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  • Job board insider (free)
    By on May 27, 2011 | Comments Off on Job board insider (free)  Comments

    Here’s a few items from the job board world you should know about.

    Job-a-matic: Job-a-matic Guide to Increasing Job Postings

    New job search engine: Jobety has launched. Its a niche aggregator that caters to web design and development jobs.

    More and more job boards are increasing their reach through job distribution networks.

    New Job board for Gamers is launching. GameJobsDirect is a very nice looking global job board that is powered by a UK job board sw provider called Strategies. The UK providers always seem to have really nice designs/interfaces.

  • Google panda and job boards (premium)
    By on May 5, 2011 | 2 Comments2 Comments  Comments

    The recent Google ‘Panda’ update to their algorithim has significantly affected some of my jobamatic sites. All the ones I had with or without a homepage and where I used my own domain lost virtually all of the seo traffic last month. Total bummer. Audiojobs.com went from #1 for the term ‘audio jobs’ to ‘nowhere to be found’ in search results.

    On the plus side the green sites I have hosted with my own homepage and which did not use my own domain in the jobamatic portion did not lose anything. Sites like JobsinBiofuels.com which have a homepage on my own domain and link to a subdomain http://jobsinbiofuels.jobamatic.com/a/jobs/find-jobs
    on the backend were NOT affected. The reason is that it’s a subdomain of jobamatic.com which has solid pagerank. This doesnt make any sense to me (its the same content) but you cant argue with a machine which is what google is.

    So i would now just host your own homepage and link off to jobamatic like i’m doing with the biofuels site. I’m eventually taking the philly, baltimore and dc sites off jobamatic since its no longer the link magnet it once was. I cant say for sure this is true for all jobamatic sites because I have seen other sites still rank. I’m starting to think its more about my specific domains which I bought last year from another job boarder. For some reason Google no longer likes them.

    If your site was affected by the update I’d love to hear from you.

  • Thanks SimplyHired
    By on April 11, 2011 | Comments Off on Thanks SimplyHired  Comments

    The good folks at Jobamatic just published a post about me as featured publisher. Check it out.

  • From job board to community (premium)
    By on February 22, 2011 | Comments Off on From job board to community (premium)  Comments

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  • Jobamatic seo taking a hit? (free)
    By on February 10, 2011 | 4 Comments4 Comments  Comments

    For the past 2 years I have been riding a nice SEO wave with many of my Jobamatic sites. They have always been great traffic magnets. However recent changes taking place within the google algorithm may be causing sites powered by Jobamatic to lose ranking.

    Here’s a graph of my Burlington VT jobs site from the last 4 weeks. Notice the downward trend!

    So it appears that the “duplicate content” within this job board software is no longer worthy in Google’s eyes. I have noticed this hasnt affected basic searches…for instance I still rank well for the term ‘burlington vt jobs‘ … but my ‘long tail’ terms has subsided a lot. Bummer dude.

    This is going to make it harder for earning on backfill and adsense. It may make better sense to move to a different software provider.

    Reference: here are some links to read about the google changes.



  • Using local sites to rank well (premium)
    By on January 24, 2011 | Comments Off on Using local sites to rank well (premium)  Comments

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  • 5 Tips & Tricks for Jobamatic Success (free)
    By on January 3, 2011 | 30 Comments30 Comments  Comments
    Jobamatic is a great tool for getting a job board up and running quickly. Not only can you monetize a job domain through postings, but backfill as well. Adding Adsense to the mix rounds out the monetization potential. 3 ways to make money is always better than 1.

    As a job board consultant I have been using Jobamatic for more than 3 years and in that time have discovered several strategies to maximize my sites potential. While it’s the most search engine friendly job board software out there, you still need to make it look and act like a professional employment site.

    Here’s what you need to do;

    1. Design is key. Jobamatic gives you control over the header and footer of the page. Use it to your advantage. The maximum size of your logo can be 800×200 so I recommend creating a wide logo that takes up all that space. Check out this example from my CNA jobs site. This particular banner logo is 800×151. I then add some keywords, adsense and a secondary image below it.
    The design of your site is the most important element to its success. It has to look good in order for job seekers to use it and employers to post jobs. You want your audience to trust you. Great design earns trust.

    Don’t use the standard templates that come with Jobamatic either. If you’re serious about making money with your job board, invest in a good header/logo.

    When it comes to choosing your color scheme keep it simple. In the above example I use a simple blue color in the banner and continue that scheme throughout the rest of the site in the links, header name and Adsense block. I use a light gray to highlight the fill and make the shadow white so it does not alternate rows which is a dead give-away that it is a Jobamatic site. Your goal should be to make it look as different from their template as possible.

    The footer is another way to customize and most people dont take advantage of it. Sometimes I use it to place keywords with the <h1> tag for SEO purposes, sometimes I just add a smaller banner and Adsense.

    Flickjobs.com footer:

    CNAjobsnow.com footer:

    2. Replace the Post job button. Although not a must do, you can replace the look of their standard post a job button. Here is the link with instructions. Just be aware that the size of the button can be no bigger than 235×46, not the 280×60 as indicated.

    3. Integrate Adsense properly. The only Adsense block I have found worthy of using is the 728×90 Horizontal ad. It fits snugly underneath my banner/logos and if you match the colors you’ll get a stronger click through rate. Some of my Jobamatic sites earn upwards of $200 per month just with Adsense alone.

    4. Make a Homepage. Although you can use Jobamatic as your primary domain (like I do with cnajobsnow.com) I have started creating homepages for my boards while using a subdomain like jobs.yoursitesname.com for the Jobamatic portion. The homepage is designed to showcase the latest jobs (using the widget) and brand the site as a solid choice for recruiters and job seekers. Check out what I did with my Philadelphia job site.

    I carried over the header to ensure a consistent look and feel. I use the banners and widgets you can get in Jobamatic to promote. Then I create 2 strong “call to actions” for employers and job seekers. I tell them what I want them to do. Creating your own homepage also allows you to write seo friendly text to attract search engines.

    5. Choose name carefully. When picking a name for your site inside the Jobamatic admin panel choose a keyword rich phrase. That phrase is important because it becomes part of the meta tags that get created. If they are short you can even use 2 phrases like the example below.

  • Newbies need to use jobamatic
    By on December 9, 2010 | Comments Off on Newbies need to use jobamatic  Comments

    If you are just getting into the job board business take this advice about which software to use.

    I start all my new job boards with Jobamatic. Why you ask?

    Here’s why.

    1. Its free. There are no setup fees. You can host your own homepage or even use the jobamatic platform for the whole site by pointing the entire domain there link I do with CNCjobsnow.com. $0 setup fee cant be beat.

    2. It is easy to use. If you have limited or no experience in publishing web pages you dont need much knowledge to upload a logo. Since you only have control over color/header/footer it takes less time to manage.

    3. You can make money other than postings via backfill and add ADSENSE code. Its a three-pronged approach to revenue.

    So although you only get a 50/50 split on job posting revenue a jobamatic board allows you to TEST the market you are targeting without having to spend any money on setup. And since its a very search engine friendly solution it should help you attract traffic more easily.

    Once you get the board going after a year or so then you can investigate moving to another job board platform AFTER you have proved the site will succeed. Why invest money if you dont have to?

  • A lesson in SEO from Jobamatic (premium)
    By on July 15, 2010 | Comments Off on A lesson in SEO from Jobamatic (premium)  Comments

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  • Why I love Jobamatic so much
    By on May 6, 2010 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    A lot of non-job board people tend to give Jobamatic grief when it comes to online job hunting. They say that it has helped to proliferate / litter the web with duplicate jobs. And they are right to an extent. The ease of use of setting up a job board is dead simple and they have given the green light to anyone with a website who wants jobs.

    But for me it has been a solid new revenue source. The recession of 08-09 forced me to find new ways to make money and I took to Jobamatic like a fly on sticky paper. I launched several green job boards and have been pleasantly surprised as to the results. They are getting thousands of users per month, attracting good search traffic and rank well for keywords.

    Perhaps the best reason to use Jobamatic is the built in SEO of the site architecture. Its the best SEO in the biz in my opinion. On a site like JobsinLEED for example 80% of the 5,000 monthly uniques come from search engines. Thats damn good seo.

    I’m also a fan of making a few extra bucks on back fill clicks. Its not much (only a few cents per click) but it adds up over the course of a month and some of my sites bring in over $100/mo just in backfill. So if you can drive traffic, you will make money.

    The overall look and feel of Jobamatic is also awesome. Its the most “web 2.0” of all the vendors. I can tweak the design to fit my need and since I place Adsense in strong positions above the fold it offers me flexibity in designing the look and feel. All users can add images and text to the header and footer of all pages. The pages load fast and thats another plus. Fast servers = more money.

    But they do have shortcomings. Jobthread for example lets you control not only the header/footer but the left and right columns as well. And there is no employer login. If you setup a yearly package for a company they have to remember a code each time they want to post.

    There is no support for multiple accounts either. (Jobtarget does) so I have to create separate accts from all my sites which now number around 10 so it gets hard to track of everything some time. This also causes me to get separate payments for each site which come in once a month via paypal. I wish I could be paid once and be done with it.

    But I digress. SimplyHired recently hired more people to work on the Jobamatic product and I have told them of my thoughts on the software. I do hope they listen.

    Anyway, long live jobs, long live the job board, wounded as it is by some, it will always be my home.