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Recruiters on twitter

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    September 11, 2013

    There are a lot of recruiters on twitter. If you did a survey I bet recruiters, sales people and social media consultants are in the top 10 occupations for people on the platform. So from a job board or HR tech product standpoint you better be engaging with them, after all, your business depends on their dollars.

    Start following them and retweet their stuff, favorite their tweets (they’ll get pinged with an email), start developing a relationship with your target market.

    For a few weeks this summer my developer and I built a simple twitter directory for recruiters, staffing and HR professionals. Its called ‘RECRITTERS‘ (mashup of ‘recruiter’ and ‘twitter’) . Its a cool site that organizes them into industry and also has a leaderboard that shows the biggest influencers according to number of followers. Its only got about 100 or people in it but it will get bigger over time. And since I own it, it doubles as a lead gen tool.


    You can create cool things with the Twitter API, Recritters is a great example of that. Feel free to use it to find recruiters to follow, but beware I dont allow job board accounts on it. Trying to keep it people focused.


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