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  • Jobcase Adds Local Job Site for West Virginia
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    Jobcase and the Discover the Real West Virginia Foundation (DRWV) – an organization dedicated to diversifying and enabling West Virginia’s economic growth and success, and – have announced the soft launch of DiscoverWVJobs.com, a new public-private collaboration to support workers and job seekers in West Virginia. The platform will provide improved access to career info, and directly match people to local jobs. It can be found at www.DiscoverWVJobs.com

    Jobcase received $100 million in funding earlier this year to tackle its blue collar hiring efforts.

    “West Virginia is an amazing place to live and work,” said Senator Joe Manchin. “We have great employers here with thousands of good-paying jobs, and a low cost of living. The wonderful people of our state are skilled, well-educated, and hardworking. So, we just need to help everyone connect the dots, and DiscoverWVJobs.com helps us do that. This platform will match individuals with quality employers, strengthen our workforce, and foster greater economic opportunity for West Virginia. Collaborating with Jobcase is a great fit for us, because they provide powerful resources, help us reach more people, and support and believe in the residents of this state.”

    “DiscoverWVJobs.com enables West Virginians to easily find local job listings and information on new careers, empowering folks to find local jobs to help them live and grow in the Mountain State,” said Lloyd Jackson, President of DRWV. “This new resource helps recent graduates start their careers here, enables established workers to transition their skills to local industries, and assists out-of-state West Virginians with finding jobs that can bring them back home.”

    The new online jobs and careers portal, donated by Jobcase and developed jointly with the Discover the Real West Virginia Foundation, provides an integrated platform that brings together multiple types of support:

    • A comprehensive local job search – with instant-apply tools
    • A career browser – listing industries with local jobs, information on salary, skills, advancement, and requirements to apply
    • A brief, self-assessment quiz to custom-match jobseekers to new industries and careers
    • Free-to-post job listings for all employers in West Virginia, and
    • A dedicated online social media community, where jobseekers, employers, and supporters can all share questions, advice, and support to each other

    “Jobcase is thrilled to work with Senator Manchin and DRWV to help people and companies discover and achieve success in West Virginia!” said Fred Goff, Founder and CEO of Jobcase. “DiscoverWVJobs.com will not only help West Virginians discover and explore new paths to worklife success, but we also believe it will help highlight the strengths of West Virginia to people and employers across the nation – and deservedly so.  When we help people discover new pathways to opportunity, and make it even easier for neighbors to support neighbors, it benefits people, employers, and the local economy alike.  It’s all part of what the Senator, West Virginians, and Jobcasers already understand – we are stronger together.  And, we are just getting started!”

    The official launch for the site will occur in the fall, offering even more jobs and other content from additional partners from across the state.

  • Q&A with the Recruitment Queen and Her Local Job Board
    By on May 16, 2016 | Comments Off on Q&A with the Recruitment Queen and Her Local Job Board  Comments

    From time to time I like to highlight job boards that are doing things right. RecruitmentQueen.com, run by Jennifer Schultz, is a local job board serving Bucks County Pennsylvannia. I recently asked her a few questions over email about her background and how she got started. Her board is powered by Jobboard.io. RQ is a great example of  a newer site that has gained traction despite being only two years old.


    Why did you start RecruitmentQueen?

    I started RecruitmentQueen in an effort to help people who needed jobs in my own backyard. Every day I would hear story after story of friends, family and neighbors who were out of work and struggling. They spoke often of feeling lost – day after day applying to jobs and never hearing back. I wanted to stop that cycle and create a local job resource that answered the need of people in my community – one that offered a personal touch, and understanding of their situation and maybe even some hope that their quest to find a job would be shorter, with our help.

    What is your background?jennifers

    I grew up in the newspaper industry – 15 years developing the Recruitment Advertising division of three well-known Philadelphia regional newspapers as well as represented us in the Yahoo Consortium, Monster, and AfterCollege partnerships. I created strong relationships with employers by being their partner in solving their problems rather than just focusing on selling them advertising.

    When did you launch? Tell Us about your team?

    We launched in January 0f 2014 and we were lucky that I already had great relationships with several local employers that were willing to give our platform a shot. My teenage daughter, 17 at the time, was my only other employee. Since then we have some contract employees working with us on special projects. We are looking forward to adding an intern and sales rep this summer.

    Do you work on it full time or part-time?

    I work full time – all the time, and then some. With our company size, we really do it all ourselves: sales, marketing, events, accounting, and stuffing envelopes – you name it. But, it is nice to be able to have the flexibility to work part time on certain days if we need to.

    How do you make money?

    Our revenue comes from various products: (95% employer based):

    • Employers – job postings, social media campaigns, job fairs, print ads, and digital banners
    • Job Seekers- resume writing, job coaching, LinkedIn Profile building


    You leverage social media a lot for content. How has it helped you grow your business?

    Social media has been an integral part of growing our brand, driving awareness for jobs and employers, alerting job seekers to job fairs we are hosting and employers discovering us in a non-work related atmosphere.

    We are careful to keep our sales strategy to a minimum on social media – we have created a mix of part education/part emotional connection with our audience while mixing in excitement. And a huge effort to keep talking with our audience instead of at them.

    In addition, there are some complimentary content pieces we do for employers both editorially and video to drive interest in their organizations.

    What do you know now about running a job board that you wish you knew about when you started?

    I wish I could tell myself before I started – that the traffic to the job board was not going to flow in as fast as I wanted it to. That it takes time to build job seeker traffic and not to get discouraged.

    Do you have aspirations beyond Bucks County?

    While our focus and brand is being built for Bucks County, we are already helping employers and job seekers in the surrounding counties that are a commutable distance like Montgomery, Philadelphia, and Mercer and Burlington in NJ. We have already been asked a few times if we are going to franchise our brand – so that has been an exciting thought.

  • The local job board space (premium)
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  • Q. Should I create local job boards? (premium)
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