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  • Job Board News: .Jobs, HiringThing, VeganJobs, Monster, Indeed
    By on January 7, 2019 | Comments Off on Job Board News: .Jobs, HiringThing, VeganJobs, Monster, Indeed  Comments

    There was an interesting discussion with one of the original investors of Indeed, Brad Burnham from Union Square Ventures had on a recent episode of This Week in Startups. In it, he attributed their success partly due to the founds Rony Kahan and Paul Forster. He used the word “ruthless” while describing Forster’s business savvy. The mere $5 million investment USV made in Indeed resulted in a unicorn style sale of over 1 billion. One of their greatest investments ever.

    Watch here

    According to the Chad&Cheese podcast the domain jobster.com, a former dot com darling has been sold for $200k. It now redirects to the JobBird job site based in the Netherlands.

    A piece on ERE by Joel Cheesman reveals Monsters plan for the new year which include video resumes. Monster launched Monster Studios in the fall, a tool for recruiters to add video to job postings. It has been such a success that the company expects to add video resumes to the mix next year.

    HiringThing, a developer of online recruiting and applicant tracking systems (ATS) announced a new partnership with .Jobs, a leading job site network.

    The pairing of HiringThing’s ATS with .Jobs’ network of more than 35,000 job sites will give employers greater applicant exposure, as well as increased candidate relevancy. When employers post jobs through .Jobs’ network, their postings will be automatically distributed to all relevant .Jobs career sites. In addition, new benefits to HiringThing customers include:

    • A refined talent pool: Through .Jobs’ extensive network, employers can accurately target job seekers.
    • Greater exposure: Positions posted with .Jobs are distributed through thousands of relevant job sites, allowing employers to receive concise candidate pools.
    • A seamless workflow: Employers don’t have to manage relationships with dozens of niche job sites. .Jobs makes it easy to distribute opportunities to the right target audiences.

    HiringThing’s ATS streamlines every aspect of the recruiting process, including ad placement and syndication, candidate communication, interview scheduling, onboarding, and sourcing. The company focuses on delivering Hiring Happiness™ to each customer, simplifying the process of finding the perfect hire.

    “We’re building the job sites we wish we had when we were looking for jobs. HiringThing provides the ability to post jobs and manage candidates in a beautiful platform. An integration between our two organizations was a perfect fit. Together we are connecting job seekers to more relevant opportunities,” said Daniel Kraciun, .Jobs’ chief marketing officer.

    UK’s first fully functioning job board for vegan candidates and recruiters www.VeganJobs.online will launch on 21st January 2019.

    VeganJobs is managed by an HR Consultancy firm specialised in finding vegan candidates for vegan businesses and is already working with leading vegan British businesses.

    Tailored professional HR service is available for employers and they can also expect promotions and further support.

    Candidates can list their skills and CV, search for their perfect vegan job, and be notified of new vegan jobs in their desired area, while they can also receive tips to help their job search.

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  • News and Notes from Job Board World
    By on April 10, 2018 | Comments Off on News and Notes from Job Board World  Comments

    HealthcareSource, a leading provider of talent management solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced it has integrated Google Cloud Job Discovery to power its job search. Launched in September 2017, HealthcareSource Job Board℠ has significantly grown to feature over 60,000 jobs, addressing the full continuum of care.

    “This is a significant milestone for both healthcare employers and job seekers who use our Job Board,” said J.P. Fingado, HealthcareSource President and Chief Executive Officer. “By integrating Google Cloud Job Discovery, we are improving the job board search for job seekers, resulting in increased engagement and likelihood to apply. For healthcare employers, this means their jobs are more likely to be discovered by the right candidates, enabling them to find and hire people who will deliver the highest quality of care. Adding this functionality to our existing healthcare-specific hiring tools and sponsorship opportunities makes the HealthcareSource Job Board a powerful option for hiring in this industry.”

    Most job sites’ keyword search relies on Boolean logic, which often omits relevant jobs and overwhelms job seekers with irrelevant job listings. HealthcareSource Job Board features Cloud Job Discovery, providing healthcare organizations and job seekers access to Google’s advanced search and machine learning capabilities designed to better understand both job content and job seekers’ intent. Job seekers can access more relevant, targeted opportunities that meet their specific criteria, and employers are able to increase apply rates and accelerate candidate conversion.

    Hot Job Alert

    Monster Exec Interviewed:

    Monster rested on its laurels, and what started as a scrappy challenger brand in 1994 became large and lumbering.

    “We let the competition pass us by,” said Beamer, who took the reins as chief marketing exec in November.

    But Monster is ready to reclaim its spot with consumers who feel nostalgic for the brand. Beamer calls it “latent favorability.”


    Franklin Apprenticeships, a U.S. based consulting and capacity building firm dedicated solely to delivering on the promise for U.S. expansion of Apprenticeship Programs, announced today the beta launch of Ask Franklin, the first national apprenticeship recruitment portal of its kind in the U.S. that connects employers, aspiring apprentices, and intermediary training providers.

    ExactMD is an example of a “matching job board”. Designed specifically for physicians the site launched about two years ago. Candidates can browse thousands of doctor jobs and get matched to their field of choice.

  • ZipRecruiter Adds to it’s Affiliate Network
    By on September 26, 2017 | Comments Off on ZipRecruiter Adds to it’s Affiliate Network  Comments

    The folks at ZipRecruiter have been busy building up their affiliate network. Last week they officially announced that they have partnered with Gatehouse Media and US News.com.

    Gatehouse Media currently has hundreds of local newspaper and community sites currently being powered by Monster. As of October, it’s Zip’s turn to be their job board of choice. They have one of the largest publishers of locally-based media in the United States, with over 125 daily newspapers, more than 300 weekly newspapers and 555 local market websites. This partnership makes ZipRecruiter the exclusive recruitment advertising partner for GateHouse Media.

    The partnership, which will launch on October 1 in over 550 markets across the US, will power GateHouse recruitment pages – online and in print – that reach over 21 million readers every week. This is a huge win for ZipRecruiter and will certainly bolster their existing traffic base. I asked them how many new job seekers this might add to their overall traffic numbers but haven’t heard back yet. My guess is at least a couple hundred thousand. They will be replacing Monster who is losing yet another big newspaper network.

    ZipRecruiter says they now have 1,000 partners like this worldwide.

    Full press release | Join their affiliate program

    And in other news they also now power the job board of USnews.com the magazine and news website.

    “U.S. News & World Report, publisher of the popular Best Jobs rankings, today unveiled a suite of new tools to help job seekers at every level research, identify and apply to open positions that align with their career goals, experience level and location. The new tools, powered by ZipRecruiter, the fastest-growing online employment marketplace, allow individuals to stay up-to-date on open positions in their field and desired location through an easy-to-navigate job search tool and job alert emails.”

  • Archives: When Monster Went Niche
    By on April 11, 2017 | Comments Off on Archives: When Monster Went Niche  Comments

    This week I have been scrolling through some old videos from my Youtube channel. Some of them are 7+ years old now and it’s amazing how much time flies. I started this site after the great recession hit the country in an effort to monetize the stuff inside my head. It’s been a blast.

    Here’s a video about Monster’s own niche job boards (from 2010). The ‘riches are in the niches’ they say and I am a firm believer in boards that specialize. Recently I worked with a couple of newbies who were starting general job sites but warned them they face an uphill climb with Indeed and other big guys in their way. “Cool technology” alone is not enough, you need the right audience too.

  • Monster paid how much to buy the Jobr app?
    By on October 24, 2016 | Comments Off on Monster paid how much to buy the Jobr app?  Comments

    Back in June Monster.com bought a job search app called Jobr. At the time the purchase price was not released.

    I have recently learned that they paid $12.5 million dollars.


    The info comes from this press release put out by their largest shareholder. (I’ll be writing more about that later)… In any case, thats a lot of scratch for such a young app with a small user base. Jobr’s founders must have been dancing in the streets after negotiating that deal. Kudos to them. They built an app, got a little traction and then hit the jackpot. That’s hard to do in today’s overcrowded app world.

    Monster grossly overpaid for this app if you ask their largest shareholder. In fact they called it “wasted” money. Harsh words, but on the face of it they may be right. Monster could have hired their own firm to build something similar for mere thousands. So I guess they value they saw was also the talent being acquired. But that still seems like a lot of money from a purely accounting perspective. Especially from a company (MWW) that is losing money every year. The app itself apparently did not have much revenue.

    Here’s the actual quote…

    Wasted $12.5 million to acquire Jobr, a start-up mobile app with little revenue or specialized technology — MNG priced out what it would cost to develop virtually the same app as Jobr and believes it would cost less than $250k to develop, or 2% of the price paid to acquire it (quote from Media News Group)

  • My thoughts on Monster being acquired
    By on August 9, 2016 | Comments Off on My thoughts on Monster being acquired  Comments

    In case you haven’t heard Randstad just bought Monster. Click to read my take.


  • Resumes Want to be Free
    By on June 30, 2015 | Comments Off on Resumes Want to be Free  Comments

    I like Indeed’s resume platform. It’s super easy to search and source candidates. And its essentially free for most companies. If you sponsor jobs they throw it in for free. Otherwise its just a dollar to contact any candidate via email. And for job seekers its a great way of being discovered since the resume data itself is public and searchable by google. Linkedin is the same way.

    Sites like Monster, CareerBuilder have millions of resumes too but they still lock them down behind a paywall.But the trend in “people sourcing” is going the opposite way. It’s moving towards searchable, public sources of candidates. Not paywalls.

    Consider this an open letter to the Monsters and CareerBuilders of the world. Free your resumes! Do like Indeed and expose your job seekers skills for all the web to see. You’ll be better off in the long run and recruiters will love you for it.


    There I said it. If your job board is still hiding your resumes from public view. Reverse your thinking. Resumes just wanna be free!

  • Monster gets the dot Monster domain extension
    By on December 14, 2014 | Comments Off on Monster gets the dot Monster domain extension  Comments

    I’m not sure why they need this but job search company Monster has beat out the Monster cable company for exclusive access to the .Monster domain extension.


    I guess it could useful for branding content like articles/ job content but its a curious move by the new Monster after rebranding themselves and launching new products. According to the press release;

    The proposed gTLD will be a restricted, exclusively-controlled gTLD where only Applicant, affiliated entities and authorized business partners will be permitted to register second-level domains for Applicant business purposes only for a term of one to ten years.

  • The future of job boards
    By on July 15, 2009 | Comments Off on The future of job boards  Comments

    Gerry Crispin is an amiable guy. He is one of the gurus of online recruiting and nary a conference goes by that he is not attending or speaking at. I first came to know him from the CareerXroadsconsulting firm that he and his partner run. They used to publish a book of job board listings but gave that up after the explosion in sites prevented them from keeping it up to date.


    gerry crispin

    Anyway with all the talk about the future of job boards lately his recent comments on Peter Clayton’s Total Picture Radio podcast caught my ears. (click audio above)

    I was able to obtain Peter’s permission to play this clip but you can listen to the entire interview for free right here.

    Gerry says that job boards are ‘dead’ once his example of the future job board comes to fruition. I agree to a point. The boards that should fear this scenario the most are the big three…monster, careerbuilder and hotjobs. Right now those 3 are feeling a lot of heat from sites like LinkedIn which has essentially become the defacto national resume database.

    To survive in this new economy these boards will have to evolve, but right now few are predicting their success.

    I think the concept of job boards as lead generation tools is still a valid one. Companies will always need leads whether for sales or recruiting. Just ask anyone looking to hire engineers or nurses. No one site will EVER fulfill their needs. In the future, niche boards will become more community focused but I will write more about that later.

    The other barrier to the ultimate job site are recruiters themselves. Most of them are still highly reactive when it comes to filling jobs. They get a job req and they post it online. Changing the way they do business will not be easy. I’m willing to bet that ‘reactionary recruiting‘ will always exist. Therefore so will most job boards.

    As for the niche boards their value proposition has always been much different than the big 3, and that is why I dont think they are under such a threat. To me they are the answer he gives in the audio clip. For example accountingjobstoday.com lists most of the accounting jobs and if they included a backfill from Indeed somewhere in the results is that not 85% of all the jobs the seeker searched for? I would argue its very close.

    But Gerry’s vision of the future does hold promise also for us niche guys. Whats to prevent someone from starting a site like newjerseyaccountingjobs.com that lists all the relevant jobs? Nothing, and I would submit to you that a hybrid site like this would be valuable, especially if you had a network of them.

    In terms of the national scene, I’m wondering if this is possible…take one of those hoover databases and mash it with a custom search engine that spiders those company career pages, indexes the jobs and spits out the results. You could call it CompanyHunt: Dont Job Hunt, Company Hunt and perhaps it just might work but good luck trying to access all those ATS systems.

    By the way Companyhunt.com is for sale, the web page says it’ll cost you $649 bucks.

    Who among you will start it?