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Indeed’s new B2B Commercial ‘Shortlist’

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    August 14, 2018

    ZipRecruiter has long run TV ads directly at employers and now Indeed has their own too. Up to now they have been mostly targeting consumers with their ads for job search but a new ad called “Shortlist” that speaks directly to business owners is currently airing. The ad hits directly at two key benefits, their ability to help you screen out candidates while saving you time.

    This ad is a good reminder to all job boards that your messaging to employers should be succinct and describe to them how your job board or other recruiting tool can help them hire and/or save time.

    I noticed they also “dumb down” the language a bit. Instead of saying “pre-screening” questions which most recruiters are familiar with, they say “smart filters” which appeals to more small business people who may not necessarily know what a pre-screening question is.


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