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    By subscribing to my premium podcast membership site I’ll tell you all my secrets for running a successful online job board. I’ll tell you about creating alternate revenue streams (besides jobs), ways to increase traffic and maximizing profits.

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    Much of my advice will help you target your competitors so that your site appears higher in the search results and use their weakness to your advantage. Many job board owners struggle with making their site stand out. I’ll teach you to rise above the pack.

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    I already run several job boards, but I have lots of ideas for new ones. I will share my ideas for new niche job boards with you. You’ll get at least one of those ideas each month!

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    I’ll tell you which software to use and why, plus I’ll create how to screen casts and interview the major players in the job board software industry.

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    The job board industry is constantly evolving and innovating. My podcast will keep you up to date on the most important trends, events and technologies.

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    The world of online recruiting is constantly changing. My content will keep you on the latest and greatest tips, tricks and trends.