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  • 10 ways to get job seekers to your site (member only)
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  • Another good email prospecting tool (member only)
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  • How to get free press as a job board
    By on December 11, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    Getting free press for a job board can be a great traffic boost. But you need to give the press a reason to write about you. Whether its an online blog or a newspaper, all roads lead to more traffic.

    For example, my former company, AllCountyJobs.com, puts out a monthly jobs report from its flagship site. The newspapers around here eat it up and it gets their name in the news.

    Journalists and bloggers love lists of things or trends in the job market. If you put together a worthy press release, report, white paper or anything with a list its more likely to get traction with them.

    Think of things like “Top 10 Lists”. Recently I published my 2nd annual Top 10 States for Hidden Jobs in order to promote my new Hidden Jobs App. Last year it was featured on AOL and this year several news outlets picked it up.

    It works for new job sites also. I launched AmericanMFGjobs.com this year and put out this release. It was also picked up by news orgs and I even did a phone interview with one reporter about the data.

  • Remember these marketing tips (member only)
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  • 3 sites that will let you promote your job board (member only)
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  • How much should a job posting cost?
    By on October 29, 2012 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    One of the questions I often get is…how much should I charge employers to post a job?

    Well the answer should depend on your existing competition. If you are a new job board entering a market with other sites  I suggest undercutting them in price in order to gain market share.

    But at a minimum I would say a job post should be around $100 for 30 days

    Anything less will be hard to make money with. You can only charge a lot if you have a lot of traffic, so undercutting your competitors is one of the few ways you can get an employer to try you.

  • Don’t hide your pricing
    By on October 24, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    Hey job boards, dont hide your pricing information! The owner of carjobsearch.com recently emailed me and when I went to his site I saw this;

    I like how they put the phone number front and center. I hate all that white space wasted at the top. They should use it as a call to action for employers to post.

    Now its a french site (for Quebec, CA) so perhaps the image on the right side says it but i dont see any pricing info on the homepage. I think this is a mistake. I believe its important for a potential employer to get an idea of the cost of a job posting right up front. You just dont want to make them guess. You dont have to spell out your entire pricing packages but give them a look at what your basic job posting price is right on the homepage.

    Taking this a step farther I clicked on the Post a Job link and saw this;

    Never make your employers register in order to see pricing.

    I hate it when job boards dont have a nice, easy to read job pricing page that lists all their packages in a handy layout. And even if its free to post you should say that in big letters;

    “Post a Job for Free for 30 Days”

    As for the design of the site, its just ok. I have seen worse but i have seen better. Their logo is kind of basic and could use some kind of automotive icon integrated into it. My other advice would be to make it a US & Canada site. The bigger the market, the more potential employers to market to.

  • From job board to email blast (premium)
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  • How to monetize a job seeker (premium)
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  • Email prospecting tip
    By on September 12, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    When sending out emails to prospective employers there is a trick to getting a better open rate.

    Send it from a female name. In my experience it will get better open rates.

    Even if you have to make up a name, it will do better than a mans name or ones like ‘sales@…’