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  • Job Board Newsletters
    By on February 25, 2019 | Comments Off on Job Board Newsletters  Comments

    I have come across a few clients lately who haven’t takenĀ advantage of emailing their employers. Every job board should be communicating with its employers at least once a month. In this screencast you’ll see a good example of one from Mac’s List a local job board out of Oregon. Email is a channel you own and you must take advantage of it by sending regular updates to both seekers and clients.

  • Designing your job board newsletter
    By on September 19, 2016 | Comments Off on Designing your job board newsletter  Comments

    If you run a job board I hope you are actively emailing your users. I once talked to a job board owner who had collected 100,000 emails since 2002 but never ever emailed them anything. What a waste. If you ever plan on selling your site one day you’d better have a nice big email list. Your list is perhaps the best marketing channel you have to drive traffic and revenue.

    The other day UXjobsboard sent me their newsletter and I thought it was a good example to share with my readers sinceĀ it does a pretty good job of highlighting important news and information. You would do well to follow their example. And if you don’t have a newsletter yet, get on it. I recommend Mailchimp.

    Header area: lead with your logo. Also list the basic links for posting or finding jobs. The first piece of content are the latest jobs which helps show off the site’s latest content. Doing that each week keeps the site “fresh” in the eyes of the reader.


    Browse all jobs button takes readers right to all the latest jobs. Latest profiles shows that new users are registering on the site.


    Big buttons help to encourage other users to create a profile. Links to related content and industry events.