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About Chris

  • Joe Stubblebine, a Vice President at Nexxt, probably summed me up best when he once described me as “the mad scientist of online recruiting“. It’s a badge I now wear with pride. I’m always experimenting with job boards and recruitment technology.


    I am the former founder of AllCountyJobs.com LLC. I started the company in 1999 and built it up into a 20+ regional job board network until I successfully sold it in 2012.  During that time I built the business into a six figure income and I finally cashed out in order to move on to new adventures. I have also held recruiting jobs in the Talent Acquisition field for various companies in Connecticut, so I have experience on both sides of the fence as both an HR vendor and a recruiter. This experience has given me a unique perspective on how the online recruiting marketplace functions.

    I am also a webmaster, podcaster and author. In 2005 I published my first book for job hunters called ‘Secrets of the Job Hunt“. That book turned into a blog and eventually into a podcast. That podcast morphed into CareerCloud Radio, a site and podcast that I sold in 2017.

    I’ve also started & sold more job sites than anyone in the history of online recruiting.

    As you can tell, I’m very passionate about career sites, I guess its in my blood. Even when I was working for ‘the man‘ in the mid 90’s I was moonlighting as a resume writer. My general background is in web design, so it was probably inevitable that I would end up creating a job board.

    As I ran my job boards, people started contacting me, asking for advice about running their own sites. I began consulting and made a name for myself as an expert. In 2010, I got the idea to create MAKING MONEY WITH JOB BOARDS. Now anyone who needs my advice can follow my words of wisdom through this site. And you can also hire me.

    Each week I publish new items about whats happening in the job board world including HR technology news and tools. I save my best posts for premium members only. The blog now features over 8 years of job board content.