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    Pane View Job Sites Are Good for Job Sites But Not Employers

    Over the last few years, the recruiting funnel has changed based on the economic environment we’re in, as well as the technically competitive environment. From a technical perspective, “pane view” job sites are worth paying attention to. Our annual benchmark report study uncovered some information about those job sites…With the old click model, 6.5 percent of the clicks advertisers paid for resulted in a completed application. Now, only 3.5 percent of pane view clicks paid for result in an application. When viewing jobs is this easy, advertisers may get more views from window shoppers and fewer people actually applying to those jobs.

    Monster.com Plots a Comeback

    Disrupted by LinkedIn and aggregators like Indeed.com, the online job board is fighting back by investing in tech like artificial intelligence and video ads to enhance and personalize the job hunt.

    Monster.com was once the nation’s leading job-search site, until it wasn’t.

    The company, which fetes its 25thanniversary this year, ceded market share to rivals from LinkedIn to job-board aggregators like Indeed.com — but not because competitors were out-innovating the site, among the first dot-coms to place print classified ads online, said Scott Gutz, chief executive officer of Monster.com.

    Quite the contrary, he said. In the talent acquisition space, “there’s not been a lot of disruption and dramatic change over a 25-year period.” Employers still place job ads online, and candidates answer them, with little change to the process, he said.


    New Site for Software QA Jobs

    In an attempt to provide unparalleled services for Software Testing and Quality Assurance professionals who are looking for their next career opportunity and for employers in discovering the best talent within the software testing community, https://www.Qualitician.com, a job portal, has been launched in India.

    Mr. Ram Uppalapati, Founder of Qualitician, commented that, “There’s never been a dedicated career portal for job seekers looking for Software Testing and QA opportunities in India, instead job seekers had to visit several job platforms. Our website changes all that. We’re a one-stop job portal where job seekers can find opportunities in the software testing industry and employers can find the right people.”

    Qualitician’s mission is to help all Software Testing professionals find the right job opportunity by providing the information they need to make informed choices.

    While employers are posting software testing jobs, job seekers will be going through a similar process to post their resumes. The system automatically matches job listings with qualified applicants, or employers can manually search the database for suitable candidates. The site appears to be using the Smart Job Board platform.

    New Site for Wine Jobs

    I Like This Grape (ILTG) is proud to announce the launch of an exclusive wine-industry job board. For 50 percent less than competing sites, it offers a job posting service that’s comprehensive and easy-to-use for both job seekers and employers looking to attract today’s talent.

    “As the wine industry grows, so will the demand for talent, from traditional roles at a winery to marketers, wine educators, technologists, temporary harvest employees and specialized jobs in events and marketing,” said Naushad Huda, founder of ILTG. “We service the entire industry while recognizing the need to have a modern job board with the latest technology tools that appeal to today’s employers and talent.”

    Job seekers will find smart filtering options, simple search features and elegant, easy-to-use design, completely accessible without opening an account. Job postings are amplified across social media and added to ILTG’s weekly content email newsletter.

    Employers can edit their job posts, add videos and receive customer service via chat, email or phone without additional fees. Potential job seekers apply directly with the employer, removing any clumsy third-party barriers between job seekers and employers.

    During the month of August a single 30-day posting is free per new account. After that, a single posting is just $100 for 30-days and pricing is discounted for multiple job postings.

    “Having wine industry press releases, wine industry news, together with our rich, wine focused educational and entertaining content and now our beautiful job board are all defining I like this grape as a destination site for everyone in the industry, and for consumers,” said Huda.

    The ILTG Job Board can be found at https://ilikethisgrape.com/wine-jobs/

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