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  • Job board headlines
    By on May 30, 2017 | Comments Off on Job board headlines  Comments

    job board news

    Recruit Holdings (parent of Indeed) reported revenue for the full year of (USD $16.1 BILLION), an increase of 15.8% compared with the same period last year. Their EBITDA was $2 billion. [full details]

    Introduces Drivers’ Job Board for Use In All Over the US. [Another trucking board]

    StudentHire is a Canada job board for students. [read article]

    AARP launches new job board, powered by Webscribble. Targets over 50 job seekers. [read the news]

    Watchdog Jobs, is a new job board-based platform that features contracts, private, and federal work abroad available to any American today, was this week officially opened by founder and Marine Corps Veteran, Nathan Schweikart. [check it out]

    I just helped 2 staffing firms set up their own job boards. These sites offer them the opportunity to diversify their revenue streams, collect their own resumes, and broaden their reach. Each is powered by Smart Job Board.

    Solid example of a job board branding itself on social with visuals. Caught my eye.

  • More News and Notes
    By on April 18, 2017 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Greetings folks, I will be at the TA Tech job board event this weekend in Chicago. Hope to see some of you there. In the meantime here are some news items to keep you reading.

    job board news

    • USAjobs.gov adds new functionality to its job board for seekers. Details here.
    • Virtual Vocations Launches New Employer Job Portal for Companies Looking to Hire Remote Workers. Details here.
    • VirtualAssistants.com, a job board for VA’s since 1999 is undergoing a new redesign. Look for a new on in a few months.
    • WordPress: I came across this video about how to use Gravity Forms a popular WordPress system to build your own custom job board. I only recommend using WordPress if you are techie enough to handle the workload and setup. otherwise you are better off using the hosted platforms like Smart Job Board, Jobboard.io and Job Board Mount.
    • Dice (DHI) is no longer for sale according to reports.

    • CareerBuilder’s Q2 Hiring Forecast is good news for job boards. Forty-five percent of U.S. employers plan to hire full-time, permanent employees in the second quarter – a significant jump from 34 percent last year and the highest percentage for the quarter dating back to 2007, according to CareerBuilder’s latest forecast. Temporary hiring is also expected to experience a double-digit boost year-over-year with nearly half of employers (49 percent) planning to add temporary or contract workers over the next three months.
    • Google may be launching their own ATS. News last week came out says they are quietly testing something.
  • News and Notes from the Job Board World
    By on March 20, 2017 | Comments Off on News and Notes from the Job Board World  Comments

    Here’s a quick roundup of job board news and notes that have crossed my desk.

    job board news

    Indeed. I have heard that as of March 31st they will no longer be accepting sponsored jobs from job boards any longer. Sites that advertise with them now will be grandfathered in. No new job boards will be accepted. This move comes as no surprise to me as they have been focused on going around the boards for many years now. Time to give your money to the smaller players like Jobs2Careers, TopUSAjobs, Jobg8 and Juju if you want paid job seeker traffic. Indeed is also launching their own platforms to build employer sites.

    WorkHere is getting some press. They are a job board app out of Indianapolis which is hiring. I spoke to one of their founders last year if you want to hear that audio click here. I consider companies like WorkHere, WayUp part of the new crop of ‘Job Boards 2.0’ era that is putting new spins on a proven method of attracting talent.

    Randrr. I keep getting pings about this strangely named job search site, but they sure are taking forever to get it launched. Apparently they hired a boatload of people and are building a “smarter job search”.  I question however whether investing a ton of money in our mature space is worth it. Why not go the startup route and begin by proving your concept first? Perhaps they will prove me wrong. Perhaps not.

    Recently re-launched on Smart Job Board: Job of Mine a free job posting site, Events Work an event site out of Canada.

    Climber.com launches personal career site service. The company’s California based career team works with clients to build the career site, so there is absolutely no programming experience needed. Details here.

    Interview with Indeed’s head of tech. By any estimates, we’re looking at about a million jobs in tech — engineering, software development, design, management — that will added in the next two to five years. Read story.

    Ladders, Inc. Announces Integration with Greenhouse Software. Integration features will allow recruiters to find and source the best candidates. Press release.

    Onward we go.

  • Job board news and notes
    By on July 12, 2016 | Comments Off on Job board news and notes  Comments

    job board news

    WeHireHeroes, a veteran focused job board formerly powered by SimplyHired is now on the Smart Job Board platform. I actually helped to transition them. The new site is now mobile friendly and running smoothly.

    Note: If you need help switching platforms to something better you can hire me to make the transition. I specialize in working with Jobboard.io and Smart Job Board.

    Randrr is a new job search app yet to launch but they are making lots of noise including hiring plans down in Florida. There are no details on what the app will be like. Started by a former recruiting exec they aim to change the job search process.

    Levo: With The Muse gaining traction as a new career destination we are starting to see some similar type sites pop up. Levo is one and FairyGodBoss is another which also has Glassdoor-like reviews. I think they skew towards attracting female candidates. On Levo you can create a rich media profile and they just launched a job board too.

    Indeed: they just launched their first stand alone app. It’s called Job Spotter and aims to get people to take pictures of help wanted window signs which then get included in Indeed’s results. Details here.

    UAVjobbank: I am looking to sell my UAV job board if anyone is interested. Its now 3 years old, has great SEO ranking for its niche and would make a nice side business for someone who can dedicate 10-15 hours per week to it. My asking price is $4,500. Contact me if interested.

  • Job board news and notes
    By on June 11, 2013 | Comments Off on Job board news and notes  Comments

    Mike Jolley just created a new wordpress job board plugin called WP Job Manager. You can read about it here;


    At CareerCloud we just launched Jobs With Friends. Its a new way to ask your Facebook friends and Linkedin connections for a referral to their company.


    Tech training site launches its own job board. Another example of a community site launching jobs. ($99 job postings)


    I moved Jobs in Social Media to the Jobboard.io platform. Check out the new site. Pretty easy to setup.

    Professional associations are job boards in disguise. Just about ever industry has them and they are defintely a threat to traditional job sites. I read about them every week. Here’s another;


  • Whats new in online recruiting
    By on March 25, 2013 | Comments Off on Whats new in online recruiting  Comments

    The CareerXroads sources of hire study is out and once again job boards place in the top 3 behind referrals and company career sites. Job board market-share dropped off a little as more and more tools come on the scene to find talent. I didnt see any major trends in the study so its pretty much status quo. Download the whole report right here, its an interesting read.

    CareerXraods sources of hire stats

    So what new job boards/technology are coming on to the recruiting landscape? Well here are some that caught my eye recently.

    * Collegefeed.com is a social platform to help students follow employers. [story on techcrunch]

    * Strangely named Gozaik will launch soon as some kind of online resume platform.

    * Visual job ads? Pinthejob.com hopes so.

    * This aint your fathers job fair. Check out the Uncubed job fair [story on Pandodaily]

    NOTE: thinking of starting your own job board? Try and evolve that idea into something new like the businesses above. Like all online businesses, job boards must evolve or risk being minimized by employers.

  • Breaking news: SimplyHired adds apply to jobs feature with mobile
    By on June 26, 2012 | Comments Off on Breaking news: SimplyHired adds apply to jobs feature with mobile  Comments

    SimplyHired has announced a way for job seekers to apply to jobs through their mobile devices. The service is aimed at employers who want to reach mobile job seekers. Just like Indeed.com, candidates can now post their resume directly to SH.

    From the email I received:

    Today, a staggering 77% of job seekers use mobile technology in their job search. Now there’s an easy way to attract mobile candidates! With Mobile Simply Apply, you can be the first to reach these engaged candidates where they are spending their time.

    The first of its kind in the market, Simply Apply enables job seekers to quickly and easily apply to your jobs from their mobile devices. With Simply Apply you receive:

    • A seamless experience: Receive resumes and cover letters from mobile candidates in a streamlined manner.
    • A wider candidate pool: Reach more progressive, tech savvy candidates by tapping into job seekers on mobile phones and tablets.
    • Top exposure: Your jobs are shown first in results on Simply Hired Mobile through job sponsorship.

    Over 10,000 employers are already benefitting from the ease of the application process. To learn more or get started with Simply Apply, please contact your Simply Hired sales representative.

    The Simply Hired Team

  • Job boards in the news (free)
    By on June 25, 2012 | Comments Off on Job boards in the news (free)  Comments

    Here are some job boards in the news along with some commentary by yours truly…

    * FlexJobs buys T-Jobs (read article): I have admired FlexJobs for a long time, its a great niche and the founder Sarah Fell has done a great job marketing in this sought after niche. Flexjobs is one of the few job sites that get seekers to pay to acces jobs.

    * Bright.com launched this week as another “matching” site for job seekers (read article). They join a long list of startups who have attempted matching seekers to jobs but this is a feature that has not taken off. Sadly, i dont think it ever will. To me, job matching algorithms just aren’t necessary to find a job online. All you have to do is enter the right keyword and press submit. People think that an “eHarmony for jobs” is a natural business but dont be fooled. Although job hunting is like dating, its too human a process to codify.

    * Congrats to SimplyHired who recently crossed the 30 million users per month mark (read PR). All job boards who use aggregators should root for SH since Indeed is getting all too powerful. They need a strong challenger to offset their pervasive presence. (just like the web needs Bing to keep Google in check)

    * Branchout flameout: looks like the facebook app that wants to be ‘linkedin on FB’ is experiencing dramatic declines (read article). This app had a lot of hype in the beginning but seemed to mainly annoy users who were forced to promote it to their friends feed in order to sign up. While that worked for a short time it just didnt have the staying power. Plus the fact that most people dont use facebook to job hunt.

  • One job board acquired, another one expands (free)
    By on May 9, 2012 | Comments Off on One job board acquired, another one expands (free)  Comments

    Well, finally some good news on the job board front.

    6FigureJobs, the first ever $100k job board has been acquired by California based Callidus Software for an unknown sum. According to my sources, 6FigureJobs was in decline but still has a huge database of candidates that seems to be very valuable to Callidus. Read the press release about the acquisition.

    RealMatch is hiring and moving to NYC. An article in Crains says that the company is moving to new offices in the Financial District, has 25 employees and plans to hire 10 more this year.

  • IAEWS congress headed to HRtech – Chicago
    By on April 26, 2012 | Comments Off on IAEWS congress headed to HRtech – Chicago  Comments

    Just got word that the fall IAEWS congress will be held alongside the HR Tech conference in Chicago this October.

    I received this info in the latest newsletter from the employment website association

    The Association is pleased to announce that its Fall Member Congress will be held in conjunction with the HR Tech conference on October 8th in Chicago, IL, USA. HR Tech typically draws 2-3,000 attendees so will be held in the city’s main convention center, McCormick Place. The IAEWS Congress will be held in the same venue.

    In addition, we are looking at expanding the conference to a full day event. Although plans are still in development, we anticipate adding two new features to the program:
    • A Suppliers Summit in which vendors can introduce the products and services they offer to employment sites;
    • An HR Executives Colloquium that will enable IAEWS Members to have small group discussions with a number of senior corporate recruiting managers.

    More details will be published as soon as they are available.