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New survey has good news for job boards

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    December 22, 2011

    There is a myth that has been pervasive in online recruiting that job boards are old news. But those of us who run them know the truth. Job boards will be around for many years to come.

    Yesterday on TLNT they published a story about a new survey that paints a rosy picture for the venerable job site.

    Here are the highlights;

    * Four years (give or take) into recruiting’s embrace of social media, it turns out that job boards are the most productive source of new hires.

    * Where social media sources register a barely discernible 1 percent of all hires, job boards produced 19 percent. That was matched only by internal transfers; even referrals came in lower — 16 percent.

    * While the landscape is changing, job boards certainly are not dead. To the contrary, 81 percent of organizations say they will spend on job boards this year. However, we expect that organizations will use job boards more selectively, for certain types of positions and in certain geographies…”

    And most importantly;

    Social media hiring: “More hype than reality”

    So there you go folks, thanks for telling me something I already knew. 🙂


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