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  • WP SimplyHired
    By on February 16, 2016 | No Comments  Comments

    Just heard about a new WordPress plugin that lets you add SimplyHired listings to your blog. If you just want to earn a little extra cash its a simple solution you may find useful. Expect to earn around 6 cents per click, at least thats been my experience with SH. You need to sign up at Simply-Partner to get your API key so you can become their affiliate.

    NOTE: you cannot post jobs with this plugin, it is only for displaying jobs.


  • My affiliate earnings from job search engines
    By on August 17, 2015 | 5 Comments5 Comments  Comments

    I wanted to publish some info to give others a sense of what some of these affiliate programs from the major aggregators payout. I captured screenshots from my Indeed and SimplyHired powered sites for July which you can see below. My sites dont have a ton of traffic, you can see the impressions in the report, but you can get a sense for how much you can earn for every 1,000 page views you can generate.

    First up is Indeed. From almost 50k page views I earned $163.59. Its nearly impossible to tell how much per click they are paying since they dont show me all the clicks I generate. Of the big 3, only SimplyHired and ZipRecruiter show you how much CPC you are earning. I’m not sure why Indeed doesn’t share this number with its affiliates. If I had to guess its only in the 5 to 10 cent range.

    Indeed affiliate earnings from last month

    Indeed affiliate earnings from last month (click to enlarge)

    Next up is SimplyHired. I have a couple of niche sites on their SimplyPartner program. They have picked up a few postings too. But I’m only earning around 4 cents a click. The image below indicates a total of 2,290 clicks from July and earning from those clicks was $86.90.

    SimplyHired affiliate earnings (click to enlarge)

    SimplyHired affiliate earnings (click to enlarge)

    ZipRecruiter. So far after only a few weeks of using them on one of my career blogs they are generating about 6 cents a click.

    Bottom line: You have to generate a lot of page views to make any decent money. That’s why you should only think of backfill as part of the overall revenue stream behind postings and adsense. You may see better earnings if you have a site that targets more competitve niches such as nursing, truckers or tech. Most of my sites are fairly general in nature.

  • Got an old domain? put a job board on it
    By on July 20, 2015 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Back in 2007 I launched a bunch of regional web directories such as Long Island Web Search with the idea of selling backlinks to local businesses. I launched several sites and pulled in some sales but the idea never really took off and all the Google SEO changes pretty much killed off the traffic. I then abandoned them but never took the sites offline. They still brought in some minor adsense earnings.

    This year I decided to turn them into job boards for the regions they serve. I just relaunched four of them for Connecticut jobs, Western Mass jobs, Vermont jobs and New Hampshire jobs. I put them all on the SimplyHired partner platform which is totally free. Zero hosting costs. And it only took a few hours to get them all up and running.


    I wanted to max out my SH account with 5 sites insead of just one. My other site on SH is UAV Job Bank which is bringing in about $100 a month. The rep at SimplyHired says their platform should be mobile friendly by end of summer so I’m hopeful some of the SEO advantages of their platform will return once that happens.

    By promoting these new sites on places like facebook groups, friends and other social media (for free) the new local sites shoulds bring in $5-$10 a day for very little effort. Thats a car payment! The domains are already aged in google’s eyes so I expect them to be slightly better at SEO anyway.

    If you have any old websites just languishing online consider swapping them out with a free job board like this. They cost nothing to run/manage so whatever you make in clicks or job posts is gravy.

  • My latest Simply-Partner earnings (member only)
    By on January 5, 2015 | No Comments  Comments

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  • SimplyHired to replace Jobamatic, will add support for multiple sites under single login
    By on July 22, 2014 | 1 Comment1 Comment  Comments

    Thanks to one of my readers (hat tip Jason Pedley) I was tipped off to new plans by SimplyHired to revamp/replace the venerable Jobamatic software platform. As of September 30th, Jobamatic will go away to be replaced by Simply-Partner. I’m also told by their PR department that they will finally be adding support for managing multiple sites under one account, a feature that has been long sought after by many Jobamatic users. Though the “parent/child” support as they refer to it, wont be available until probably the end of August.

    NOTE. Once you switch to the new system you cannot transfer sites to another person. “Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer your Simply Partner child account to a new owner. You will have to delete the child account for the website you are selling, and the new owner will have to send in an application for that website to Simply Partner Solutions.”

    Existing Jobamatic users must signup under the new platform. Any balances under the old Jobamatic will be paid out. I have some additional questions waiting to be answered so I’ll be posting more on this story but I wanted to get this news out ASAP.


    Below is the full press release;

    Simply Hired Enhances Partner Solutions for Publishers and Premium Websites

    Top sites can now quickly and easily add relevant job listings that engage their unique audience and drive incremental revenue 

    Sunnyvale, CA – July 23, 2014 – Simply Hired today unveiled its new Partner Solutions for premium web sites. The enhanced offering introduces new capabilities to give qualified partners a robust, turnkey solution to enable job search and discovery on their digital properties. The new offering is fully customizable to integrate with any site’s look and feel, and can be implemented in minutes to drive audience engagement and incremental revenue.

    “Over the past 9 years, Simply Hired has developed job search technology that leads the industry.  Now we’re putting our latest product innovations in the hands of our partners so they can offer comprehensive, timely and relevant job search on their own sites,” said James Beriker, president and CEO of Simply Hired. “This high-value content is proven to build audience engagement and loyalty, and gives publishers an important new revenue channel through direct job listing sales to advertisers.”

    Leading media sites, including Washington Post, Fox Business, Bloomberg Businessweek, Computerworld, and vertical leaders like International Nurses Association and Hero2Hired, use Simply Hired Partner Solutions to provide their users with high value, relevant job listings within their native brand environments. These high-quality job search experiences leverage the same data science, innovation and powerful algorithms that deliver the most relevant jobs to more than 30 million unique visitors each month on SimplyHired.com.

    The Simply Hired Partner Solutions are completely redesigned on a new code base to offer the most robust, feature-rich, no-cost job solution of its kind. Key capabilities include:

    –        Flexible customization: Partners can easily customize the hosted job search experience to precisely match their site’s brand and aesthetic. Job listings are seamless to each site’s unique audience and advertisers to ensure an optimal experience for all users.

    –        Revenue optimization: Partners can directly sell job postings on their own site. These postings are guaranteed premium placement to maximize visibility and drive new revenue.

    –        Expanded library of job widgets: Partners can surface contextually relevant jobs anywhere on their site to target passive job seekers broadly across their website.

    –       Reporting & analytics: Expanded reporting dashboard and site analytics give partners greater

    “Simply Hired’s flexible solution enhances our site experience with the most relevant job listings for our community,” said Aaron Golden, CRO, VentureBeat. “We are excited to be working with Simply Hired and look forward to driving incremental revenue with this relationship.”

    About Simply Hired
    Simply Hired, a technology company based in Sunnyvale, California, operates job search engines in 24 countries and 12 languages. With more than 30 million unique visitors per month, the company provides job seekers access to millions of job openings across all job categories and industries, reaching job seekers on the web, mobile devices, email, and via thousands of partner sites including The Washington Post, Fox Business, Bloomberg Businessweek, Computerworld, International Nurses Association, and Hero2Hired. Simply Hired enables employers to efficiently and cost-effectively reach candidates searching for jobs through its full-service pay-per-click (PPC) and self-service pay-per-post job advertising solutions. Simply Hired was founded in 2005 and is privately held with funding from Foundation Capital and IDG Ventures. For more information, visit www.simplyhired.com.

  • Job boards in the news
    By on July 9, 2014 | No Comments  Comments

    Here’s a look at whats happening in the job board world.

    YouTube Preview Image
  • My thoughts on the Indeed.com acquisition
    By on September 26, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    In case you were out of the office yesterday, the online recruiting space got a huge jolt with the acquisition of the biggest job site in the world, Indeed.com. They announced the sale on their blog.

    Terms of the sale weren’t announced but its a safe bet that it was around the billion dollar mark. I’m sure there are a lot of instant millionaires in Stamford and Austin right now. As a former client of Indeed, and one that was there in the beginning, I have watched them grow from a small start-up to the juggernaut they have become.

    This acquisition is clearly about location, location, location. Indeed is strongest in North America. Recruit Co is strong in Asia. It gives both companies a foothold in each other’s markets.

    Indeed is a giant sales machine which is mainly how they got here. They’ve got rows and rows of sales reps in their Stamford office doing nothing but cold calling employers, staffing firms and yes the occasional job board.

    Job boards were their bread and butter in the early years but now they seem to be focusing exclusively on employers. Staffing firms and certain job boards just dont make the cut anymore. They want ‘original’ jobs that seekers cant find anywhere else. And now that Indeed has resumes, its ironic because they’re more like a job board than ever before.

    But this is business and only the strong survive.

    And speaking of survivors what does this mean for the #2 job search engine, SimplyHired? I have long thought that they would be a great pickup for Linkedin since they are both in silicon valley and both are all about the technology. Since there have been several big sales lately (SelectMinds, Kenexa, JobMagic, Indeed) there is definitely an appetite for recruitment technology. I expect to see more activity for the rest of the year.

    Here’s a roundup of the articles about Indeed/Recruit Co;








  • Breaking news: SimplyHired adds apply to jobs feature with mobile
    By on June 26, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    SimplyHired has announced a way for job seekers to apply to jobs through their mobile devices. The service is aimed at employers who want to reach mobile job seekers. Just like Indeed.com, candidates can now post their resume directly to SH.

    From the email I received:

    Today, a staggering 77% of job seekers use mobile technology in their job search. Now there’s an easy way to attract mobile candidates! With Mobile Simply Apply, you can be the first to reach these engaged candidates where they are spending their time.

    The first of its kind in the market, Simply Apply enables job seekers to quickly and easily apply to your jobs from their mobile devices. With Simply Apply you receive:

    • A seamless experience: Receive resumes and cover letters from mobile candidates in a streamlined manner.
    • A wider candidate pool: Reach more progressive, tech savvy candidates by tapping into job seekers on mobile phones and tablets.
    • Top exposure: Your jobs are shown first in results on Simply Hired Mobile through job sponsorship.

    Over 10,000 employers are already benefitting from the ease of the application process. To learn more or get started with Simply Apply, please contact your Simply Hired sales representative.

    The Simply Hired Team

  • SimplyHired partner badge
    By on March 9, 2012 | No Comments  Comments

    If your job board’s feed goes into SimplyHired, they have a cool badge to promote that fact. As I have mentioned several times in the past, you need to leverage the aggregators to your advantage, even if you consider them as a competitor.

    Badges like this help establish trust among employers. Use it or lose it.


    Jobs syndicated to the Simply Hired Network
    Jobs syndicated to the Simply Hired Network

  • Tip for leveraging aggregators
    By on August 18, 2010 | No Comments  Comments

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