recently chatted with their North American sales rep Matt Simpson about the new job alert offering.

    Matt told me “Jobg8 has 10 years of job matching experience that’s greatly enhanced by an ever growing database of millions of jobs to pull from. Our experience matched with such a large database of jobs means we can provide relevant postings to any seeker.

    “The important thing is that the candidate is exposed to the Job Board brand, receiving great service in their job hunt and the Job Board monetizes the candidates in the process” Matt continued.

    I signed up for an alert a few days back and got this email below. Note it indicates where the jobs come from as well as an introduction to the job itself which is great for the seeker to know.

    This PDF one pager will give you the basics of their new alert system. Click here to request a demo.

    Jobg8’s large database of jobs means job boards can monetize portions of their database that they are unable to reach on their own. Also Jobg8 does all the heavy lifting so the job board doesn’t have to do anything after integrating with them.

    Example of an actual Jobg8 email alert

  • Leverage Your Email List for More Revenue (member only)
    By on January 29, 2018 | Comments Off on Leverage Your Email List for More Revenue (member only)  Comments

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  • Here’s a good cold email from a job board
    By on January 2, 2018 | Comments Off on Here’s a good cold email from a job board  Comments

    I got this in my LinkedIn inbox the other day. Thought it was a good example of creative writing that promotes a job board. It sounds great, they list step by step instructions and include a special offer. Nicely done.

    Hey Chris:

    Long time! Hope you’re thriving. I have a sneaky feeling that 2018 is going to be extremely prosperous for everyone. Here’s hoping so! Got any plans?

    I don’t know if you are aware or remember, but a while back; I created a UXJobs Feed on Twitter.

    Turns out, it’s garnered a rather large following (22k+) (http://twitter.com/ia_uxjobs)

    Anyway, I get a lot of requests to post jobs on the feed etc. At first, we were charging, but we decided to make posting jobs free.

    So now they are FREE. We charge for featured, of course, but now all the listings go into the feeds (twitter, facebook, RSS, other job boards etc).

    Would you be interested in posting a few of your UX reqs. just to see how well they do?

    I’m happy to throw in a coupon for a featured listing. CODE: FAVRECRUITER (worth $100)

    1. Go Here: http://uxjobs.com
    2. Click “Post A FREE job”
    3. Select – Featured Job
    4. Use coupon code : FAVRECRUITER
    5. The req. will show up on:
    1. Twitter 22k+
    2. Facebook 1300+
    3. Linkedin
    4. RSS

    I’d love you to try it and of course, if you have questions I’m just a phone call away

    To A Successful 2018!


  • Job Boards Will Love This Lead Gen Tool (member only)
    By on January 1, 2018 | Comments Off on Job Boards Will Love This Lead Gen Tool (member only)  Comments

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  • Email Tip: Resend to Non Opens
    By on December 4, 2017 | Comments Off on Email Tip: Resend to Non Opens  Comments

    I’ve been a happy Mailchimp user for many years. Back in the early days of using it I didn’t explore some of their more advanced features but as time goes on I find myself exploring the myriad of functions behind its walls. Email marketing today is definitely more complex and time consuming than it ever was. If you are not cleaning your lists on a regular basis, doing A/B testing with headlines and other types of email management then you are not effectively using the platform.

    In the past few months I have been looking at ways to get more opens and clicks for my various lists. Perhaps the best one I found is Resending your campaign to non-opens.

    You see, a certain number of subscribers will never open your email. But you can increase that number by using their Resend to Non-Opener feature. Just click on your campaign (via their App) and scroll down til you see this;

    Once you activate it, they will send that campaign to only those who did not open it the first time. In my testing I have been averaging another 2% – 6% open rate. They recommend doing this within 24 hours of the first send. It’s a simple tactic to maximize your readership.

    So use it.

  • The Bad Press Release
    By on November 6, 2017 | Comments Off on The Bad Press Release  Comments

    As someone who reads a lot of press releases I cringe when I see bad PR being pimped online.

    A press release should tell a unique story. It should avoid buzzwords. It should inform the reader. Unfortunately whoever wrote this piece for a new HR tech company called ShiftStars should be ashamed.

    Let’s take a look.

    First, the logo is grainy and jagged. Never post a low quality image like this online, let alone in your press release. You need a high resolution version of your logo. Preferably 300 dpi. Their logo looks sloppy and amateurish.

    So right off the bat they failed to present their new company in a positive light. Strike 1!

    Next they use the phrase “A tremendous new….”. Really? Who will be impressed by this amateurish statement? No one, especially not busy HR executives who have heard of every ‘revolutionary’ tool under the sun. Strike 2!

    Finally the content itself is literally non existent. I have never seen a two paragraph press release ever for a new HR tech product. In the first paragraph they tell you what it is, but the second paragraph completely falls apart after mentioning courses in sexual harassment. Wait, what? I thought this was a ‘hiring assessment software tool’?

    Strike 3!

    Whats even stranger is that this new tool is powered by something else! “The software is powered by EasyAcorn.”

    Maybe I should just use them instead.

    PS…if you need a press release written and distributed, consider hiring me 🙂 – ShifStars just wasted hundreds of dollars & learned that lesson the hard way.

  • Use this app to make your social job posts more visual
    By on October 30, 2017 | Comments Off on Use this app to make your social job posts more visual  Comments

    If you post your clients jobs to your social media channel, you need to make them more visual. An app called Legend does just that. Check out this video put out by local job site JobsinNH on their Facebook page.

    By creating more visual ways to engage with your jobs you can get a better reach and more clicks. The web is a visual place so your jobs don’t have to be just text.

  • This WorkMeme is a Home Run on Social Media (member only)
    By on September 25, 2017 | Comments Off on This WorkMeme is a Home Run on Social Media (member only)  Comments

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  • New directory to list your job board
    By on September 24, 2017 | Comments Off on New directory to list your job board  Comments

    Recruiters Junction emailed me as they have a new free directory to get your job board listed on. Directories like this offer a great link building opportunity so add your listing asap.

    Suppliers for Recruitment Market: Are you offering products & services to Recruitment or HR industry & your product is not listed here in our directory, please list them here: