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Add This Free Tool to Your Marketing Mix

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    July 24, 2018

    Job boards need to be good at internet marketing if they want to thrive in today’s competitive environment. That means leveraging cool tools to either drive traffic or collect emails.

    That’s what HelloBar is designed to do.

    It is a free tool that places a frame at the bottom of your site and can either promote a page, your phone number, social media account or collect email signups. It works with providers like Mailchimp so you can sync your lists.

    I use the free version on RecruitingHeadlines to call attention to upcoming webinars. But if you want all features you’ll have to pay for the premium version. Either way its a great tool that is fairly non-intrusive to your user experience.

    For job boards it could be a great way to funnel your visitors into signing up or collecting an email.


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