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Email Tip: Resend to Non Opens

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    December 4, 2017

    I’ve been a happy Mailchimp user for many years. Back in the early days of using it I didn’t explore some of their more advanced features but as time goes on I find myself exploring the myriad of functions behind its walls. Email marketing today is definitely more complex and time consuming than it ever was. If you are not cleaning your lists on a regular basis, doing A/B testing with headlines and other types of email management then you are not effectively using the platform.

    In the past few months I have been looking at ways to get more opens and clicks for my various lists. Perhaps the best one I found is Resending your campaign to non-opens.

    You see, a certain number of subscribers will never open your email. But you can increase that number by using their Resend to Non-Opener feature. Just click on your campaign (via their App) and scroll down til you see this;

    Once you activate it, they will send that campaign to only those who did not open it the first time. In my testing I have been averaging another 2% – 6% open rate. They recommend doing this within 24 hours of the first send. It’s a simple tactic to maximize your readership.

    So use it.


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