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  • New Ebook: the Big List of Backfill Providers
    By on March 9, 2019 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    I have been getting a lot of inquires lately about companies who provide job backfill to publishers. So I spent a few hours putting together the ultimate list of providers that allow you to each money though listing their job inventory, Its just $15 bucks. Buy it below or click here.

  • CollegeRecruiter offering Backfill too
    By on October 22, 2018 | Comments Off on CollegeRecruiter offering Backfill too  Comments
    I mentioned the other week about Recruitology’s new backfill offering and also got news that College Recruiter has a somewhat similar, original backfill partnership opportunity.
    They recently migrated our job distribution from Joveo to Clickcast/Appcast in part because Clickcast provides us with the ability to build our own private exchange. CEO Steven Rothberg says this;
    College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career. Our customers are primarily Fortune 1,000 companies, federal government agencies, and other organizations that hire dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of students and recent graduates a year from one-, two-, and four-year colleges and universities for part-time, seasonal, internship, and entry-level jobs.
    At any given time, we’re buying candidate traffic for 100,000+ jobs from sites primarily targeted to U.S., students and recent graduates of one-, two-, and four-year colleges and universities. Most of the jobs pay a CPC of at least $0.20 and some are at $1.00 or even more, so we’re paying well above market rates for well-targeted, quality traffic. Sites that target a more general audience can access our postings through Appcast. We’re more selective about the jobs that we distribute through that channel as the traffic is typically not as well targeted as through our private exchange.
    We have about 1,500 college career service office and other career sites active or about to be active in our private exchange. Some of the sites are more interested in the revenue than the content, but many are more interested in the content than the revenue because our feed is dominated by high-quality jobs from Fortune 1,000 companies, federal government agencies, and other organizations that hire at scale.
     If readers have questions, please contact Steven@CollegeRecruiter.com.
  • Recruitology Now Offering Original Backfill with Competitive Pricing
    By on October 9, 2018 | Comments Off on Recruitology Now Offering Original Backfill with Competitive Pricing  Comments

    Recruitology, which powers digital recruitment classifieds for hundreds of media outlets, ranging from small local publications to large media properties like the LA Times and the NY Daily News is now offering original backfill to participating job boards.

    They have thousands of local job listings from small and medium employers looking to advertise locally and are constantly looking to get their jobs in front of more niche audiences as part of their partner network.

    If your job board is in any of the industries below you would be a good candidate for their network.

    • Accounting and Finance
    • Call Center
    • Cannabis
    • Construction
    • Education
    • Energy & Engineering
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Information Technology
    • Law Enforcement
    • Manufacturing & Trade
    • Nursing
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Transportation and Logistics

    “Original backfill” is better than traditional backfill because you get to list the full job listing versus just a snippet.

    Benefits to job sites that accept jobs from Recruitology:

    • Unique content from small and medium employers
    • Jobs not usually found anywhere else, as many of these employers don’t always advertise on the larger job sites.
    • An additional revenue stream

    Recruitology tells me their payouts are on par or better with other players. Partner sites can request a custom XML feed of jobs to scrape.

    Contact: Tim Weaver by email tim.weaver@recruitology.com or call 415-263-1300

    recruitology backfill

  • JobAdX Seeks Job Board Publishers
    By on March 5, 2018 | Comments Off on JobAdX Seeks Job Board Publishers  Comments

    If you run a job board, JobAdX wants to chat with you about becoming part of their job ad marketplace. I call their new platform the ‘Adsense for jobs‘.

    It’s basically another way to backfill your site but it sits in your job results on the first page as kind of a premium in feed ad that looks exactly like your normal job listings. Sites like Nexxt, TrendingJobs and Nerdyhire are already using it. Here’s what it looks like after I did a search on Nerdyhire.com;

    The job for DISH looks just like organic listings except for the sponsored by text in the upper right. If clicked, Nerdyhire earns revenue on a CPC level which is averaging 20-25 cents per click. That type of return is two to four times what other backfill provers will typically give you.

    As one of my newest consulting clients I am posting this to help spread the word. After signing up as a partner you get a dashboard to track your earnings. Setup is easy, there are just a few lines of javascript code you need to insert in your header and on the job search results page of your site. You can add up to 5 JobAdx blocks among your results and place them anywhere from top to bottom. For best results I recommend inserting them around the 3rd or 4th spot in results. The jobs that appear are based off whatever the job seeker typed into your search box.

    If you currently mix in Adsense blocks in your results try replacing one or two as a test. The JobAdX block should offer a higher return for each click. After all, its better to have a job in your results than an advertisement for something else, right?

    Right now this service doesn’t work with existing hosted software ( like Smart or Jobboard.io) because those sites don’t let you touch the underlying code. But if you use a WordPress based job board theme or have coded your own site this would be a great add-on to your monetization strategy. It doesn’t replace your existing backfill but it is another way to make money off job seeker clicks.

    Signup here to get a demo scheduled or learn more.

  • New WordPress Plugin for Jobs2Careers
    By on November 15, 2016 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    If you own a blog and want to add job listings to it there are a number of plugins to do that. But most of those only  backfill from Indeed. But no more. Pete Metz, owner of SkiptheDrive, has changed that. He developed a WordPress plugin that lets you search and browse listings from Jobs2Careers, now the 2nd largest aggregator behind Indeed.

    I have installed it to display recruiting/HR jobs on my site RecruitingHeadlines.com. View it here.


    There are 2 steps required to set it up. First you have to have a publisher account from J2C and create a new feed for yourself from there dashboard. Once you have that you copy the user id and password from with that url and insert into the settings of the app. Just search for Jobs2Careers in the plugin store to find and install the app. One cool feature is that you can limit the backfill to a certain location if you have a local job board. Get the plugin here.

    NOTE: you cant post jobs, the plugin is only search/browse so its probably a better option for blog owners who just want a little extra backfill revenue. There is no cost for the plugin.



  • ZipRecruiter now powering Patch job listings
    By on July 18, 2016 | Comments Off on ZipRecruiter now powering Patch job listings  Comments

    After SimplyHired was shutdown that left a gaping hole in their partner program that powered jobs on many other sites like those of Patch.com the local news service. Their sites had no jobs for a few days but I just checked and ZipRecruiter is now their backfill of choice.


  • My Latest Backfill Earnings
    By on November 8, 2015 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    I like to get paid for doing nothing.Thats what being an affiliate pf the major job boards can do for you. You make money while you sleep.

    Granted its not big money but hundreds of extra dollars in my pocket each month is free money and I’ll take it. Below is a list of my recent earnings with Indeed, SimplyHired and ZipRecruiter.

    INDEED – $214.51 for October. Most of this comes from backfilling on these Hidden job lead pages.

    Indeed affiliate earnings

    Indeed affiliate earnings

    SIMPLYHIRED (simply-partner – $213.64 for Aug & Sept. Most of this comes from my drone job site.

    Simply Partner earnings

    Simply Partner earnings

    ZIPALERTS – $16.28 for October. This comes from a new jobs page I put up a few months agao. It doesnt get much traffic yet.

    Zip Alerts earnings (ziprecruiter)

    Zip Alerts earnings (ziprecruiter)

  • Job board revenue streams (other than jobs)
    By on March 16, 2015 | Comments Off on Job board revenue streams (other than jobs)  Comments

    In the golden days of job boards you could get away with just making money on job postings. Not anymore. Here’s a list of other revenue ideas that will help you add to the bottom line. Multiple revenue streams will help your business stay aflot in good times and bad. Today’s job board NEEDS multiple revenue sources to survive. My favorite is Adsense but here are 6 more ways to increase your bottom line.

    1. Backfill from Indeed, SimplyHired or JuJu. For every 10,000 page views you can earn anywhere from $100-$300 in my experience.

    2. Banner ads. The recruitment ad agencies like TMP, Bayard, CKS, etc will pay for these IF you have traffic and target a local or niche. Sell your own banners and reap the reward.

    3. Email blasts. If you have a list of job seekers you can send out email blasts for employers. For 1,000 emails I would charge something like 10 or 15 cents per email.

    4. Affiliate programs. I have never been a big fan of these but there are various resume services and other job related sites that willpay for traffic or conversions. Check out Commission Junction for finding them. Resume services are another one.

    5. Job fairs. Hold an offline job fair. Connect with your clients and job seekers in person. These are espcially good for local sites as a way to build community.

    6. Resume access. Charge employers to search your resumes or to contact the job seeker. Take a page out of Indeed’s book where they charge $1 to contact the jo seeker while making their resume free to see.

  • Quarter a click (member only)
    By on July 21, 2014 | Comments Off on Quarter a click (member only)  Comments

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  • Chicken or the egg problem for new job boards (member only)
    By on April 21, 2014 | Comments Off on Chicken or the egg problem for new job boards (member only)  Comments

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